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  • Address: 1401 Avocado Avenue, Suite 807, Newport Beach, California 92660
  • Phone: (949) 644-6988
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Dr. Sherri Worth Complaints and Reviews

Apr 28, 2017

This Dr. Lost License due to malpractice

Don't trust anyone who worked with or for her. Newport Beach is happy to see her go, but friends in Aspen are already blocking her from trying to get her practice going there.
Apr 28, 2017

Ruined my upper teeth with root canals, she lost her license in Feb., 2017

Negative stars. She shaved my upper teeth down and hit a nerve in two teeth. I then had to have two root canals. After this, she claimed she did not want to work any further on me until I had my teeth straightened, though I had braces when I was a kid, and I had already paid her $22,400. I had to sue her and then a judge Suspended her license. She now has more then 80 patients suing her. It's been awful and made me sick from the pain and the loss of funds. SHE IS NT ALLOWED TO PRACTICE IN CALIDORNIA. READ IT HERE http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-newport-dentist-20170222-story.html
Mar 29, 2017

Her license is suspended and website is dead!!!!!!!

Finally, a judge shut her down. It's in the LATimes.
Feb 9, 2017


Zero Stars. Dr. Worth told me I had 6 cavities. I have never had a cavity in my life and I have never had one since I left her practice. She ripped me off!!!!
Feb 20, 2014


READ THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS. Sherri Worth has been ordered to pay a $641,542 judgment for malpractice. The patient thought she was receiving veneers, not crowns. They paid Worth $45,000, and have spent $70,000 fixing Worth's work. The patient has undergone two gum surgeries, eight root canals and lost 20 percent of her body weight because she couldn't eat. The arbitrator deciding the case said Sherri Worth lacked credibility: For instance, the documents say that when a documents expert for Valdez was scheduled to examine medical records and attempt to determine the age of the ink, Worth testified that she spilled a Diet Coke that covered the entirety of every page in question. The arbitrator wrote that the spill prevented a definitive examination and Worth's 'contrived explanation defies believability. He also noted that Worth diagnosed 10 cavities that were not verified by X-rays or photos.
Jul 12, 2013

Her mistake caused an injury

Dr. Sherri Worth left a file in a failed root canal and did not inform me of this mistake. It is incredible that I being a client trusted this doctor and she lied to me! Instead of saying something about the mistake to me, she was hiding this from me for almost a year which resulted in a massive infection and complete loss of the molar. Now it will take nearly $5k to replace this with an implant. She has never apologized nor admitted to any wrongdoing directly to me. He did however admit to leaving the file to my current dentist. To add insult to injury he billed my insurance for services she has never rendered. Now my husband is also facing having to redo a bridge because of her bad work.
I simply can’t believe that the doctor can harm the patient and don’t say a word! Why did she choose this profession? This doctor should be fired and all the patients he cured should be paid compensation.
If he had any ethics she would pay for the repairs of his bad work and stop practicing. Please avoid Dr. Sherri Worth. I would recommend staying away from this awful company at all costs!
Jun 17, 2013

Changed the price of my implant

I have been ignoring my toothache, because I had to work and had no time to pay a visit to the Dr. Sadly this lead to losing this tooth.
I had to turn to someone who would make me an implant. I am just 32, and I did not want to go on without this tooth my whole life.
I found out about this clinic Dr. Sherri Worth's Clinic from the internet and decided to call them. A nice girl answered the phone and told me that I should really pay a visit to their clinic for a consultation.
I arrived there the next day. They made some screen shots to see what kind of situation they were dealing with. Everything seems OK, since my tooth fell out a short period of time ago. After the examination they told me that the procedure would take up up to one year of treatment, constantly looking after how the implant would “hang in there”. I agreed to the terms thinking that they are the same at all clinics. They told me that I have to pay the whole sum at once, for the whole year, so that I would not have to worry about a thing, and if something would change, then I would not have to pay more if they would decide to increase the prices at the clinic. I would still stick to the old price.
Long story short – they lied! Over the year the price of this implant that they put, got really expensive! Don't use the services of this company! It is a very bad and fraudulent clinic!
Jun 11, 2013

Their gear does not straighten teeth!

I have been a client of this Dr. Sherri Worth clinic just once and I can say that it was a horrible experience! I wanted to straighten my teeth as they advertised their methods as the most non painful, effective and cheap. I had doubts about the last point – cheap – but they assured me that they treat all their clients the same way, and do not depend on how much anyone pays. Well, I should have guessed that “same way” meant BAD.
I have been paying Dr. Sherri Worth a visit for about a year, coming now and then for all those procedures. And still paying them hundreds of dollars. Didn't come out cheap as I would expect.
I have been wearing corrective dental gear which caused me a lot of pain, and I'm not sure it was all worth it. Finally, when after one year they took off the gear I did not see that the result was fully satisfying. By that time I had already paid them over two thousand dollars. They offered me to wear the gear for some more time, that could last for another year. Sure! How convenient! I would be going there hoping that they are able to fix my teeth, and I would be paying them money without realizing that nothing works! And at the end they can just say – We bring our apologies.
What a “great” business they are running! I'm so glad they live in expensive houses and eat expensive food using our money!

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