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ePay Complaints and Reviews

Jun 18, 2017

total scam

worst of the worst
Nov 24, 2016


I earn 0.000 46 000 NO PAYD
Jun 11, 2016


E Pay has the worst customer service of any company I have ever been payed from .I am a contractor who is payed by their services by my employer and I am not even allowed to call this company and track the process of my invoices for payment . I have called them with the invoice numbers and other information still to no avail to be told they can't provide me with any information .knowing what I know now I would have never signed to agree to have my payment made to my account thru their direct deposit process that takes a week to get .I would never suggest any company to use their service .💩 Company .
Apr 6, 2016

Worst Service Ever

I work for a financial institution that does business with E-pay. I have NEVER had a satisfactory experience with their support team. They are SO incredibly un-knowledgeable about their own products and services. Their representatives have informed our institution that Epay is only there to mail checks and hand out our phone number (even though our institution has no access to their payment system, and thus cannot confirm checks as paid or unpaid.) They have such a high failure rate for payments and are one of the least user friendly services I have ever had to deal with. They have inept supervisors. The practice of sending payments from accounts that cannot cover the checks, does nothing but increase frustration and member dissatisfaction. DO NOT UTILIZE THIS SERVICE.
Oct 30, 2014

Wrong ePay - They are a Great Company - Bogus Reviews

Wrong company or just a scandalous review. ePay Management has been providing quality products and services with integrity for 15 years.
Jan 15, 2014

epay alert

the quick brown fox
Aug 30, 2013

ePay Management

Be careful dealing with ePay company! It is not that reliable as it claims to be! I used their services time ago and I was just scammed out of money. I purchased clothes from one website and used ePay services for making payment. Actually it works similar with PayPal so I thought that service would be the same, but I was mistaken. Well, actually the problem was about the overcharges. After I registered on their website and I made a payment through their services in one month I started to find fraudulent charges at my bank account. Amounts were quite high - starting from $900-1000. I didn't remember that I might spend these money last days and later, after I contacted with my bank, I found that charges were made by ePay. I thought it was a mistake and I tried to contact their support service, ask about the reason and claim for a refund. Well there I met another surprise - all their contact details seemed to be fake. At least I was unable to call them because phone seemed to be fake and they never responded on my mails. It took me long time to get overcharged money back through my bank. later I found many negative reviews about this company and all of them are about overcharges. Be careful and better stay away from this scam company!
ePay Management and ePay Wireless
5024 S Ash Ave #104, Tempe, Arizona 85282
Phone: (480) 218-7697
Jun 11, 2013

never gave information, are charging my account!

Beware of ePay! I have been curious about taking a loan. I was just surfing through their website, looking for offers. I never accessed any applications, or did not fill any forms, like I read another review on another website saying that the guy first started filling a report and that way the company gained access to his credit card. Well, in my case, I DID NOT fill anything.
However, I have been checking my credit card spending history, and I saw what I did not expect – the day I've been on ePay website I've been charged $100.00! For what?!
As I've said – I never filled any forms! Now I am going to contact them, and either they return me the money peacefully, or I am going to spread this information all over the internet and I am going to hire an attorney to close their business down for good!

Here are their details. Be sure to remember not to visit their website.


The office located at: 5024 S Ash Ave #104, Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone: (480) 218-7697

I think they have some kind of system so they could enter everyone's bank accounts as soon as they enter the website. They have hackers working for them is my guess.

You ave been warned! Beware of this rip off company!


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