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Nov 13, 2015

Adapting books into screenplays then delivering them to the silver screen

Voyage Media is a SCAM...that is it, plain and simple. They charge you, the author, about $700+ for a "Producers Action Plan" and then dangle carrots in front of you for a whole which, yes, after you get the Producers Action Plan, a year from that date, you are released, BUT, if you don't "officially" write them to be "released" even though you are via the contract, they will harass you by email through the owner, Nat Mundell, who will send you emails threatening you with breach of contract. Its not only pathetic and "desperate" sounding at that point, but its just downright illegal to harass someone. Don't believe anything they promise, don' sign anything, its a SCAM. I have recommended this company to other authors at times, and they have probably given money to Voyage Media, and I will no longer do so...and will, in fact, do the opposite. I don't know of one adaptation of a book that they have actually adapted and brought to the big screen YET...that says it all.

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