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WEI Mortgage Complaints and Reviews

Aug 17, 2015

Father pushed his cock into me

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Sep 1, 2013

It took WEI Mortgage almost a year to respond

The response by the business is the biggest crock of bs I've ever heard......

It took WEI Mortgage almost a year to respond. Secondly, you don't go into a store, buy something on sale, and then return later because the store realized they made a mistake and sold it to you at a discount.

Regardless of what your explanation is, you have an obligation to honor what you advertise. By your own admission, you clearly didn't do that. Fellow consumers, again, there
are plenty of reputable lenders out there, and WEI Mortgage isn't one of them. I would encourage you to stay away from Wei Corporation. The owner of this company would probably sell his own mother if he had the chance......
Jun 10, 2013

Don't use WEI Mortgage for your own good

Fellow consumers, I would recommend that you do not use this lender. WEI Mortgage does not honor what they advertise. I responded to an online website that advertised a specific rate. WEI Mortgage would not honor the rate that they advertised. Instead, they attempted to execute a classic "bait and switch" scenario. When I say this, I mean they get you to call in by advertising this great rate, but use that to steer you into another product their trying to sell (which is also illegal). The customer service was also bad. I did not receive a return phone call until an entire month had passed. Save yourself the headache and find another lender. There are plenty of reputable lenders out there. Don't use WEI Mortgage for your own good!

9707 Key West Avenue Ste 110, Rockville, Maryland 20850

(800) 934-5600

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