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Marian Ishak Keller Williams Prestige Complaints and Reviews

Dec 5, 2016

Dishonesty, lying, arrogance, indifference

Marian Ishak, Keller Williams Prestige and Team Boyce:

I left the keys of my fully furnished condo to Marian Ishak on Sept. 3rd, 2016 (and traveled back to where I work) to put it for rent furnished after we signed a 3 months contract. The condo was clean and in a perfect condition.

She contacted me a few weeks later about a family willing to stay at my place, after several emails (where she was trying to hide the number of family members), I finally learned that it was a family of 5 persons and a dog so I refused.

Then in early November, she contacted me about another family but it didn't work out as they wanted to pay much less than what I asked for.

On November 20th (2 months and a half later), my wife went to Montreal on an unexpected trip so she decided to check our condo, she went there with my cousin (who lives in Montreal), and here is what they found:

1- Scales of onion on the kitchen floor.
2- A cup holding 5 dirty tooth brushes in a bathroom.
3- Plenty of dishes in the dish rack.
4- The worst part by far was that my cousin found very old unflushed poop in the toilet, yes unflushed poop. I will let you imagine the smell and dirt. It was so bad that he threw up.

Everything in the flat was changed, the sheets, covers etc..It is obvious that some very dirty people have stayed in the condo for sometime (God knows how long), probably the 5 family members she mentioned earlier. She didn't even have the decency to clean after they left.

Finally my wife looked for the garage remote but couldn't find it, trying to remain calm she called Marian and asked for the condo keys and the remote but she kept insisting that she doesn’t have the remote. My cousin called Marian later telling her that it is her responsibility to get the remote (as it was handed to her) and they had a discussion that ended by her hanging up the phone on him. They tried to call her again but she didn’t answer.

Later on, my wife and my cousin had to go to the real estate company where Marian works (Keller Williams Prestige, nothing prestigious here, just a bunch of liars), to collect the condo keys and the garage remote. They were hoping to find decent reasonable people there. Instead and after long discussions with the manager and his son (where they kept saying one lie after another), they finally admitted that some people have stayed in my condo for a ‘few hours’, another lie as it was obvious that this family of 5 members and their dog have stayed for a few days there, probably until this Marian can find them another place after I refused their stay. They also lied saying that they don’t know where the garage remote was, but the next day they called and asked my wife to come and collect it!

In Brief, you trust some people and give them the keys to your nice clean place, they make a mess of it, let dirty people stay in your place for God knows how long, don’t even have the decency to clean after them, treat you with so much arrogance and indifference and lie about everything, dishonest, dirty and arrogant people; that is Marian Ishak and Keller Williams prestige owned by the Boyce family (Also called Team Boyce, father called James and son called Logan).

I should have reported the whole story to the OACIQ but unfortunately I don’t live in Canada for now, that is probably why they felt so free to make a mess of my place without worrying about it.

Avoid them at any cost; they are more of a gang of thieves than real estate agents.

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