Ultimate Medical Academy

  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • Address: 9309 N Florida Ave., Tampa, Florida 33612
  • Phone: (888) 205-2510
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Ultimate Medical Academy Complaints and Reviews

Jun 7, 2013

Not what it claims to be. Fake advertisements and promises

Ultimate Medical Academy is a bunch of liars and these people will do and say anything to get you to attend. They lie to people without a shame about the opportunities which they never provide and all of this is made just for money. Ultimate Medical Academy doesn't care of what they are actually doing and of their responsibilities.
As it happened to me, they offered me a help with the job place but it was a lie. After I finished this academy I was left on my own and they never helped me even with advice when I asked them and they acted like they never failed their promises.
Another lie was their Patient Care Technician program which I signed up. They advertised is as a program where students have an opportunity to work with patients and then use this experience in their CV and for license. Well actually it was just paperwork in the back office, not with patients and it has no value for CV or license. They just use free working power and students this way for their own benefits.
During my studying I wanted to change my program because I found MCLA program more interesting and useful than PCT which I studied and I wanted to change the program. They never allowed it to me but never provided any adequate reason for that.
After all this I will never recommend Ultimate Medical Academy to anyone. This place is not reliable and I consider it just as waste of money.
Beware and be careful, don't allow them to fool you!!

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