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Ultimate Medical Academy Complaints and Reviews

Jan 28, 2015

My opinion

First off everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I see so many different reviews about U.M.A, whether good or bad. My opinion as far as instructors go, they are very helpful and do care about the students inputs and concerns.

My only complaint about the school is the depths they make an individual student take just to get financial aid. I know it's a process anywhere you go, but they just seemed unorganized to me. I did everything they've asked of me,and got all documents needed within the appropriate amount of time. It seemed like everytime I turned in what they needed they failed to mention in previous conversions they needed additional Information. I just went to this school just to take billing and coding while waiting to get excepted in dental school in the fall. Due to the lack of financial advisors not telling me all at one time what I needed I've had to restart a total of 3 times. Which all is good now just know to keep with documents and make sure you as the student keeps in contact with your financial advisors.

Addition to what I've already said make sure to try and keep copies of your test grades, because it may come back and nip you in the butt like it did me. I had a 4.0 made A's on everything and last grading period the instructor gave me a 0 on a test which I know for a fact I did and it knocked my G.P.A down. The instructor also said I didn't turn in a couple assignments which I did have prove of doing and indeed got credit for. SAVE EVERYTHING! !

Overall U.M.A is a great school! My student advisor is awesome and understanding! !Good Luck to all!! Remember your choice matters no one elses!!

Current student at U.M.A
Jan 22, 2015

Hate It So Much!!!

The school experience is okay, and the teachers are very understanding, but I hate how much debt they put you in. I made a mistake and thought financial aid would pay for most of it, but it doesn't even put a dent in it. And, you end up a little more than $6,000 in debt! I'm in so much debt that I'm not sure that I'm even gonna be able to dig myself out of it. Had I known that financial aid wouldn't pay for most of my school tuition I wouldn't even enrolled in this school. They don't explain the financial part of it too well. When they explain it to you it's so confusing that you don't really understand it, and now I'm in debt that I didn't want or need. The whole sign-up process is rushed and really confusing, and the amount of times they call you a day and how early is really annoying! I'm struggling so bad right now, and really didn't need this. If they had explained the courses needed to take, and the total amount of money, I doubt I would have enrolled in this school. They switch classes every 5 weeks, I hate the discussions and how you need to do one or two every week (depending on the course), and how you need to take a test every week. I have been in this school since April for Medical Administrative Assistant, and don't feel like I really learned anything, nothing is fully explained to you and none of the material seems to help, they try to push you into the work force 4 months before school is over, and I thought I was earning my degree, and would be certified but I found out I am only getting my diploma. Also, someone calls you 4 months before school is even over to get you to do a 45 minute mock interview. Why are they calling 4 months before school is even over? And, they call so early, it's ridiculous. Now, I'm scared that my debt is going to get even worse, and I'm never gonna do any better. I had high hopes for this year, and now I'm even more afraid than ever. I hate this school and wish I never did it.
Jan 5, 2015


To Whom it May Concern:

Although there are a couple comments well written, every single entry has poor grammar. Listen, if you can't write a complete sentence after attending college courses, could maybe that be the reason you do not have a job? Some of these submissions are so poorly written I don't even know what you're saying. Maybe you aren't finding a job because you sound ignorant and uneducated. With all that said, your lack of judgment and professionalism also plays a part in seeking a reputable job. If you cannot throw down 5 sentences with complete subjects and predicits and use proper punctuation, what in God's name would make you think someone would want you as an employee? These small posts are small impressions of yourselves and I wouldn't even hire you to watch my cat. However, you did provide me with a little bit of comical relief; especially the person who complained that their classmate can' find a job, yet uses recreational drugs, prescription drugs, and doesn't use proper hygiene. That's the schools fault too, right? Why do you feel entitled to a job when there are 50 other applicants who have excellent written and communication skills?

If you put even half the energy into your school work as you did to write such long-winded fabrications, you could have been part of the 82% of graduates placed in to a job. Unfortunately, you come off uneducated and ignorant. THAT'S why you didn't get a job or finish the program. It isn't for everyone. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. And to the others who say you are thankful for these posts - and decided not to enroll - you are sheep being led to the slaughter house. Don't let anyone discourage you for doing your own thing and investigating for yourselves. I dare you to read other reviews for online schools and you will find similar complaints by similar uneducated ignorant people. You are a dime a dozen. What you out into your studies is exactly what you got out of them. Why are you the least bit surprised? Get off your hurt, stop making excuses for your failures, and quit with the entitlement woes. Anyone with half a brain can see this a mike away. YOU didn't get the job and YOU didn't graduate because YOU don't have what it takes to work in the biggest industry in the world. Wipe your tears and go find yourself a company that will hire you at entry level so you can learn the necessary tools and skill sets it takes to be a professional.

UMA is a great school. If you're interested in distance learning with a school that values its students, UMA should be at the top of your list. They have helped me every step of the way thus far. Great staff, challenging curriculum, and amazing student support - that's what makes this school great!

Be Blessed
Nicci in Indiana
Dec 16, 2014

rude , just rude....

this school is very rude, i had a family emergency i was out of town for a very long time, i told the woman i was talking to that i would call her when i got back, and they called me everyday . i was mad so i told them that i would no longer be taking part in there school, and they gave me an additued so.... if i was anyone out there if you want respect i would not go to this school, they call u like 10 times a day(no lie) and if u dont answer they leave really nasty messages, im done with it if i was anyone looking to go to collage i would not go here. all they care about is money and when they dont get there way they are rude , they do not whats so ever give a crap about what goes on in your life , they just want there money.
Dec 11, 2014

They are terrible!

I decided to enroll in online classes with uma so I could keep working. Well needless to say I enrolled and got financial aid I stayed in the program for only a small time then decided it wasn't for me and withdrew from classes...they told me all I needed to pay back was 800 dollars and the rest of the loan I took out would get sent back...Two years later my credit is haunted with a 5,000 dollar loan they never gave back..they kept the whole loan and said I completed 60% of the course so they could do that..I only completed 3 months out of a 17 month program...nowhere near 60%..they are money hungry and will take u for all u have..I wouldn't recommend this school to ANYONE!!
Dec 8, 2014

You people are full of it

My wife has been enrolled in this school for over 5 months now. She's currently on the Deans List and she has a 4.0 average. And you know why she has all that? Because she works her butt off studying and reading the assigned materials. She is absolutely getting out of it what she is putting into it. No complaints here at all. My sister is a Registered Nurse and even she is impressed with the knowledge my wife is gaining from this school. To all of you screaming Scam, and it's not real, and the school is phony....I say quit being such pansies, put your nose in the books, really try to study, and see if it doesn't pay off for you. It's not an easy ride. You sure as hell aren't going to get something out of this if you don't put some effort in. It's easy to blame the school...but when you all look in the mirror...I say you all have no one to blame but yourselves. Now seriously...shut up, man up, quit your crying, and get out there and learn something!!
Dec 5, 2014

Current student

I was rushed into signing up and when I did they threw a huge discount my way to make the deal sweeter, I feel I made the right choice with this school. I study hard, I have a 4.0 GPA, I'm a student embassador, I will be getting signed for ABK honor society, and the staff is very helpful. In the middle of my studies they changed management and some staff members and now the place runs even smoother than before. I love it here and have a two friends who not only graduated but within two weeks of externs got hired by their dream employers. I have seen lots of people in this school and yes we have some that make you question it, but that is every where you go and as a student if you know of some one who is doing drugs you can report them to the dean and they will drug test the student. They preform a level two background check on all PCT students. All my instructors tell every one if you don't understand anything to see them before class so they can help and it's sad to see how many students just don't care and are ok to barely pass, it's nothing to do with the instructor. If you slack off you are at the bottom of the hiring list and no one will take you seriously there. This place helped me out with being able to get food and diapers when things got tight. It's all one the student.
Nov 14, 2014

Employers Drug Test and Check UMA Applicants' Backgrounds

It you're an employer be sure to test UMA graduates for illegal drug and prescription abuse like crack and Benzodiazepines.
Nov 10, 2014

Couldn't read or write very well but passed the medical clinical lab

I passed my class but had to take class more than one time. The test was easy I did not get help with job I was forced to join school by UMA admission lady. They help my understand book still no understand all true i have trouble with police so no job sad
Nov 6, 2014


They really do seem like they're just about money. And I seen a lot of these courses for much cheaper on other online schools. I was actually hung up on when I let them know I didn't want to enroll and didn't want to hear another pitch.
Nov 3, 2014

Who can you go to and Complain

My daughter is taking what they claim is a second anatomy class which is supposed to be different than the first one she took and passed. How ever, the book is the same, the work is the same............ She asked for her money coming to her and they claim to have sent her a check. Over 10 days later still no check. She calls them and they say oh, we sent it to the wrong address (and she had called TWICE to verify the address), then tells her she has to call the Post Office who laughs and tells her they can't go thru 1000s of returns to try to find something that may have gone to the wrong address. They are scamming her and her name is on that loan and I need to find out where to go. I may just turn it over to the Attorney General
Nov 2, 2014

Is Ultimate Medical Academy a Scam? Complaint

Wow! Ultimate Medical Academy seems to spend a lot of time and resources posting on social media and on websites with the words scam and complaint.

Then they do a slick job of saying they are not a scam and that 70 percent of their graduate are placed after graduation. I'd love to see their definition of placed. They are placed doing what?

Does anyone have a link to their official placement document that shows specifically what they are talking about (in detail)? If students have to go to another school to get and education in something else because they couldn't get a job I don't consider that placed.
Nov 1, 2014

UMA Needs More Regulations

Florida MQA needs to regulate places like UMA. I looked at the review from the UMA employee. What an interesting review. LOL! Ask students about really what happens at UMA and obtaining employment after you graduate.
Oct 28, 2014






Oct 23, 2014


I just signed up yesterday you guys but from what you guys are saying I might just find me a new school to enroll in
Oct 21, 2014

Wasted Time

Didnt feel warm and fuzzy about it especially with all the rap music in the back ground while talking to them. Dont get me worng I love the music but not good customer service.
They didnt even know my name or have any inforamtion and I was on the phone with Ms Kiarrah Clifton for almost an hour................big scam cant believe alot of people fell for this what a shame and wasted time!!
Oct 3, 2014


I'm so glad I found this website before my mother made the decision to go here for sure.
Th phone call lasted over an hour with my mom being interviewed. The admissions representative was very persuasive and encouraging and my mom was all excited. But like most things, it was too good to be true. The representative congratulated her on enrolling and what's not and told her someone would call her back within a few minutes. The call didn't come and secretly I felt a knot in my stomach-RED FLAG. We went online and found this website (THANK GOD) then contacted the representative via phone to cancel. The sweet woman on the phone turned out to be a bitch after hearing we wouldn't need to be calling about financial aid etc etc. and she was about to play her game again but the call ended very abruptly.
Sep 30, 2014

Do they drug test students?

I think UMA will let anyone into their program as long as they have $$$ or financial aid $$$ to pay for their courses. If you are considering this school also consider who your classmates will be.

I know someone who is almost ready to finish their program and gets high on crack now and again. They abuse prescription drugs and to make matters worse I've never seen this person wash their hands after using the toilet. This is a person on the UMA dean's list? LOL! Really?

Think about it for a minute. People like this could be your classmate! There is no screening by UMA to enter that school. Try to get into the USF nursing program with a criminal record or doing drugs and see how far you'll get with that!

Job placement? This person can't find a job anywhere and I mean anywhere. I don't know if they saw them leave a bathroom without hand washing so in this case it's a good thing they have no job. If you are a member of the public reading this just think about the UMA person getting work experience. OMG!

My recommendation is to attend a community college or university that has a strong job placement program and reputation in the community.

I'm of the opinion that the State of Florida medical quality assurance should look into all programs and have oversight of what's going at places like UMA. Random drug test, prescription drug abuse screens and criminal background checks should be mandatory for all students and staff at these programs.
Sep 30, 2014

Scam alert

so im on the phone and im learning bout the school. im liking what i hear. but when it comes time to sign applications. i have a very curious question for my enrollment officer. if i sign this and in 73 hrs decide i dont want to attend it says here i have a $150 application fee. he then continues to assure me that fee no longer exists. if it no longer exists then why get people to sign a form agreeing to pay it back? so do not even talk to these pushy pushy pushy folks. waste of time and energy!
Sep 30, 2014

run fast

I attend UMA and I am so ashame. I can't find a job.I was on the Dean List and stillcant find anything. I say go to a community college or BBB accredited school. You will have more options because I'm just stuck with a piece of paper. Hope this review helps someone!!
Aug 4, 2014

They are a scam!

This school on wants your money! I am currently trying to unroll, but no one is returning my calls! I will finally get a hold of someone and they will just blow me off because all they want is MONEY. Don't fall for this place.
Jul 29, 2014

Okay, Just by these reviews.

Just by reading these reviews, I don't want to be here, So I'm going to call them off, no matter what they say.
Jul 26, 2014

Not a bad place to work, but could be better

I would have to say that my job with Career Services at UMA wasn't what I expected, but having UMA on my resume is what landed me my current job in the Education field with higher pay and less stress so I'm thankful for the opportunity they gave me. Yes, I can understand the frustrations that students and employees experienced when they were there. However, places will always undergo change and it's all about adapting to that transition. I would put UMA right in the middle because even though I felt that the employee morale and leadership needed improvement, the experience I received was about satisfactory for me.
Jun 20, 2014

They will suck you in no matter what!!!

I should have known better than to apply to this school! I told them from the get go that I was unemployed and was separated with four children. It didn't matter that I didn't have a job and wouldn't be able to pay my loans back. They just kept pushing and pushing and pushing! I did receive a diploma and was promised that they would help in the job search, but here it is two years later and I still haven't been able to land a job! There diploma isn't worth two pennies!!!
I keep having to apply for an unemployment deferment, in which, my interest keeps building up. I really wished I would have went with my gut instinct on this and told them NO! Don't fall for there witty ways of sucking you in. RUN.........
Oct 9, 2013

They don't care

No matter what you do at this school all they are after is your money. It took me getting half way through to realize that all the promises they make are bs. If you want a great education do not attend this school!!!! It's a joke
Jul 12, 2013

Don't even consider studying there

I entered Ultimate Medical Academy and was their student for quite a long time. Well, the level of education was much lower than I expected and nobody actually cared about the students. Before I paid the money, everyone was so friendly. I was promised any kind of help and support during studies and after graduating.
As you can guess, I got no support at all during studies. Everything I achieved was my merit. Lectures were poor and little information was provided and I couldn’t prepare myself to the tests without additional materials I bought. These materials cost me too much money and were useless.
Actually this place took every penny I got and gave nothing back. After graduating Ultimate Medical Academy, I tried to find the work but their diploma is worthless and no one wanted to hire me. Then I came to Ultimate Medical Academy again and tried to get help in job search, that they promised me earlier. They imitated help and support, but when I came out of the cabinet they forgot about me and didn’t even call me. After half a year I am unemployed so far. Be aware of this place and save your money and time.
Jul 8, 2013

50% employee turnover rate, poor management

This company is more concerned about quantity, not quality when it comes to placing their graduates. Because of the frequent screaming, yelling and gong banging, you feel like you're working in a bar on New Year's Eve. There is no consistency, the goals change daily, sometimes hourly.

I was told to wear "tight" jeans on jeans day. I was also asked if I deserved my paycheck. Really? This unprofessional and sexist behavior is why their turnover is 50%.

They constantly speak of "compliance", but their words don't match their actions. They consistently demote employees and threaten termination if sales goals aren't achieved. They are clueless about how to motivate employees.
Jul 6, 2013

Didn't get refund after service proved to be awful

I was Ultimate Medical Academy student and I was told that they have an application reimbursement fee if you decide not to attend the college for any reason. When it came time to get the reimbursement I continued to get the runaround. The advisor stated that he sent an email to the student management for refunds. This was done over a month ago, and still no refund. I called again to see if I could get some answers to why I have not heard anything from them and I was put on hold and then disconnected. It is not so much about the money it is the principle of it all.
The information that they put on their website is unreliable and they attract new student by false advertising! They really need to work on their customer service level as well. If they will stop lying to the potential students they just might regain a better reputation about the school. With all of the complaints it is a wonder why they have not being put out of business so far.
Knowing the situation from the inside, I can tell you that this company is untrustworthy and even if they will tell you that they changed their policy, you should keep searching for other place for studies. This company will never change.

9309 N Florida Ave., Tampa, Florida 33612
Website: http://www.ultimatemedical.edu/
Phone: (888) 205-2510
Jul 5, 2013

This is definitely not the place to get educated

I am a student at Ultimate Medical Academy. They do not care about the students at all. No matter how high your grades are or that you turn your work in on time or that you do everything that you are supposed to do, they do not care about you!!!
I made a big mistake when I have chosen this place for studies. I knew that it will be hard but I couldn’t imagine that I will feel myself so powerless. When I was only deciding about the place to go for studies, I was impressed by their teachers and their attitude to the students. I talked to some of them on the internet and they were so much interested in providing qualified education that I stopped searching and applied for studies. I was a bit surprised when they told that I can start studies even tomorrow if I want. I was sure that such a reputable educational institution should carefully choose the candidates.
I was wrong about everything. No one in Ultimate Medical Academy even remembered my name. After I paid money they simply stopped talking to me. Teachers became rude and crabby, lectures were boring and worthless. They did everything to make me pass the exams for second and third time and pay additional dollars. There was nothing I could do about it. So, I stopped the studies and lost the money as there was no refund.

9309 N Florida Ave., Tampa, Florida 33612
Website: http://www.ultimatemedical.edu/
Phone: (888) 205-2510
Jun 18, 2013

Please RUN as far as you can from this academy

I wish I had a time machine. Ultimate Medical Academy is so insanely ghetto. The teachers are a joke.. The last teacher I had was so high on Xanax her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth. Their lab instructors were 09 grads of the school. I have done the MA program and had all my credentials and was told PCT would be the next LPN.. That is such BS! We are paying 15 thousand to be a CNA, which by the way you can do for close to 500 or less. We have a girl in class that received straight F's all her mods and on her tests and she passed with a B+. Of course she did, they want her money. I applied as a unit clerk at my local hospital and when I got to the interview I mentioned I was going for PCT at Ultimate Medical Academy and she laughed and when she realized I wasn't joking, it became extremely awkward and the meeting ended. SURPRISE I didn't get the job. I could kick myself in the butt for ever signing up with this crooked school. The Dean of Education refers to people of color as "her people" and she is all tattooed up and has dread locks. NOT a great look for someone I am supposed to respect. It's a scam and I am surprised they even have a license to operate. I am trying to find a loophole in my contract to get out of it but I am in my last mod and even though I am already a MA and we work out of MA book and are referred to as MA, I just have to swallow the fact that I just paid 15 thousand FOR NOTHING. For certification I already have in my hand. I was lied to by the lady in Admissions * angela dale* and I am continually lied to on a daily basis. If you are reading this and considering UMA... please RUN as far as you can from this school. Do yourself a favor... COMMUNITY COLLEGE.

9309 N Florida Ave., Tampa, Florida 33612

Website: http://www.ultimatemedical.edu/
Phone: (888) 205-2510

Facebook URL: www.facebook.com/umaonline
Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/UltimateMedical
Linked In URL: http://www.linkedin.com/company/752761?trk=tyah

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