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Ultimate Medical Academy Complaints and Reviews

Oct 24, 2016

Cancellation pls how

How do cancel the enrollement thing? I just enrolled today because they saying im go to school with free or less payment .im scared i dont have money pay 20000$ and i got job with only 700 monthly.What can i do someone adivise me what to do pls help
Oct 19, 2016


i just signed up to take the billing and coding course after talking to the first recruiter i have had at lease ten calls that raises a red flag with me and made me do some investigation about the school so that why i am here reading all of you guys stories i think its a scram too the recruiters play against one another and all the want is the bonus they get for louring people in the courses are very expensive and you do have a hard time reaching people i called the financial aid right away and told them i do not want to be a part of this school refund my money back asap they use black people to catch other blacks into the program and make you think that its a good thing i bet whites run the school and they take mostly black people money and let the white ones finish that is why some of the feed back on here are happy because they are white people its a con a white mans con game
Oct 7, 2016

Run away

All I did was talk to someone seconds after I was searching online which is shady in itself. She called seemed nice, had me answer some questions next thing I know their sending me a welcome package. I tried calling her back couldn't reach her, got transferred three times, they were all very rude. Then she calls back is really aggressive about why I changed my mind, asking me very personal questions about how I can do this with my family. So weird, don't sign up here! All I did was read these reviews and I knew this school was terrible. I am still worried that I even wasted my time talking to them. I hope they don't take my info and do something illegal with it. It's horrible that they would do this to people.
Sep 30, 2016


I failed this semester by 2 points, I appealed the grade they let me retake the final failed it again btw I suck at tests. Anyhow now I'm stuck with no degree or certificate and I've heard nothing from my instructor if rather or not I need to try a different program since it's there fault I can't continue on and repeat the semester. Since the Tampa campus is closing.
Sep 28, 2016


This school is a total scam I am 4 classes away from graduating and then today I recieved my award letter for 2016-2017 and was told I didnt have enough to cover my classes just to remind you the aid year starts from Aug-june30 bottom line they are taking people financial aid money so when I called federal student aid they said the school was committing fraud because they used the money from 2016-2017 for the previous aid year now they want me to pay 3755 out of pocket because they covered my classes from april til june when those classes was still on 2015-2016 aid year the classes are non transferable so all the loans I took out was a waste they are currently under investigation after they realized I called federal student aid they would not talk to me regarding what happen to all my money DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME NOW I HAVE TO START ALL OVER AND THE GOVERNMENT IS LOOKING INTO IT TO REQUEST THEIR FUNDS BACK AND BY THE WAY FROM AUG UNTIL NOW I ONLY TOOK ONE CLASS SO HOW IS ALL MY MONEY GONE WHEN I RECEIVE THE MAX AMOUNT
Sep 27, 2016

Amazing School!!!

I am a recent 2015 honors graduate and from the first phone call i got from UMA to today i have received nothing but help and support from all departments. Even after i graduated Career Services stepped in and helped with setting up interviews and i got a call from loan forgiveness and ask if i needed any help repaying my loans or help to lower my loan payments. Most schools sign you up you get through the courses on your own and then they say Congrats Grad! And you never hear from them again. I have access to UMA resources for the next 5 years. I can say nothing but good things about UMA. I will be going back within the next year to get my Associates Degree. Thanks UMA Staff!
Sep 27, 2016

My education and refund

I am a recent graduate of Uma and I am so proud I choose this school. It seems that must students only care about the money part and not their education. I got all my refunds back. I am more interested in getting my degree then a refund and Uma has helped me do that.
Sep 20, 2016

Just enrolled

So far I love how supportive the staff is and yes I get plenty of phone calls but I'm OK with that because I need all my documents and information submitted in time for me to start I am very excited but even if it is a scam I feel positive and will work hard to be the best I can.
Sep 17, 2016


we just requested info on line and my poor 18 year old niece received a phone call that had her on the phone for an hour with a representative railroading her into signing up for an associates degree in pharmacy online for the sum of $26,000 tuition. she got off the phone in tears. what a horrible experience. fortunately i was able to call back and we broke the contract. will follow thru with written info and perhaps a visit to the school on monday. people involved with education should be helpful and not railroad prospective students who are trying to be polite into signing up for something they do not fully understand. a good lesson learned for her, but please run from this place as fast as you can. there are other more reputable and less expensive sources of education out there.
Aug 31, 2016

My first interview was today

I received the call from them today. I said I was trying to fix my breakfast and could she call me back in 30 minutes. She continued saying it would only take a few minutes, I said I have a heart condition and I do have to stay on track with my diet. She continued talking so I asked my husband to finish making my smoothie and I sat down at my computer. The interview and browsing through the website took much longer than a few minutes. I was worn out by the time I was done. Afterword my husband found this site and then I got a call from University of Phoenix. They are cheaper and have better education and their accreditation is top notch. It is difficult to find good recommendations from any accrediting collage search for EMA. I brought the list up of all the accredited collages and EMA is not even on it. I am a retired registered nurse and want to become a certified medical coder. I will be getting more than that when I finish my 9 month training with U OF Px. Be safe... They really do have connections with financial aid places and have already sent me 2 forms to fill out for Grants and student loans. I am not ashamed to put my name on this. Dolores Sieg, RN
Aug 24, 2016


Aug 23, 2016

What have I done

I'm totally scared after hearing these reviews. I have been a student since November. I was wondering if my credits was transferable due to the fact that I wanted to go for a Bachelors. Very scared.
Aug 19, 2016

Biggest Mistake!

Where do I begin? All I can say is, if you thought about going to this school called (Ultimate Medical Academy) located on Florida Ave. I suggest you take advantage of the time you do have and cleave to your wallet and run as if your very soul depended on it! I'm not kidding.. I'm an actual graduate from this scam of a school. I hate that I have to admit that. Luckily you won't have to if you take heed to this message. I went for the PCT program, not knowing that PCT and CNA is practically the same thing. You can debate and say its not but in all actuality it is. Why do I say it's the same? Well because I was recently hired at a hospital as a CNA for a PCT position. YOU DO THE MATH! And why was I hired as a CNA and not as a PCT? because I never got my PCT license! So I went there ignorantly and blind to that fact. Thinking I'm gonna leave here a patient care technician, which is soooooo worth $16,000 dollars!!! Riiiight?? Who's winning?? This girl! Right? WRONG! I lost, and Ultimate Medical Academy has won yet another round. It really saddens me that we (as in those who have enrolled, completed and got stuck with unfortunate, worthless, unnecessary debt) have gone in with good intentions just to be to molested by greedy savages. I could have gotten a CNA license by taking a $500 prep class for a couple of weeks but instead I chose the route of sitting in a classroom full of hungry students and careless greedy teachers. Listening to these so called professors stretch the curriculum sit on their butts and rant about what they're doing for the weekend. Y'all, this school is a joke. Don't believe me? Then see for yourself. All the staff from the top to the bottom, they're after one thing and one thing only, it's your money..
Please, I encourage you to value your pretty pennies. Do your homework seek out schools that are actually worth the headache. Yes, you want to better yourselves but do it wisely. Learn from this message. Postpone a while and search for better options. If not for you, please do it for me.
God Bless You All!
-Secret Messenger
Aug 17, 2016

Run Forest,Run

I use to work for this school. Trust me, you stand a better chance getting a better paying job if you just walk into Burger King. The bonus there, you will be debt free.
Aug 11, 2016


Hi ienrolled today i m scared after watching the reviews i gave ma personal information to them dey said da finacial aid will call me weather i qualified for it or not
Jul 28, 2016


I was enrolled in the very first RN cohort. They often hired instructors the day before a class would start. There were clinicals but no objectives. Pam Wright, the administrator in charge was the most unprofessional and rude woman I've ever dealt with. I was near the top of my class with my GPA and with just six months before graduation I was taken into an administrative meeting and was told I was being expelled and not given any reason why nor was I allowed to appeal it at all. Of my class, only 47% ever passed the NCLEX-RN, and the cohort after mine had an even worse pass rate. This school is a scam. The administrators care nothing about your education, only how to get your money. Run far, far away and never look back!
Jul 15, 2016

Human Services

Great School...Great Support!
Jul 15, 2016

Horrible and costly 2011 Graduate

I enrolled in UMA back in 2011. After I successfully finished the course with 90s in every subject, they talked me into continuing for my Associates degree. I am now $20,000 dollars in debt and nothing to show for it but a piece of paper. It was not a recognized school and had big problems trying to find a job with it. Lucky for me I was able to find a decent job, BUT no thanks to them ! If I knew what I know now, I would not do it over again!!!!!
Jun 29, 2016

This is the clincher. I used to work for UMA in Career Services

Jun 28, 2016

Very Pushy

OMG all I did was request information. I spoke with someone and told them I didn't want to pay that much and I'd fill out the application when I was ready. I had to block every number they called from. I was getting calls all day long starting first thing in the morning. I read a lot of bad reviews so along with that and the pushyness, I'd be skeptical. Sorry UMA. I'll wait until it's my time and I have the right school.
Jun 23, 2016


I saw the warning signs and got out before I was charged, but my suspicions proved true from what others are saying.
Jun 21, 2016

dont bother

This school waits till you ready to graduate to tell you how your financial aide isn't available. They will force you to sign thing through docusign and turn out to be loans. Do not do it. and they charge you twice. I really regret it
Jun 15, 2016

current just waiting on approval

Hello I am not done I just have one question do u get a check for going to this school or should I just go to another school where I know I can receive a check.
May 26, 2016

UMA Rip Off

I have been getting misleading information about my extra loan money I requested it about 6 months ago and still have not receive not one penny. but I have been receiving many different story and information about when I should be receiving it. other than that no complaints but I believe they scam money.
May 14, 2016


UMA Screwed me over hard core I didn't see a single penny of that money and they charged me 3,000 dollars twice and I only took 1 6hour credit class from them and then I flunked out which I'm glad I did because they harassed me non stop and I never answered my phone and then they started harassing my sister and she had nothing to do with my schooling.....they expect me to pay 6000 dollars back when the chic on the phone said there was finical aid available and I never saw a penny of it and wondering where the rest of it went cuz they didn't enburse me for what was left....I'm trying to figure out what I need to do so I don't have to pay anything back!!!
Apr 29, 2016

A waste of time and money

I did this school and finished in 2013 imy still not in the field because I feel I learned nothing and can't afford to take the test to fail. They only focused hard in how to interview crap. Never felt I got the help I needed for the math. I wish I never signed up and could get my loans canceled. And just go to the college in town where it's cheaper and can focus on the subject. Hate this school
Feb 22, 2016

Uh oh...did I make a mistake? !

I just started my enrollment.....I hope this isn't a scam! I don't have the money to pay every month and I cant believe I actually gave them personal info (s.s. #)......
Feb 17, 2016


After i spoke to a financial representative she told me that if I didn't quality and still had not made any kid of payment to start classes that i was able to start classes for two weeks and then pay out of pocket. I told her I didn't have money to pay for classes at the moment. So called the first representative back and when I told her I wanted to cancel my application she kept insisting on finishing the program. All the time I was speaking to the customer representative she had RAP MUSIC on the background. How unprofessional is that.
Feb 16, 2016

Harassing phone calls from UMA

I don't appreciate harassing phone calls. I can't afford to attend right now and the woman who called kept asking for reasons why. If you don't have the money you don't have the money. I don't see why I need to be bombarded with questions or made to feel bad because I can't attend right now. I'm sorry I have other things to take care of I can't afford to be in debt $20,000. I understand that you can pay 6 months after you finish but I cannot risk being in that much debt right now. I rather go to my local affordable community college. Please stop calling me.
Feb 14, 2016


There are not any. There may be programs that allow you to take some genearl education courses online, but you would still have to go to a campus for certain classes. Also, you would have to do a practicum, which would have to be completed in a healthcare setting. There is no way you could do these things online. Check out your local community college and see if they have a program. You may be able to take weekend and night classes. My sister-in-law was in a community college program-she worked pt at night and took classes during the day.

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