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Ultimate Medical Academy Complaints and Reviews

Jun 27, 2018

Do not go here

This school is horrible! They are liars & steal & take all of your money & put you in debt!!!
Jun 23, 2018


I have been waiting for almost 3 months now for my disbursement. I have signed the agreements and until now I am still waiting, How long does it take till you get it in the mail? or you don't get one at all? I need answers whether if this is true if you will get a disbursement check or not. Please feel free to email me [email protected] if you have had any experiences like this and I really want to know what happened if you got your disbursement check or not.

I called them asking about it and UMA has told me that I haven't been posted yet, and I as well asked them how long does it take to get the checks mailed after it has been posted, the lady said usually up to 3 weeks. After reading all these reviews I am really nervous and scared now. On their policy for disbursements, it says you have to wait 30 days to get your disbursement and all schools do that. Either direct deposit or via check. I'm just utterly confused. Please help!!!!!
Jun 12, 2018

Uma destroyed me

Everyone has straight A’s your not special like try make you feel. You get charged tons of money for a school that isn’t even accredited and your diploma isn’t even real. When you put Uma down they laugh because it isn’t accredited. I wasted two years of my like going to school for fake piece paper that doesn’t help you ever get job. And by the time their done with you, your going have debt up to your knees. I have been in contact with several people at the school that have been cheated like me and we are working on doing something about it. We need more people , so if this happened to you please email me [email protected] and join the fight to get your money back loan forgiveness because we was all lied to and cheated out of money
May 16, 2018

SCAM and tanked my credit score

They tried to place me in jobs that had absolutely NOTHING to do with my degree.
Every employer that I tried to interview with laughed when I told them the name of the school or immediately shut down the interview.
If I could sue them, I would. I know other people have.

Don't go here unless you want to be tricked into taking out ungodly high interest loans that will tank your credit score and leave you feeling like a complete idiot.

They also stalk you online afterwards and find every social media site you are on and then spam you to take more classes.
Aug 3, 2017

No issues!

Currently enrolled and I have no issues with them since Jan 2017 and they keep me motivated because there were times I thought I was going to fail but they kept me on track. I only received one C all my other grades were B and As so I enjoy the school so far overall.
Jul 31, 2017


I have no complaints at all. I've graduated from UMA with my medical assistant diploma and i was directed to take the certification test and passed. I had no problems with finding jobs. I recently graduated with my Associates Degree in healthcare management.
Jul 16, 2017

Happy With My Choice

I had a good time with uma no problems yet. I AM A GRADUATE WITH AN ASSOCIATES DEGREE..THANKS UMA..
Jul 11, 2017

Be afraid!

I completed my associates degree in Administrative Assisting, to the tune of $14,000 in student loans. All I have to show for it is a worthless piece of paper in a frame with my name on it. I was not able to find work--in fact, their career service person would arrange interviews for me and when I would show up to interview, there was no interview and no position available! One job that they tried to send me to interview for was a head lice inspector! I refused it and they gave me a hard time! I ended up going back to school, this time a different school and have since graduated with my LVN. If you want to get into the healthcare industry, go to a reputable school--don't waste your time and money.
Jul 6, 2017

In debt and no career as they promised

I was promised a career in Medical Billing and Coding. I graduated in 2013 and have a mountain of student loan debts and no career in the Medical Field of any kind. I have student loan debts in the access of $40,000 and nothing to show for it. They lied to me and have not helped me or stayed in contact with me. I will be forever in debt and no way out due to the student loans. :(
Jun 30, 2017

What do I do at this point?

They promised me a career upon graduation and I have received nothing! They're not accredited like they say they are and passe everyone for their money. what do I do from here on out? Is there anything I can do about paying them back? Any financial counselor, lawyers etc? I believe everyone cammed should email sa[email protected] so we can get together and take them to court!
Jun 17, 2017


I am wondering if the school is scamming students then how are they getting away with using federal government money abuse. You e if you only have to pay 18k by the time you graduate that is half the money the school hasn't paid for or out of fasfa. If you got scammed instead of complaining do something about it.
Jun 13, 2017

Current student

I just found this website, when I first signed up I researched this school and didn't see any negative reviews,but now I'm afraid I've made a big mistake I already owe $10,000 and still have a year before I'm finish.
Jun 12, 2017

2 faced

At first i had a phone call about a job seeker opportunity that pointed me in the way of healthcare in umc. Upon this phone call they was nice and i was cooperating as they told me to check all these boxes and fill out the applications for their school system with the enroll button.. When we got the the enroll now button they claimed its illegal for them to help me ad they wasn't allowed to do so and that the process would take 2 hours to complete and i would pay nothing out of pocket to see if i qualify for financial aid.... This is where things went from nice to not so nice.... I was curious about the school and took a moment to look their school up to see everyone claiming they was a scam to withdraw while u can or you will be 18k in debt...So after reading some of these comments i called them back and told them id like to withdraw from the school and would rather do classes in person... This is where things got ugly... They started telling me how i would be in their shoes back then wasting 4 years of my life studying things I don't need to and how i was making a big mistake and that its being processed right now so i can't actually do anything until the 2 hrs is up. Long story short i'm not doing financial aid now due to their rude attitude on the phone and it might be a mistake or maybe a scam but i truely believe this is a scam and i will not further anything into it... a waste of 2 hrs on the cell..
Apr 26, 2017


Hindsight is always 20/20. Graduated to of my class. No jobs, attempted to transfer my credits to a real school, they don't transfer. The school is fake there debt is real.
Apr 26, 2017

So far so good, focus on the education.

So good so far, focus on finishing your education. If any fraud or miss representation in the end, that is a big law suit. If a school defauld you, don't talk about it, be about it! Get fasa invovle, lawyer/s and sue ! sue! sue there pants off!!!!
Apr 12, 2017


I loved UMA when I first started. They motivated me and promised the world. Then I realized they steal their students financial aid. If you have money left from loans, they will find a reason to take it. I'm 9 months into my associates degree and now I'm stuck with 18,000 dollars of debt, my credits will not transfer to any school in my state, and my state does not recognize UMA as an accredited school so the degree will be useless. And I find it comical when I read a review from a student bragging about having a 4.0 GPA. Guess what? Almost every online student has a 3.5 or higher. It's all a scam to trap you. Don't fall for it or you will be in the same boat the rest of us (complaining on this website) are in. If you just enrolled listen to all of the warnings we are giving you and get out while you still have a chance.
Mar 30, 2017

Human resource

I started class Feburary 27,2017, no problems, love my instructor she is very helpful. Looking at these reviews I am a little scare now
Mar 15, 2017


Im currently a student at uma and I took one class and that one class wiped out my f.a. HOW? My disclosure statement says I am eligible for 3022.00 in excess funds, but now f.a. says I need to take out another loan in order to get a stipend. What part of the game is this? All of the f.a. staff is students. Im done. ....enough said.
Feb 28, 2017

Lots of calls Useless Diploma

I signed up for the UMA Medical Billing and coding program 27000 later I can't find work. The kicker is I was in a health and Human service program through them and I discovered wait I have straight A's I have never once opened the book I was looking to transfer to another program at a local school Nothing transfers I am sick of the constant calls. They have already ruined my marriage. What more could they want?
Feb 16, 2017

UMA not good

I use to work for UMA and the admissions representatives just need to get enrollments to keep their job. They really don't care about their students it's all about numbers. Worked at UMA for 3 months and saw a lot of people come and go because again all about the numbers of enrollments each employee gets. The managers do not care about their employees either. This school is also expensive and we were force to lie about everything about UMA. Consider doing your research before you enroll.
Jan 19, 2017

Good school

I am a graduate student at UMA the staff or very helpful you might get some rude people but you can call back and ask to talk to somebody different. my experience at the school so far is great I love it the online classes are easy. I did have some problems with the financial aid team but things are sorted out and sometimes you have to have them explain stuff to you so you can understand why stuff is expensive you gotta understand going to medical school is not cheap. And fair warning there is a group out there claiming to be uma staff and it's a scam so be on the safe side and make sure that the people you are talking to or actually uma staff members and the way to do this is if you think that the person you're talking to is not a uma staff call the number that they gave you with your stuff that way you know that you're speaking to somebody from Uma.
Jan 17, 2017

SO Far

I just recently enrolled at UMA. I cant tell you much about them because this is just the beginning. The UMA staff team are very helpful and YES they call a lot because of the fact they are just checking on you to make sure everything going right. That what school advisor suppose to do. Most colleges advisor are hard to reach and they seem as if they don't care about you and your career. Having support from the UMA staff give me courage to succeed.
Jan 2, 2017


I love this school so far start 1/3/17 now I'm a little scared because people are saying these harsh things and its all over a check OMG! lord protect me in this case right now this is crazy they are a good support team they seem to want you to succeed I'm just really nervouse now. Wish me luck!
Dec 30, 2016

calls up to 10 a day

I am a graduate from the coding and billing course I have had multiple calls daily for the last 2 months all I want is my transcripts and where to take my test. They have even called my boss and pissed her off she is now sending a email to the grant programs and Florida attorney general to complain. They are rude and condescending block one number and they call on another. I loved the classes, professors, and I graduated with a 3.9999 GPA but I found my job on my own and they are threatening my continued employment by harassing my boss. I will tell everyone not to go to this school for what they are doing to me now. I asked nicely and professionally for them to stop calling me and I got rude comments in return. And they are the ones that taught me to be professional in my speaking and emails etc. Go figure. I am very disappointed in the career department they have no class. Yes, I must have paid more than I should have and to read these complaints above if Trump people have anything to do with this academy OMG I'm in trouble. Please look around make sure of the school you choose I did not do my research as some of you did. Shame on me. But I'm learning.
Nov 18, 2016

Worst scam ever

Biggest waste of time ever. I didn't even enroll I just joined an email list and they've called me 3+ times a day for the last few weeks. I've asked them to take me off the list multiple times and the lady I just spoke to was very rude to me. RUN AWAY.
Nov 15, 2016

It's sad but it's real

Just a waist of money. Yes I was one of there biggest losers. UMA has cost me to go in further debt. They are just a bunch of government money thieves. They didn't care about my well been. Cost me to loose my disability case with them fake ass grades. Yes I am highly pissed off. No don't trust them, after 30 thousand dollars in debt and no place to work.
Nov 15, 2016


After receiving dispursement info/ award letter and the information and authorization forms are filled out; How long after are you suppose to get a dispursement sent to you in the mail.
Nov 2, 2016

My experience at UMA

I have had the best time of my life. I just finished my diploma program in Medical Administrative Assistant. I am now a returning student I will be getting my associate's degree in Medical Administrative Assistant. The classes are fun and the teachers are very supportive and they do care about your education. This school is not a scam at all. It is a good school and I am proof of that.
Oct 27, 2016


I personally think Ultimate medical Academy is a good school their learning material or very easy and laid back to me , however; I wish knew much information regarding financial aid . I have never received a refund back and this the first school that I have went to that has never sent me a refund back. I wish that they also had something on the website where you are able to take a look and see where all the expenses are going too.
Oct 27, 2016

Bad customer service

Not happy with the school I told them i don't have time to start school I have other things going on and they don't care. They are trying to get my parents info for the money side of it. Sorry but no.

And getting almost 10 calls a day is a little over the top. I wish I stayed away completely.

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