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Saeculum Asset Management Complaints and Reviews

Mar 18, 2016

Very professional

We have just had a USD$5,000,000 Bank Guarantee through this company. After going through many hopeless so called providers we have no trouble in saying this company stands out, they know what they are doing and are very professional.

We recommended a new client to them and they have also secure a USD$1,000,000 SBLC through Saeculum.

Please go ahead and work with them as they are the only one we know that can actually deliver.
Aug 19, 2015

They get things done

I am glad I am not alone here in saying this negative post is a fraud and should be taken down.

The fact is, this was the only company who made the lease of a Standby Letter of Credit happened for us. We didn't have to pay anything upfront as all they were more interested in is finding out if we had the competency to see process through to completion. We used an Escrow agent who kept us informed with detailed documented report.

We leased a USD$10million instrument for one year and it has since been returned and these guys were always writing to find out how we were doing and asking if there wss anything they could do to help. But, there was none because they taught us a lot that we didn't know and quite frankly made the whole process an eye opener for us.

We are very happy with Saeculum Asset Management and would happily recommend them to anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Nov 6, 2014

Solid Company

I totally agree with the last post. The offending post is obviously the work of a moron. No one in their right mind would pay such an amount out to any institution without a solid legal framework and protections. The post itself is a fraud so also are the operators of this website.
I have heard about this company, though I haven't done any business with them everything I have heard have all been very positive.
Jun 19, 2014

Great Company, Great Managers

This posting is obviously designed to spoil the good image of this company and Mr. Banks who is such an admirable professional and human being. I am a Saudi National, 2 years ago our family business almost went bankrupt when someone in the banking industry kindly recommended Saeculum Asset Management to us. We were after a credit line of $45million and with our vast collateral which total 4 times what we wanted, our bank refused to advanced a cent saying the last 2 years audited account shows losses.

These guys at Saeculum Asset Management (not just DeeDee Banks) assisted us by giving us a bank guarantee through a Swiss bank and, also, they introduced us to a new bank where we opened a new account within 48hrs and lodged the guarantee into the account which then enabled us to raise a line of credit within 3 months and far more than what we wanted from our former bankers whose ratings were later downgraded by S&P. If the posting above were genuine one would have expected this person having allegedly lost $200'000 to Saeculum Asset Management, to have contacted the police, present his evidence and let his lawyers who must have reviewed the 28 page contract similar to what they gave us deal with it.

We have since recommended 3 businesses who all have secured guarantees of various sums. I have no reservation at all in recommending this company and DeeDee Banks and all his colleagues. Thank you guys! You made us smile again!!
Apr 22, 2014

Advance Fee Fraud

This company run by a person known as Deedee Banks, defrauded me of $200,000 in advance fees for
a $10 Million Bank Guarantee. I paid this money in advance and then afterwards after a lot of wrangling
about 'problems' with their bank, I heard no more from them. When I demanded my $200,000 back, they
said it was 'non-refundable'. Even though I am not in the UK, I am trying to take them to court but my
lawyers say it is a long shot.

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