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24 Hour Wristbands / Net Brands Media Complaints and Reviews

Jun 15, 2017

Wonderful company to do business with

Theses negative reviews must be from competitors. I just placed my second order with 24hour, they do a great job, wonderful customer service, fair pricing. Highly recommend. I promise I don't work there or hold stock, I just don't like to see a good company trashed.
Dec 22, 2016

Lousy Product

Expect delivery to take twice as long as the site indicates. The debossing on the bands is off-center and very poorly cut. The edges of the bands are rough and would need to be filed down by hand. Not worth the price.
Oct 3, 2016

Didn't ship in time extorted double the money to get wristbands for my event

Called a day after wristbands were supposed to arrive. They hadn't even shipped them yet and said it would cost almost double what I paid (an addition $117 ) to get them in time for my event. Left with no other option on the last minute i paid and we will see if they even come in on time...left stressing.
Jul 29, 2016

Wrong order, refused to refund/credit

Similar story to some of these other reviews. What was discussed/proofed for the wristbands was not what was sent. I was up against a deadline, they promised they'd fix it and re-send as long as I paid the $40 for rush shipping. I was in a bind so I did it. At 3pm, on the day before my event, the wristbands arrived and were the EXACT SAME incorrect order as before!!!!!!! I called and they refused to refund since it was a custom product that was already made and IF I sent back the order they'd give me a 50% refund. I ended up sending back what was left over from the order (I had to use them for the event, even though they were wrong they were all I had) and now, several weeks later, still no refund. Prices are cheap but not worth the headache and awful customer service.
Jun 30, 2016

Wrist bands are scams

We sent a type written copy to them and they ignored it. They capitalized every letter instead of upper and lowers which made the printing unreadable. They refused to make corrections and tried to get us to pay for a new order. SCAM
May 13, 2016

lying thieves

Don't buy from them. No matter what you read, do not buy from these people.
Oct 14, 2015


I canceled my order two weeks ago and it suddenly showed up yesterday. I needed these for my class reunion two weeks ago and outlined that in the comments section of the order. I also stated that if there would be any problem delivering the order in that time, to call me instantly. I paid for 7-day production and even paid for overnight delivery to make sure I received them on time. They showed up three weeks later.

When I called the company, they said it was already too late to cancel the order and that I should have read their Terms & Conditions. REALLY?!?! Then what took another TWO WEEKS to finish them??? And apparently the T&C is where they hide the scam. They refuse to do anything even though the event has long passed. The artwork even had the EVENT DATE on it.

This company is a SCAM, and will do and say whatever it takes to keep your money! I am now stuck with over $200 in useless lanyards.
Jan 16, 2014

They make false claims of "Made In USA"

Imagine how nice it is to make a 300% larger profit because you sell it, (but not label it) as Made in USA. This is exactly what 24hourwristbands, AKA Imprint.com, rubberbracelets.com and a few others that have the tale tell signs they are owned by Net Brands Media Corp of Houston Tx.

Well, it equates to making one's self appear to be better than others. This couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to this group of willingly criminal trash that runs this rip-off empire. These clowns drive $100,000 cars because they advertise that every product they sell is Made In the USA!
They have one product that may or may not actually be made here and that is their temporary tattoos which are basically just cheap rub off ink printed in reverse. I would be amazed if they actually work when a kid tries to put one on. These punk asses just dont care. They have found so many ways to rip people off by small amounts at a time, that it is making them rich.

Don't believe everything you read on sales websites. Do your homework by simply starting with a search of the domain you are visiting, they typing the word review or scam after it. Also, be sure they treat you professionally and actually make you feel confident that you are getting a great product. You will know.

Anyway, we must demand that they actually prove they are manufacturing, not just screen printing or marking their product in the USA. Anyone who truly makes anything in the USA is more than proud to prove it!

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