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Infinity Sales Group, LLC Complaints and Reviews

Jan 26, 2017

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Jan 17, 2017


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Dec 24, 2016

Thank you for preventing me been stolen by Infinity Group

I called AT&T looking for at&t Uverse internet service for my home address and they told me there was no service in my home....and then I get in touch with Infinity Sales Group Llc and I got in schock when the Rep. told me he had find Uverse internet from att for my address and he was so desperately to get my private information. but I heard the little voice inside me telling
...don't do I did...thanks Lord...and I found this website without looking for it....I've found the trust over here....thank you so much to show the type of thives this Company is. The only way to get down these crops is joint most of Peoples who has been rip off and Sue them up. THANK YOU FOR KEEP OPEN TO PUBLIC THIS PAGE TO INFORM THIS TYPE OF ABUSE AGAINST HONEST PEOPLE WHO NEED TO WORK OR YOU GET A PUBLIC SERVICE. THANK YOU...THANK YOU.. KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP.
Nov 24, 2016

The Most Dishonest Company Ever.

The Trainer of our new class hire told me that I would keep all of my commissions during training. This was a lie. Do you know who did keep them??? You guessed it. Infinity Sales Group. Dishonest company. Scam Artist With A Capitol S.
Nov 13, 2016

terrible place!!!

I worked at infinity for about a year ok and training was for a week. Believe me you are paying for the training. They Keep the first week of deals you do. I closed 35-40 deals during training and got paid 9.00 per hour for 40 hours was 360.00 gross for the week and they made a minimum of 5,000.00 off of my training. They charge 50.00 (processing fee) which dish doesn't charge.and that's without the commissions they made on equipment, internet and phone service. Now its four weeks of training,wow they are rakin it in. You do the math!!! 90%% of employees don't even make 3000.00 for the month and 10% make above 3000.00 for the month and they are the ones getting the good calls. The employees that don't make them money for one week will get the terrible leads that are two years old. They also make you pay back the base salary of 350.00 per week during training as soon as you have a good month. So it is considered an allowance. and they also make money on the dish t-shirts they make you wear and they make you pay for between 12-15.00 each!!! You can be working there for many years but as soon as you start having a week of bad luck its out the door after they retrain you and keep all the commissions for a week ( back to the 9.00) per hour!!! I recommend you be aware.... employees and customers!!!
Aug 24, 2016

Awful Company!

If you want to be treated like garbage, this is the place to work for! Be ready to get your pay reduced constantly, no breaks and a whole lot of attitude and constant threats by management. Company owner would cross your path but for years not even a good morning. Not even one paid off day a year. Their most common phrase: here is the door. Not recommended!
Jun 27, 2016


I recently signed up with, what I thought was dish network. Not so. it was this Infinity Sales Group. The representative talked a million words per minute and I couldn't keep up with him. They told me it was a bundle for TV and internet with EarthLink. They both suck. Put all this money out, it's ridiculous. Earthlink was terrible. I had the equipment for 7 days, called and told them I had gotten it...nothing...I followed the directions to get it set up. It didn't work. I spent hours on the phone with them, it took 5 days to get it running, then it only worked for 24 hours and shut off. They were supposed to send a tech out, between 8 am and 7pm...the tech never showed up. I had cancelled other plans for that day. I called them at 4:30 asking if the tech was coming, they told me I had to wait till 7. I called them back at 7. Spent several more hours on the phone and finally got it working. I was pissed off. I cancelled the whole thing, Dish and EarthLink, at least there was a 30 trial with the internet, Dish, nope. Now they want me to pay almost $500 for an early cancellation fee. I think I got one up on them, because I cancelled the card I was using for the account. They will probably send it into collection, but I will fight it tooth and nail. I called Dish and they said it wasn't a bundle...wth? That was when I found out it was through Infinity. They are checking into it and if anything wasn't explained to me, they will waiver the early cancellation fee. How in the h*ll would I know when the guy was talking so fast? Don't ever deal with Infinity...or EarthLink...
Mar 7, 2016

Great Place to Make $$$

I was a sales agent at Infinity for 5 years and made a lot of money selling Dish Network services there. The product was honest and I received as many inbound calls as I wanted.
Aug 11, 2015

Harry Styles

Scott Burman was a Harry Styles lookalike and in the small town of Zipperdown, Pennsylvania he was idolized as if he was the real thing. He could have fucked any girl in town except ONE and that was the girl he was attracted to the most.
Apr 17, 2015


Horrible place to work!!! Money is great... But they cmfind ways to take it away.. No breaks no lunch.... Hr sucks!!! Money was owed to me two years ago n I'm jusymt now getting it!!! I love dish but dislike infinity sales group!!
Jan 27, 2015

This is the most disgusting job I've worked for.

This place should be investigated and shut down..I have never been so disrespected by an employer. I will advice anyone looking to start to just use them for the training which is long and quit.
Dec 17, 2014

Worst Place to work ever

Its a shame because it was a decent place to work, and then Ken took his greed to a whole new level. A good rule of thumb is if that anyone in management is speaking they are lying. This includes, Josh Slater, Laresa, Baron,Vijay. Josh and Nick in training are good guys just young and being paid a lot, so I don't blame them for toeing the company line. Ken is just a rude, self serving pile of dung. Some of the company benefits include: No Breaks, No Lunches, if you are 2 minutes late because of an accident or life happens your commissions are reduced. Management constantly screaming to go ready. Even if you have vacation days don't plan on using them, because when you request them off, it gets denied. Oh and they have recently cut commissions. They will route your calls, so you better come out of training hitting it or you wont make any money and you will be gone within a month. So, if your alternative is to burn in hell for eternity or work here, I guess I would say work here. Any other situation take the other job.
Oct 18, 2014

unauthorized charges

ordered services from infinity sales group,not realizing that they were an outsource group through att and dish network.when i first called,spoke to someone briefly,who then forwarded me to someone else. That someone else asked me for my debit card information for the purpose of checking my eligibility for services. He then explained that i was eligible pack,their cheapest plan promoted at this time.He told me that that because this was a special,that installation fees would be waived and that i could do bundled services with the internet and home phone. i thought that sounded like a good deal so i accepted that,he told me that my card would remain on file and gave me a confirmation number for my records then passed me on to another person who was to set up my accounts,the next person proceeded with also checking my eligibility and congratulated me on becoming a valued customer, she then set up installation dates for all three services i was requesting.she informed me that there would be a 100.00 advanced payment required,which i agreed to be deducted from my account that day.she went over their package costs for the following month,installation dates and told me she had given me new customer discounts which included waiving the installation fees. i repeatedly asked how much money was coming out of my account and she repeatedly assured me that only the previously mentioned 100.00 nothing more. over the weekend in checking my account,found that,a 107,11 had been deducted .thinking that taxes had been added,accepted the charge. checking my account again,found that another 49.95 too had been taken. that monday,i called my bank to speak with someone to check on the new charge,was told that another charge of 37.00 was being deducted as we were speaking. then i found out the original 100.00 also was charged, total charges? 295.00! i was never told about these extra charges coming out of my account and called att and dish network about it. immediately they reversed the 37 dollar and 49.95 back to my account.( thank you) the hundred dollar amount was agreed upon,but i got the runaround about the 107.11. i spoke to several people at att and dish who then explained to me that they outsourced sales to infinity sales group. spoke to someone there and was told that after listening to the sales recordings between myself and the sales person,that i was informed of the extra fees,i was not, and that nothing could be done about
im out of 107.11.i then told that infinity rep that i would be filing a fraud report with my bank and the bbb and hung up. shortly after ,that same rep called me back,offering me a 50.00 visa gift card but i would have to pay 2.95 for processing fees! uh...not! so,**** you and your gift card infinity! your company sucks! maybe you really should be training your staff properly instead of using your recorded calls to scam people out of their money,and making decent companies look bad.
Sep 29, 2014

Toxic work environment

If you decide to work for Infinity Sales Group you will eventually get your day where you get kicked to the curb. They may allow you to do well for a time or two to make you have faith but then your time will come where you get routed the dirt calls and everything is planned. Infinity loves to mess with the lively hood of their staff. They are constantly, selfishly planning on how to make money for the house. Kickbacks are given for training as many people as they do, it makes them look generous. They want to appear as generous when that's the farthest from the truth.They manipulating the system to take that bonus from you but allow a few to look like superstar performers for a little while, not long though.

Don't fall for Infinity's nonsense.
Sep 26, 2014

Revolving Door

They hire everyone, they train you. No ongoing training. Breaks are none and employees are preventing from taking them due to heavy call volume. The say they want you to make money, but all they want you to do is sell your minimums so they wont have to pay you commissions. Lots of chargebacks and poor accounting for commissions. All in the companies favor.
Sep 18, 2014

Bad business model

One star may be a bit generous. I am a seasoned telesales person that has produced over 2 billion dollars these few years and agreed to prove myself and start at the bottom like all managers have since inception. I produced DHA level (highest paid commision level) my first week and then the call volume stopped coming in and management blamed it on a vendor that they use to procure leads. We were getting dollar general receipt leads 19.99 free everything from people who could not credit qualify for any equipment. The company started laying off people with three weeks production and low sales to calls conversion ratio. Obviously their model doesn't work if the majority of the calls are from non-credit worthy individuals. I had 22 sales first week and 4 the following week. Every Flex24 was a sale! Run away from this company, they are just a dealer and there are plenty of other good call centers in same area.
Sep 17, 2014

Business Failure

In the last month sales have decreased and layoffs (firings are at an all time high) Do not work for this shame of an employer. You will be sadly disappointed.
Sep 14, 2014

Abusing their employees for years

If you want get treated like trash, then go work at Infinity. If you want to stay at your cubicle for 60 hours a week and never get a break then you might be living up to the expectations they have for you. If you want to kill yourself slowly then go work at Infinity Sales Group!
Jul 30, 2014

turned into the worst place i have ever worked

I worked for infinity for just over 4 years. At first, it was a good place to work. That all changed when they moved to their current location at yamato & congress. It is a company that grew too fast and went in the wrong direction. Management is terrible, was good at first and went to hell. The problem with this company is how they treat their employees. They don't care about anyone except their wallets - they would be Mike & Ken. If you are in management you idolize them and kiss their ass, but watch out because they will throw you away like trash. I worked in a few departments and was tired of watching the revolving door. Hire 20 & fire 20. Don't care if they fire a long term employee for having a bad month. Awful benefits, awful working conditions and awful people.
Apr 5, 2014

Unhappy employee

This is a terrible place to work. They treat their employees like trash. You have to use your break time to use the restroom and when you are on your way someone follows you to make sure you are doing just that. As for break time, you do not get any! You have to beg for it and constantly you are receiving mass chats in ALL CAPS that BREAKS ARE DISCONTINUED! The ability to earn a decent check is there but not without losing your sanity and constantly wondering if you will be fired. This company have hired and fired 5000 people in the past 5 years.
Jul 17, 2013

Unauthorized charges

I signed up with Infinity Sales Group and was told that my bill would be a certain amount each month. However, they lied to me because when I received my first bill it was NOT what I signed up for. The bill was DOUBLED! I tried to call back many times and the people I spoke to gave me a run-around. Every time I asked to speak with a manager they sent me in an automatic recording loop. Do not do business with Infinity Sales Group!
I would appreciate any help concerning my problem. I think I have all the rights to get my money back as this company totally scammed me. The worst thing is that I can’t contact them! They ignore my emails and call for quite a long time and I am losing my hope to get in contact with Infinity Sales Group.
The only opportunity to return the money is to call the lawyer or the police. I will wait for one more week and then open a law case. These scammers would pay me back every penny and be put in jail for criminal activity. Please always investigate the company before using their services. Scam!
Jun 11, 2013

Chose the wrong guy to steal from

Well there's a scam I didn't think I would be involved in. I can't believe these people have used my personal information to get in to my account and steal my money! THAT IS SO LOW! I have been a good client and I have been paying my bills on time, never was I late! And I never complained about anything! And now they have decided that it is not enough. How pathetic! I have noticed strange charges on my credit card account and decided to call my bank to find out more information about the charges. The person at the bank told me that InfinityDish have been charging my account twice for a few months now. Meaning one was my own payment to them, and the other was a rip off.
So that proved it that they were the ones who took my money! At first I was confused since I had no reason to doubt Infinitydish for all that time I was using their services. But then I thought that there are no honest companies left since I had my own reasons to think so.

Now I want to start a law suit against them. I used to be a lawyer myself and I know how everything works. Besides, I have great friends at the office who will gladly help me take a fraudulent company down!
They have messed with a wrong guy!

Jun 6, 2013

Not a very good environment for employees.

I have been working for Infinity Sales Group, LLC as a quality assurance agent for almost a year, and it has been hell for me. I wasn't lucky at other job interviews before I found this position, so I decided to take it.
The first two months on this spot were almost OK. I had day and night shifts, but apart from that I was getting enough sleep, and the payment suited me.
Then the third month became more rough. They asked me to come out more often. And after some time the payment decreased. We were all very unhappy, but since most people needed the job, no one left.
We kept dealing with this kind of behavior for some time, but I noticed that most of my colleagues decided to quit. A few people including myself staid longer. When we tried to talk to our boss he was very rude to us and said that if we'd ask him again about our payment, he'll fire us all.
Needles to say, if I'd only known that I would have to deal with this kind of behavior here, I would never applied.
That's why I want to warn everyone to stay away from this company and not work for Infinity Sales Group, LLC! The people there are selfish, rude and greedy. I don't expect them to be nice to their clients either! All their business is a scam!

Remember, that you should never go to Infinity Sales Group, LLC , P.O. Box 810491 , Boca Raton, FL 33481 

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