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All year Cooling and Heating Complaints and Reviews

May 13, 2017

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Jul 17, 2013

Poor judgement from their behalf

All Year Cooling and Heating business seems a little sketchy. I just bought a house last month. I bought a Living Social Voucher for cooling and heating tune up. The guy came and did what was asked, then told me I have a mold problem and talked me into paying $1,200 for a UV light installation and a one-year membership. They financed it for me.
The previous owner of the house said that cooling and heating system had been working fine for 7 years with no issues whatsoever. The technician said everything looked great. Literally 5 days later, my system stopped working. I called up All Year Cooling and Heating since I had the membership, and they told me that my "motor" is out, and it'll be another $1,800 to fix! I told them it's a little weird that everything was fine before their "tune up". The technician shrugged and said "these things happen." They then told me that I can either pay $1,800 for a new motor, on top of the $1,200 I've already paid them, but won't be able to guarantee something else won't break down, or pay $8,000 for a completely new system, with a 10 year warranty. I felt I was over a barrel, and had them finance the $8,000. Now I have to pay $200/month for the next 5 years. I'm a single female living alone and know nothing about these units. It is pretty convenient for scammers.
Jun 6, 2013

Poor customer service, poor installation of their product

Beware of All year Cooling and Heating - this company seems to be reliable and offers 100% customer satisfaction but it didn't work in my case.
they never provided me adequate and high quality service as it was promised and as I paid for it and I was unable to receive a customer support according to all their rules because I was simply ignored.
All year Cooling and Heating claims that has completed over 150,000 air conditioner installations, and are a recognized Local Rheem Team Top Contractor and Trane Comfort Specialist and that their goal is to provide the consumer with the best overall value on new air conditioner installations and service on the market.
Well I used their services and I purchased new conditioner system with installation and the main problem was that they didn't install it properly and just made several damages to my house. I contacted this company and asked to fix these damages under their cover because it was their fault but my request was ignored. Then in one month their air condition systems stopped working and it took me a long time finally to get a warranty repair from them, because they also didn't want to fix that situation.
After such experience I will never recommend All year Cooling and Heating to anyone! I consider it as the worst customer service.

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