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Cartvertising - RTUI (Registered Tapes Unlimited) Complaints and Reviews

May 13, 2018


Cartvertising is a scam. I was offered an ad that claimed would result in a huge increase in my sales in direct proportion to the dollars spent on the ad. I believe I was defrauded out of my money. The salesman made a verbal offer that greatly differed from the terms of the contract. The salesman did not show me the terms of the contract that are on the back of the carbon paper. I came to find that they contract has provisions that allow Cartvertising representatives to lie to their customers in order to make the sale.

The scam basically runs this way. Cartvertising allows their salesmen to lie to customers, using high pressure tactics to get them to sign a non-cancellable contract and lock them into a buying product they know does not perform in the way their sales people represent them. When customers ask to be released from the contract due on the basis of the salesman’s verbal offer not being met, Cartvertising falls back on the contract and its terms i.e. the clauses that allow their sales people to lie in order to make the sale. When advertisers stop payment Cartvertising then let loose their legal jackals to threaten legal action in order to collect the debt. Cartvertising will make no attempt to mitigate any of their perceived damages. They ask to be paid in full immediately.

It is nothing more than con artistry when a company allows its sales people to make verbal offers that differ from the offer on the written contract. This is what Cartvertising does. I suggest not doing business with them.
May 13, 2017

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Jan 22, 2017

RTUI scam

Like the many many people who have reported here and on other websites this company should get 0 stars if possible. They came in my grooming shop and told me that so many of their customers get a great response to advertising on the receipts of stores. It was a total lie. The rep told me one customer had a box full of receipts that new customers brought in. Well, in a year I got four. After four months I called them and asked to cancel the contract and they told me there was no cancellation fee. I saw others online had paid $500 to cancel, so why not me??? There are some who are forming a class action suit, so I will check into that. Stay away from this company. Half the time, the receipts don't have any ads on them, so that is why you don't get many back!
Sep 16, 2016

Cartvertising is Awesome!

It states directly on their contracts that it is non-cancellable and even have a spot for the advertiser to initial. It's in bold print and the rep verbally explains it before you initial that section.

In the introductory phone call they clearly explain who they are in partnership with said store chain and exactly describe the marketing program.

The reps are independent contractors, basically self employed. The purpose of doing one store per month is to get acquainted and immersed into that community to understand its consumers and business climate. There are only 8 available spaces and thousands of local
Businesses within each community.

Once the representative sells all spots available they move onto another community. Reps can do however many stores they can within a month. Also one store at a time for commercial print run and art production, install, maintenance, etc...

Also, because they have an 80% renewal rate, many of their advertisers like to expand into other communities and all Cartvertising reps can cross sell in to other communities.

They are also very clear on the type of marketing tool it is; it is a powerful branding tool not direct response advertising. Brand/Name/Top of Mind Awareness. A great medium to use to reach out to large demographic over and over again.

Also, for a company that has been around nationally for 26 years, I would have to say that I have heard and read more positive reviews about this company.

Unfortunately there are times when bad things can happen, and there are also times when salespeople in general over-promise to get the sale. That is a reflection of that salesperson. I can assure you it is not the case with Cartvertising, it's a fast process same day appts because usually they only have few spots and limited time to fill it to get the next cycle started.

That's also why they ask if you have a business partner or anyone who helps makes the decision and that's why they tell you at the end of the presentation they will ask for a yes or no.

Very professional, direct and upfront.

I love recommending Cartvertising!

Happy in Michigan!
Sep 16, 2015

RTUI - Register Tapes Unlimited A great company

They brought us plenty of business at a fair price. We'll be staying a customer !
Jul 8, 2015

Love the Cart ads since 1993

I looked at all negative reviews on here and it baffles me...I've been advertising on 3 stores since 1993 and I by all the space they have. This has been a branding ad for me and has worked great! This is a considerable investment for me and it is on of the only advertising products I will buy. People comment on it all the time. They say they say Hi to me every time they are in the store. I walked into a potential customer home the other day and one of their children thought I was famous because they had seen me on the cart ads!!! Needless to say , I think it was the main reason they choose me over the other 2 realtors they interviewed.

I have an insurance friend who has been doing Cart ads for a few years now and says it is the best exposue he has ever had.

I think people don't understand how important it is to brand yourself and that's why they don like these ads. Branding is the most important part of advertising in my opinion. Why do you think Franchises are taking over in America...branding..

Anyway I see way too many negative ads out there and I think the people that are satisfied and love this product aren't taking the time to respond.

Happy in California
Jul 7, 2015

Worst way to advertise -- waste of your hard earned $

Just like all other bad reviews. I got suck in as well and feeling very stressful trying to get out of the contract. Absolutely no response. Should have read the online review about this company's bad reputation. This is a one-sided contract, beware of what you are getting into.
Jun 1, 2015

Worst company I ever encountered

I got sucked into an RTUI contract when I purchased a business.
They lock you into a long term contract and then treat you terribly.
I am amazed they are still in business.
I have been trying to get them to send me reconciled invoices for a year to no avail.
I have continued to pay them without the invoices, but they do not credit my account.
Now they are threatening to take me to court.
Hey, good luck with that RTUI.

If you like a bad product, snarky sales people, a terrible process, and threats, these are the folks for you.
EVERY employee I have dealt with has been a complete jerk.

These folks need to go under and fast.
May 26, 2015


You will be shown some excellent potential for leads, however they wont tell you that they target the same type of businesses to advertise at the same store. After signing a contract for over $3000 hard earned dollars, I was dissapointed to find that out of 5 spots available on the back of the receipt, 3 were businesses offering the same services as me and even the same coupons. STAY AWAY! Save your money and invest it with a company that cares. You will NOT get a return on your investment.
May 13, 2015


This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had. The sales rep tells me that he can pull me out if the contract at any time no problem. The company calls me to confirm and I ask them if my sales rep can pull me out of the contract if it is not profitable. They tell me NO, so I refuse to confirm. I call the sales rep back, and he laughs and says oh thats just a corporation, they will say that, but I assure you that I can pull you out at anytime. So I confirm with them. We had 0 response to our ad for 5 months. The sales rep tells me he will take care of it. He does not. He stops answering my phone calls for 6 weeks, customer service tells me that they have spoken with him and he will call me back. He does not. When I get a supervisor involved he says he never told me the things he did. They have him call me. He acknowledges telling me I can be pulled out if the contract and says his direct boss can do it for me. His boss is very rude and tells me he will do nothing for me. Nothing has been resolved, nor have they tried. Do not do business with these people. They hide behind a contract that does not match the representitives verbal commitment.
May 8, 2015

Sour grapes?

Cartvertising is just that... Advertising. It is not necessarily a call to action medium, but pounds your message to a captive audience. I am buying all the carts at one store and 80% at another. I do t care if I ever get one call from the carts. I k on that all my other call to action ads get better results by advertising like this. It is like sending one direct mail campaign and expecting it to work... It won't with one. Hit it 10 times and you will see the results. I'm looking forward to you others quitting, and I will take your space! GC. Anchorage, Ak. The!
Apr 6, 2015

Customer Service

I work for Cartvertising. I have worked here since 2008 and have never scammed anyone. We provide the service our clients contract us to provide. We usually return calls or reply to emails within one business day. Can things go wrong? Of course. But I assure you that we do have a customer service team and we will do everything we can to help answer your questions and address your concerns.

If anyone has an questions or concerns with Cartvertising, please call or email us.

Our phone number is 800.247.4793 or 281.206.2500. We are open 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST. Our email is [email protected]

If you need assistance, please contact us. We are here to help and want you to receive the service you ordered.


Donald S.
Customer Service Manager
Cartvertising - RTUI
1445 Langham Creek Dr
Houston, TX 77084
Apr 1, 2015

Bald face liars

The sales rep was a slick Willie named Chuck. I explained that this had to go to corporate for approval and he said oh no problem . Two days later I sent them an email stating the company would not approve. They emailed me back saying they had forward it to customer service. I reminded them I needed a cancelation letter. Two days later they tell me the contract is non cancelable. I told them that my corporate head quarters did not approve and the sales rep never mentioned this when he did his sales pitch. We call this deceptive marketing where I come from! I have asked for a call from a manager and fearful that they will never follow up.
I will make sure every business in my area knows about their deceptive practices.
Feb 19, 2015


Do not sign up fir Cartvertising. You are locked in for a year and will get ZERO clients from your ad. I might as well have lit a match to the $5000 I paid them for a shopping cart ad. DON'T DO IT!!!
Dec 2, 2014

Do not sign a contract with RTUI

Stay away from RTUI. We were duped by the salesman into believing that advertising on the back of grocery store receipts was going get us 50 to 70 customers a week into our store. All it did was give a rather large discount to many of our regular customers. Very few new faces. Tried communicating with them. It took forever for the salesperson to get back to us. All I got from that interaction was that I had signed a contract that I was not going to get out of.
Nov 19, 2014

Working for Cartvertising is a Bad Idea

Here is how it works. The Salesmen are recruited but they are working for commission only. So they start going crazy and you are dragged into their mess as an Appointment Setter. At first I was working full days and making quality appointments. Its easy enough. I anticipated on drinking a morning coffee, make phone calls, chat people up and make some decent appointments. We are selling Shopping Cart Ads for Local Businesses to advertise. Sounds good right? It is. But then the Salesmen starting putting RESTRICTIONS.

1. You can call for only ONE STORE at a time. Lame it makes the fish pool smaller
2. You have to talk to the Owner or Decision Maker most hire ad people and Office Managers for this
3. The hours start to get cut to FOUR hours a day Even if you make great appointments
4. The Salesmen start putting you on hold (no work for days) until they need you. AKA Desperate
5. Call you to work on a Wednesday and demand appointments for Friday at the latest GOOD LUCK
6. You realize it is NOT STEADY income and thankfully you live with a Breadwinner
7. YOU start to realize it is hopeless and quit on your own
8. When you do get a Contract Sale you have to chase them down with repeated emails to get the contract number and revenue cost and hope that they are not lying to you as well.
9. there is no tracking of the appointments you have sold. They complain and say none of the appointments sold
except maybe one if you are lucky in a month period. Measly commission incentives.
10. Very high turnover rate people coming and going and no one cares to retain anyone in this company
Sep 3, 2014

Customer Service

I work for Cartvertising. I have worked here since 2008 and have never scammed anyone. I assure you we are not well known scammers. We provide the service our clients contract us to provide. We usually return calls or reply to emails within one business day. Can things go wrong? Of course. But I assure you that we do have a customer service team and we will do everything we can to help answer your questions and address your concerns.

With respect to the person who claims to have sold a car through us, I believe you are confused. We do not list individual automobiles or sell cars. We never have. We print and display ads on the baby seat of shopping carts at grocery stores. Our print cycles typically last six months (2 per annual contract) so the message would not be timely.

If anyone has an questions or concerns with Cartvertising, please call or email us.

Our phone number is 800.247.4793 or 281.206.2500. We are open 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST. Our email is [email protected]

If you need assistance, please contact us. We are here to help and want you to receive the service you ordered.


Donald S.
Customer Service Manager
Cartvertising - RTUI
1445 Langham Creek Dr
Houston, TX 77084
Jun 27, 2014

Cart Ad by Cartvertising is a Ripoff

I signed up for Cartvertising to advertise my real estate business. The cost was high so the salesman said I could pay for half of the ad and he will pair me up with an attorney to advertise on the other half. Of course the attorney backed out and without notification I was paired up with a DNA testing site. Then the DNA testing never paid the bill, so they are sending an attorney after me to pay the other half of the bill. Calling me several times on the phone saying I am past due and it is my responsibility. Lying saying I had an agreement with this other party and that I am liable for the balance. Don't sign anything with them because they just modify the contract later and make you pay for it. All lies and the ad brought in no business for me either. Thanks Cartvertising I hope you get what you dish-out.
Jul 17, 2013

Never actually got my car

I had my car listed for sale privately on the internet. I was contacted by Cartvertising - RTUI (Registered Tapes Unlimited) company offering to sell my car on the condition I removed all my own advertising. The car was advertised on the web sites as poor condition, no log books and a totally different engine. All the information was incorrect. I was assured the vehicle would sell within 14 days and the cost was $395. The cost after 14 days was listed as $11.14 per day. When I took the car back 8 weeks later I was given an account for $998. When I complained about the advertising I was given a discount of $200 and had no option but pay to have the vehicle released.
I then contacted the car dealer and pointed out that I felt the car had not sold due to their advertising and raised doubts about what effort had been made to sell in to passing buyers.
I believe Cartvertising have never had any intention of selling my car. It was making them $11.14 a day. They refused to refund my money.
Don’t use this company! They will promise you much, but never do something!
Jun 6, 2013

Never got my ads placed!

1445 Langham Creek, Houston, Texas 77084 (800) 247-4793

Beware of Cartvertising! These are well-known scammers and there are quite a lot of complaints about them online.
I was dealing with this company (Registered Tapes Unlimited) once and let me tell you this was a horrible experience. Cartvertising was supposed ti get my ads onto the shopping carts last June. These ads are still nowhere to be found.
When I contacted them in June they said that firstly they only promised me to try and get the ads by June and this deadline is not in the contract. They said that the delay was caused by another client which is advertising himself before me and the ads would be placed in July.
It's been a year now and I still didn't get my ads on the carts. I cannot cancel the deal as well. I have already paid them $2K and received totally nothing.
I have to point out their horrible customer service. Not only they treat you like an empty space, they also don't return your calls. I went through hell to at least contact them when my ads didn't show up.
It's really strange that these guys are still in the business because the only thing that they can do is to scam people - just look at all the reports online. I should've look them up before dealing with them. Stay away!

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