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Park West Gallery Complaints and Reviews

May 13, 2017

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Feb 10, 2015

Customer Service

I operate a custom framing shop and get about 5 or 6 customers bring in damaged Park West pieces that they received damaged in shipping. Discussions with the customers reveal that replacement frames were shipped immediately and received within 7 days. They were instructed to bring the pieces to a local framer, often me, and for the customer to send the bill to them for reimbursement. Customers have said the refunds were dealt with promptly. As for auctions it is always buyer beware. As for the investment value of art...some goes up and most do it because you like it.
Nov 12, 2014

Pare West Gallery NEVER AGAIN

The auctions on board cruise ships have always been one of the highlights, deliveries of the ordered goods always come with big problems.

While Park West promise to be global, they simply are not ready for overseas shipments.

Damaged deliveries, in-complete deliveries, wrong framing, late deliveries, poor custom’s clearance: in the past five years we faced problems with each and every delivery.

You are then left alone, the customer service representatives do not show any proactivity. Last shipment arrived in very poor quality package, a shame for valuable artwork. As a consequence it was seriously damage. We returned the shipment in June and still have not received full refund until November.

Very poor follow up, very poor communication with FedEx, your are left alone as soon as problems arise. Park West – NEVER AGAIN.
Nov 11, 2014

couldn't be happier

Purchased over a dozen pieces while twice on the Norwegian Dawn, August 2013 and August 2014. The only mistake made was first time around I had all pieces sent to me in a tube. Second time I let them do the framing. BEST decision ever!! The frames are beautiful, MORE than reasonably priced and all art work arrived within time frame promised. Can't wait for my next cruise. In meantime, having husband build more walls!
Jul 22, 2014

bait and switch

park west are masters at deception/ buy a work onboard and get in the mail' if your lucky 10 to 12 weeks . a diferent product instead of production number under 250 and get a seriolithoraph of 255 instead of the giclee you thought you bought on Holland what a bunch of smoothies never again they should be put out of the cruise business. good for royal caribean for doing so.. buyer be ware
Oct 22, 2013

Many dealings & NEVER one problem!

My wife & I have purchased several Original Painting, oil & acrylic on canvas, from ParkWest Gallery and we are 100 per cent satisfied with all transactions.
Jul 17, 2013

Booking gone wrong

I have booked and paid for a cruise, hotel and other related travelling package for my family (5 people) and got confirmation letter from Park West Gallery stating that I will get the tickets after 10 days. After 30 days I did not get the tickets, so I called Park West Gallery many times and they finally admitted on a phone conversation that they cannot deliver the tickets because they do not have them. I have asked for a refund and was promised to get my money back within 3 days.
Two months passed and I didn’t get my money so far. Every time I call I am getting only excuses and new explanations of the delay. I have started my own investigation and found out that this company doesn’t even have a license to sell the travelling packages and the whole business is a crap! They are scamming the public by taking money for travel packages that they did not have in the first place. I was also informed by their employees that their bank account is frozen due to many other complaints. I can go on and on but the main point for the public is stay away at all costa!
Jul 12, 2013

This business is not legitiate

I have booked and paid for a cruise, hotel and other related touring package for my family and I got the confirmation letter stating that I will get the tickets within 7 days. After 30 days I did not get the tickets and I called Park West Gallery many times and they finally admitted on a phone conversation that they cannot deliver the tickets because they do not have the deal. I have asked for my money back and they promised to credit the money back to my credit card within one day. Well it has been more that 60 days and I am getting all the excuses in the world why the refund is delay.
I have started my own investigation and in the process found out that Park West Gallery is not licensed to sell travel packages, they are only in business for less than one year and basically they are scamming the public by taking money for travel packages that they do not have. I was also informed by their employees that their bank account is frozen due to many other complaints. I can go on and on but the main point for the public is BE AWARE OF PARK WEST GALLERY as it is a SCAM.
Jul 9, 2013

Won't return me my painting.

I read about Park West Gallery and I had a good impression of it. Right before I decided to buy something from them. I found a painting that I really liked and decided to purchase it from them. It looked really good when I saw it at the gallery. I made the payment, and I've been told that it would take about a month until it would come to me.
Then the problems started to appear. First of all, I waited for two months before I finally got it. Second of all, the frame was damaged when I opened the parcel. I contacted the office and told them about my dissatisfaction. They said that they had just one example of this painting and I could either send it back to them and get a refund, or send it for a repair. Of course I wanted to keep the painting so I chose the second option.
It has been three months since I sent the painting to them and I did not receive any answers of when I would get it back. Calling them does not bring any results.
I thought they were an honest business, but I guess you'll never know until you deal with someone yourself.
I am thinking about contacting my attorney for help, because I don't know what else to do. One thing I know for sure – you don't need three moths to fix a frame. So it must be some kind of a scam. If I'd only knew I would not send the painting back to them.
Jun 17, 2013

poor customer service, no responsibility for own mistakes.

Park West Gallery provides the most horrible service to their customers. I dealt with them once and after that I will never recommend this company to anyone!
I found Park West Gallery at one art gallery and they offered quite interesting paintings for sale. I was interested in them and I've purchased some of them, which was in a good condition and I spend on it more than $4500. We agreed about the delivery and I paid extra $700 for it. Paintings supposed to be delivered in a best way. Company contacted me and said that all paintings will be send in parts for better safety.
The main problem started after I received it - 1st painting arrived damages because that company didn't use high quality delivery services which I paid for. 2nd and 3rd arrived damages as well, but the 4th one I haven't received at all!! I was very disappointed and I contacted that company for a refund but I received no support service. Tried to contact their manager many times and finally when I managed to get through I received nothing but a rude reply. That person refused me in a refund and said that it is not his fault that's why he can't help me. He just offered me a repair for an extra payment - this is absolutely ridiculous! I tried to find another way of getting my money back but it wasn't successful. After such poor service and negative impression I can't recommend this company to anyone! Beware and better stay away from Park West Gallery!!!
Jun 6, 2013

Inability to provide an appropriate service

29469 Northwestern HWY, Southfield, Michigan 48034
(248) 354-2343
Park West Gallery must be avoided at all costs! Me and my wife had a holiday and decided to go for a cruise. We were having a good time and went to the auction which was held on board by ParkWest Gallery. The artworks that they were selling there was really great and we ended up spending around $4,000 on various pieces of art for our new house's decoration.
One of the items was a fined signed baseball memorabilia which was especially important to me since I am a huge baseball fan.
6 weeks later (just as was stated on the auction) the items started to arrive. Everything arrived in good condition except for that memorabilia I mentioned before. I was extremely disappointed and called them up. They said I should send it back and they'll send a new one.
Long story short I had to do this 4 times and each time the item came broken.
I am unable to pick it up personally since I reside far away from Michigan. It's been almost 10 months now and I am trying to get a refund since they are unable to come up with an appropriate way of shipping this item. It's a shame though that the four items came broken - fine pieces of art got destroyed due to Park West Gallery's incompetence.
Beware of these guys, don't buy anything from them!

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