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ADM Ventures, Inc. Complaints and Reviews

May 13, 2017

about this site and its operator

This site,, belongs to the Chicago/IL network named Steadfast, owned/operated by Karl Zimmerman who also owns www., and other hate - sites.

While it is usually hard to locate and prove as to who is behind the malicious and anonymous reviews that ruin lives, families, bully children, destroy successful businesses, the damaged parties can sue Karl Zimmerman for generating income from the destroyed lives and careers.

The bottom line. Karl Zimmerman operates a hate-mongering business of which he does not pay taxes to the Federal Government. In the meantime, he destroys hardworking people and businesses who honestly and systematically pay income taxes.

If the is a business in itself (in the eyes of law), then it too MUST PAY TAXES AND REPORT THE GOVERNMENT HOW MUCH ROI AND SURPASS INCOME IT GENERATES PER YEAR?

Karl Zimmerman's Linkedin profile:

Some of his contact emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

If you choose NOT TO sue Karl Zimmerman to remove this site, then hire an assassin from the deep-web (another untraceable internet business, just like the and remove Karl from the earth. That's justice .
Mar 23, 2015


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Mar 18, 2015


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Mar 17, 2015


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Aug 24, 2014

A total Scam

This company is uncaring about the individual person, just what they can get out of you. They are unwilling to work with you or compromise on anything. They have a very poor rating by the BBB and is a company to stay away from. They scammed my spouse into paying them thousands of dollars, which turned out to be for nothing and were unwilling to return the money, using many excuses. I would never work with this company again. Stay away from them.
Apr 7, 2014

Website Scamers

I have had like so many people a very bad experiance with ADM Ventures.I have been scamed by these people.I signed up with ADM Ventures for a Website.I was looking for a part time job.I am retired and only have my SSI. I told them I didno't know much about the Internet,but was told as long as you can send an email, you can do this Website.I was talked into signing with them.I was told that it wouldn't be long until I would be making a proffet on my Website.That was in Nov of 2013.I have not seen a dime from this Website.I have notified the Att. Generals office in Utah.I'm trying to get a refund.I have contacted everybody that I could think of to help with this matter.I believe our voices should be heard.The charges on my Credit Cards was almost $9,000. I have no way to pay these charges.I told them that when I signed up.They told me ,let the credit cards work for me.Stay away from these people.
Mar 25, 2014


poor advice, sportsmanship, cooperation, useless talk, poor support
Jul 17, 2013

Never buy website from those scammers

I paid $9800 for a website with the promise that it would be professional and launched to over one million viewers. At first, I thought this would be good to go into. It has been two years since the start of creating my website and it has been not finished or promoted and has not been launched publicly. There is no traffic being driven there as promised.

I am very disappointed that I was duped in my emotionally bad state (going through a divorce) where I was desperate to earn some kind of income since I have been unemployed and stayed at home for 20 years.

I’ve tried to get a refund through my bank as the services I paid for have never been provided, but the bank assistant told me that it is too late for a refund. However, when I told the name of the company, he told that ADM Ventures is a large-scale scam because my bank printed reports of complaints against them.
I'm now facing bankruptcy because of this ADM Ventures, Inc and the only opportunity for me to get my money back is my lawyer. I hope he can help me to win this case.
Jun 6, 2013

This is a scam, stay away from these guys!

Beware of ADM Ventures as these are simply a bunch of fraudsters trying to scam people.
There are plenty of negative reviews about ADM Ventures online already but I would like to tell my story as well. Some guy named Brett Jones called me up and offered what seemed to be a legit deal despite the fact that the guy was really pushy. The guy talked me into investing into their mailing campaign and I ended up spending $5,000.
This is when the problems started. Firstly, I never got any profit from this or any money at all. I literally spent my $5,000 for nothing, could've as well just throw this money out of the window.
Secondly, they started to ignore me from the point when I paid them. It's still impossible to contact them and I doubt I'm getting my refund from ADM.
Thirdly, my bank has reported some fraudulent charges from these guys and fortunately they blocked all those charges. When I came to the bank they simply showed me how many negative reviews and complaints are there in the Internet. I should've done my homework and look them up online before giving them $5K.
Let this be a lesson to all of you, don't repeat my mistakes!
175 South Main #500, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 (801) 461-0638

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