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Equity Build, Inc. Complaints and Reviews

Jan 18, 2018

Scam of a Company

Do your research and don't believe anything they say.
Jun 15, 2017

Due Diligence

Due diligence is your best ally in this type of investment. It has all the components of a Ponzi-scheme, yet that doesn't mean it is. Sometimes just because it walks like a duck and looks like duck doesn't mean its a duck. Best way is to ask for the filed Reg D paperwork. That is something that must exist, if that isn't there then the deal is no go. YOu can easily check EDGAR for that and see if a Reg D offering is in place. All of the story in the world doesn't overcome the priority of compliance with SEC laws. This must be an SEC compliant investment. DO NOT invest until you confirm this easy first step.
Jun 8, 2017

EBF & EB Excellent Companies

I have investments with EquityBuildFinance which is part of or a sibling of EB. I'm invested over a year and have no complaints or issues. I love getting the checks monthly ontime. They are very communicative (which I cant say for other investments I have). They are by all due dilligence, experts in their market and are not trying to be-all to everyone, a very good sign. I am a real investor with no agenda than to push against the persons here who have doubts. But as is said above, there are always risks, no risk no gain. Do Due Dilligence.
BTW this site doesnt gather names or emails! (another mystery addressed - LOL)
Mar 2, 2017


Jan 20, 2017

Good Experience So Far

I began investing 5 months ago now and I'm in 4 properties (diversified), I've received timely payments once projects closed. My only disappointment has been the delay in closing some of the properties and especially not getting an explanation why. My rep has been tremendous and very active in communicating and answering questions. Equity Build has done everything they've said they would do and have paid exactly what they said they would. Let's look at it this way, there are never any 100% sure investments in this world, people have even lost money with banks. There is always an element of risk and everyone must know this going in.
I. Shahawi
Nov 17, 2016


All these reviews are FAKE.
Sep 20, 2016

People names on reviews?

They seem like there good, but where are the people's
name on the reviews. This questions the honesty of the
same reviews.
Aug 2, 2016

EquityBuild Review

I wanted to personal thank Joel from Equitybuild for his outstanding work. I received emails from Equitybuild for quite some time, skeptical of how the whole process worked. When my father passed, I wanted to invest the money he left me smartly and felt real estate was the way to go. I have a fulltime job, so I did not want to be a hands on investor in a property by myself because I would be in way over my head. When I called Equitybuild Joel thoroughly explain the process. I was thrilled to find out that he himself was an investor first with Equitybuild. We spend over an hour on the phone, he was extremely patiently (like I said I was a first time investor) and made me really understand how the process works. I loved the fact that they focus on properties in blue collar areas in Chicago, which have already turned the corner. Not poverty and violence stricken areas, which was a major concern of mine. Joel made me feel extremely comfortable, I trusted him, and not once did he ever let me down!

I initially invested $100,000 in two separate 50K notes each.

Once the building closed in escrow. My first payment did not come in, so I called Joel. He answered immediately like he always has, and I found out I put the wrong bank account number on my direct deposit form. It was fixed immediately and I had my funds. Every month there after I received my payment of $1,041.66 (this is 12.5% interest!) We refinanced the notes after 18 months to a commercial lender at a much lower rate.

The reason Equitybuild can give out such high returns is, they use the investors’ money to buy the property in cash, getting a great deal on the property.

Commercial lenders don’t want the property initially is because the net operating income is too low for their standards. Equitybuild uses private mortgage notes/investors to increase the net operating income, so the properties becomes appealing to commercial lenders or banks. It is basically a bridge loan.

I had the option after the refinancing to either get my balloon payment (my principal back) or do another property with Equitybuild. I jumped on the option to roll my principle into a new property because I had such a great experience. I love the fact I get money every month from Equitybuild!

Thank you Joel and I look forward to doing business for a very long time!!

Stacey Diaz
Jun 2, 2016

Verdict is still out

I am a new investor with EBF. So far so good. Communication and transparency are important to me and I am sure to other investors as well. I realize no company is perfect but I wish I had known about the G-slow problem. I still do not know anything about the G-slow incident. I do not think I should have to research a problem, I wish the company would be up front about it and give their plan of action to remedy it. The more up front communication about problems/delays and the more transparency about EBF the better I feel about the company and the MORE I would want to invest. How about a site/blog were EBF investors to communicate about how happy we are? Hard to find at the moment. Until then I will proceed with caution.
May 5, 2016

Honest company

I've been with them for three years, even after a debacle with G-slow and the assets I invested in lost money, they honored the terms of the note. I've been receiving payments from them on time each month for the past year. John A. and Shaun are honest and straight shooters. I highly recommend them.
Jul 17, 2015


Guessing the original post is a competitor or disgruntled former employee.
I know the company well and have a lot of experience with them. They are not perfect but they always treat their clients right and take responsibility when they do make a mistake. No payment was ever missed and every dime instead was always repaid with the return.
Jun 4, 2014

EquityBuild Inc.

This is a good solid company, that has done right by me and several family that have also invested through them. It's a shame sites like this allow anonymous postings. I would advise anyone to check them out and look at their BBB records.
Jan 13, 2014

False review?

Been doing business with them for 4 years. I have never failed to receive my money and it has always been on time. Best guess is the other post must be from a competitor trying to hurt EquityBuild.
Oct 25, 2013

Took all my money!

I have been investing in to Equity Build for some time, and when I decided that I want to take my money back, they have refused me! They are complete scammers! I wish I had found out about it earlier!
There aren't many complaint on the internet about them, but I'm sure that they are scams and rip offs, and that there should be a lot of victims like myself, so there should have been a lot negative reviews as well. The only explanation I can find is that they have been deleting all those reviews about them to lour more customers and take their money!
I have lost all my savings which I was hopping to use to purchase my own apartment! Now I am not able to do it, because of Equity Build and their pathetic employees!

I am very upset and angry! I have worked so hard for this goal! I am going to file a case and make them pay me back if it's the last thing I do! They will not go away with it so easily! I will spread this information everywhere!

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