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Brandstar Entertainment - O2 Media Complaints and Reviews

May 13, 2017

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Jan 24, 2017

They're NOT who they SAY they are..........

In the aftermath of 9/11, a Company manufactured these cute Teddy Bears meant to bring comfort to people. One of the then-Principals roped that Company in to a Direct Response TV SCAM that ended up costing him the very money he needed to bring his product to market. I believe he went out of business shortly thereafter.

RUN, don't walk, AWAY from these people! EVERYONE who works there ends up realizing within six months or less, what these people are about, and what their job REALLY involves! Hey, if you like being a thief for a living, this is the place for you, but if the prospect of CONNING people out of their money turns you off, head for the hills!

As for prospective so-called clients, keep this in mind: People shouldn't PAY to be on TV, they should BE PAID.

So if these people call you, don't wait for the part of the speel where they mention money, beat them to the punch! Tell them right out of the gate that YOUR appearance fee is $39,500 and ask them when they'd like you to come in to talk about the show.

The next sound you'll hear? Click!!
Aug 15, 2016

Dpn't be the sucker born every minute

These guys called me offering me a show segment. They obviously didn't do their homework since I actually have a show with 108,000,000 viewers. They had no audit to prove their claims. It became clear that they were a pay-for-play and a scam masquerading as some kind of important Lifetime show for women. Hopefully women are smarter than this.
Nov 10, 2014


This company claims to be a nationally syndicated show...maybe they are, but no-one watches it! It is a glorified infomercial pretending to be some great show with a talk show format. They are SCAM ARTISTS!
Jun 19, 2014


Aug 30, 2013

There is too much lie and scam concerning these two companies.

Incredible Discoveries and O2 Media Inc. is a major scam! I am sure these companies do business under another names too. They mislead everyone. O2 Media claims their shows are nationally syndicated. Their shows are not real TV shows, but paid advertisements.

The advertisements or shows you pay for are shown on local TV and not on national like they promise. They’ll buy a little local cable airtime in some unknown and then they call it a national media buy! You will understand the scheme of their scam too late. You will not get a refund as according to the agreement everything is good. I think that even a good lawyer will not win the case.

I also wanted to tell that it has recently come to my attention that these companies use their relatives companies to advertise themselves. So, be careful as they can use different names. There is too much lie and scam concerning these two companies. Incredible Discoveries and O2 Media Inc. have to review their business and change the attitude to the people they get money from.
Aug 30, 2013

This company doesn’t have ties in the necessary spheres.

I was planning my company expansion and was looking for trustworthy company that can help me to promote my business. I can’t remember the reason but I have chosen DR Marketing Group and it was my first mistake. This company showed me nice business plan and developed marketing program specifically for me. I paid them thousands of dollars and they claimed they can promote me through TV shows. We made short films that have never been shown on the TV. It was first red flag I missed. They have absolutely NO affiliation with any national television networks like they claim. This company doesn’t have ties in the necessary spheres.
They couldn’t solve the problems themselves and I was paying and paying. At one moment I stopped and told them that I will not use their services anymore. I came to another marketing company with ready marketing plan and they told me that it is absolutely improper for my business model.
This company has scammed thousands of people and many companies had to close because their business became unprofitable.
Jul 17, 2013

Beware of this scam company

My husband has rented space through Brandstar Entertainment (O2 Media) on 2 occasions to participate as a vendor in a local home show. They claimed that he signed a contract to participate in a show after half a year. He had zero recollection of signing it. They told me they had the signed contract and that we were legally responsible to pay the $1,895 fee whether we participated in the home show or not or they would send us to a debt collector and damage our credit rating.
Shortly after sending them a $900 deposit, they emailed us the contract. My husband's signature was not the signature on the contract. In fact, his writing was NOWHERE on the paper. We consulted with an attorney. He examined the contracts, agreed that the signature seemed bogus and recommended to write a letter requesting reimbursement and release of contractual obligation. Not only did they not reimburse us or release us from the bogus contract but... they turned us into a collection agent that has a blog of complaints against him for using unethical tactics such as leaving messages that you must return his call as soon as possible because it is about your children. It has been terrible dealing with them. Beware!!!
Jun 6, 2013

Beware of this scam!

Brandstar Entertainment is a joint vulture of O2 Media (which is actually also known as Tricom Pictures) and Five Star Productions.
I would like to warn everyone to stay away from Brandstar Entertainment. This company is a disgraceful shameless scam. These guys have a really simple scheme - they call you up and promise you to get you on one of their "shows" for a fee. You pay them up and these shows are never aired. Sometimes they actually do get aired but usually it is a small local channel and you're lucky to be viewed by at least 400 people.
There are a few affiliate companies that are actually part of Brandstar, make sure you know them and avoid them, these are: O2 Media Services Group Inc., DR Marketing Group Inc., Intellibrands Group LLC, Tricom Pictures and Productions, Inc., Tricom Pictures, Immediate Capital Group, Inc., Quorum Productions, Inc., Incredible Discoveries Distribution Services LLC.
Some of the shows that they offer you a place in : Designing Spaces, Kitchen Spaces, W, the Women’s Show, Be Safe America.
If you are called and offered a place in one of those - hang up immediately and don't fall for this scam. If you do fall for it be ready to get your pockets empty.
Stay away from these guys!!!!
2001 W. Sample Road, Suite 412, Pompano Beach, Flordia 33064
(954) 935-1301,

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