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1-800Loanmart Complaints and Reviews

Jul 19, 2017

Sharks, criminals, fraud, liars,

My daughter did a car title loan 1 year and ahalf loan for $5000, she now owes $15,889.... I couldn't believe it!!! They need to be in prison!!! How can that be legal??? I gave my daughter the money to pay it off...she got a payoff yesterday.... They told her she couldn't pay it off...they only excepted small payments.....so they can continue to keep adding on interest!!!! So had to get a cashiers ck...sending it 2 day certified to have them sigh for it for our protection......then wait to see what we owe in interest after all the time goes by! And pay again!! They prevent you from paying it off!! That's fraud, they are criminals and need to be in prison ...this can't be legal!! Really!!!!

Our world is damaged and greedy!! No morals
Jun 3, 2017

thank you people

I really appreciate your comments and warnings , after i read everything i just cancelled my application and didnt sign their contract .

Thank you for warning innocent people!!!!
Feb 20, 2017

Illegal Roll Over Loans

1800 loanmart created an illegal loan rollover on me after paying them on my original loan from July 2012to July 2016 and $18,000 dollars later they said I had a whole new contract I just thought they had an error in loan number from the July loan the employee Jesson told me this info in November 2012 so when I went to pay for now on I was to use this new loan number of 746816 but no they defrauded me and created a whole new contract and even put together this contract and scanned signed forged everything I have the proof. now since I refused to give them money on an illegal contract they came and stole my car let me remind you I had payed in full the loan I had and the loan sharks want more and after paying them $18,000 already. they stole my vehicle and sold it and sent me a letter on Christmas Eve of the disposal of my vehicle when they in fact sold it on December 13,but took 2weeks to notify me on Christmas Eve that they sold my car these people know exactly what they are doing and nobody does anything I wish the FBI could see what they have done to me absolutely consumer fraud come on loanmart you say I owe you money why haven't you come after me cause you know when we get in that court room your finished that's why crooks.
Jan 15, 2017

i made a huge mistake

As I'm reading all these messages I saying WOW! I'm not the only one.
what ever you do, don't get a loan from this company.
you will be in much debt sooner rather than later.
Unless you pay it off FAST.
Jun 29, 2016

scam artist at its finest

I wish I could give them 0 stars! Do not I repeat do not get a loan from them! I paid back 3000.00 on a 2500.00 loan. These folks is scamming Americans out of our money. yes I made the decision to get the loan. but they lied and now I still have to pay 3500.00 back. Please is there any class action law suit going on about this place? Help help help
Mar 12, 2016

Advantage thieves

The biggest and dumbless mistake I've made last year was getting a title loan in time of desperation from loanmart, I'm in a bigger debt now to them, i plead you not to make the same mistake again do not get a loan from LOANMART, YOU WILL REGRET IT MARK MY WORKS!
Feb 7, 2016


I didn't even want to give a full star but there was no other option. We took out a 2500 loan in may 2014, which we paid 292 monthly on and a sh*t load of interest that made the total almost 6000. Last year in january of 2015 we were going to pay it off, they said we owed over 3000, so unfortionitly we weren't able to. But we continued to make payments every month, but our payday falls a week after the due date, we have told them this since day 1. Our fist pay of the month pays rent the second pays them and our house bills. Last month we called to make a payment and find out what we owe, they said we still owed over 3000, and if we would have told them we would be late they could have waived the late fees all these months. Really? Because we did tell them, EVERY month almost, and how can we still owe over 3000 when that's what we owed a year ago? I am so sick of these people. I wish I knew the true balance of my payoff.
Aug 22, 2015

class action filed

Mar 19, 2015


This is well written Brigitte and many of the potnis are easy to understand and relate to. To think about how many human predators are out there doing what they do without any interruption. Good thing that you post this!
Mar 14, 2015

This company lies

Well to start with there ad says we can get you your money in 24 hrs, stating on 3/9/2015 we have been working with them now going on 4 days and still no money. They have all our information copies of titles,bank info,signed documents. So my husband told me they are idiots that there left hand don't know what the right hand is doing. They ask for documents 4 or 5 times and we sent them the same thing several time. The lady named Sui is this worst one yet she has know idea what she is doing period. For the second day now she has said OK all done we just need to take the titles application to Fed-Ex and they will give us a tracking number, then turn right around and called back I still need the mileage, and VIN# witch we had already done Three times. So as of now Friday 3/13/2015
Jan 26, 2015

worst customer service

I had got behind 1 month, I had been called a lair this was while I was trying to make a payment arrangement. Said they would file ledegation against me. Pick up the vehicle. Once I pay them off I will never deal with them again. It all started when I closed out one account and opened another due to fraudulent activity. I had went on loanmarts web site and changed my banking information to the new one. They continued chargeing the old account so now they said I have to NSF fees, I went through the new account and seen were I did make a payment. So collections had me to send 3 copies 3 different times still telling me it was returned when I can clearly see ACH with draw deduction I am having a problem due to health issues, I have stayed in contact but these are the rides people I have every felt with. Never get tied up with them life happens, I have no family to help me... So think twice before you borrow.
Aug 31, 2013

As others have said, this is modern day loan sharking

As others have said, this is modern day loan sharking.  They lie, cheat, and break the rules.  If you are behind, they will call your bank, insurance company, and other places and pose as you to gain information. DO NOT use the same password for their website as you use for other online accounts, because they will try to log in to every account you have online posing as you.  

I stupidly borrowed the standard $2,600.  And, after 9 months, after paying them back $1,700, they told me I owed them $3,100.  I was fortunate to pull the money together to pay them off completely.   They had incorrect information on my credit report which I challenged and removed.  Then, 6 months after they were paid off, they called my insurance company and added themselves back on as the lienholder.

AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS.  The loan will only help you out in the very short term, but end up destroying your life in the long term.
Aug 31, 2013

11 months of frustration let out

For the love of God, don't EVER EVER take out a title loan! Loan Mart may have lower rates ( which are still ridiculous) BUT they are UNCARING LOAN SHARKS!! 1-800Loanmart finance managers are the ruthless! I took out 2,500 & paid these sharks 190/mo for 11 mos. I paid my loan off today for 2,600 & some change! Not to mention, if you are 1 day late they are blowing your cell up like your 3 mos behind! If you call because you need a little more time, they grill you & threaten you and the "security ofyour vehicle" really? For a couple days?? And then harass you some more when you call back to make the payment. Just take my damn payment!! AND it sounds like a damn party goin on in the background every time! Unprofessional, minimum wage makin kids! I couldnt wait to pay this off, I had no intention of keeping the loan so long, life happens though, live and learn. If your reading this right now, I'm doing it for  2 reasons ..1) To say F YOU LOAN MART! (That was 11 months of frustration let out... Lol) and  2) To WARN INNOCENT PEOPLE! Please please find another way out of your predicament!

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