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SMS-NA Complaints and Reviews

Jun 8, 2017


Very Slick deceptive. Called the office and said they had an emergency and needed to talk to the owner right away. Untruthful, lying, not trustworthy. If that is how you talk to the owner, then how do you do business, in the same dishonest way? Stay away from these guys.
May 23, 2017


SCAM!!! Save yourself from getting ripped off hang up the phone!!!
Mar 30, 2017

Tax savings

Saved our company 32,000 on tax happy customer!
Feb 4, 2017

Will Never Do Business With SMS

I really wish I could give less than one star. I have been in business for 15 years, and about 5 years ago started getting calls from SMS. My company is perfect without their assistance, I make a comfortable living and have great life balance. I have told them this countless times, and yet they continue to call me. I have had 5 reps call me in a day, 17 in a week and 48 in a month. That is after I had told them I wanted to be ID'd in their database as do not call. I have filed several complaints against their business with no result. I have changed my company phone number 3 times in 4 years. Maybe I need to change the number and the company name. I had a sales rep come into my reception area and tell the receptionist he had an appointment with me, she checked my calendar and told him she had no appointment set. The guy began to yell at my receptionist, cussing and swearing, saying that he had just flown across country to make this appointment. By this time I had come from my office to see what the disturbance was about, when I introduced myself, the guy had the nerve to insist I compensate him for his time and expense. I calmly asked him to leave or I was contacting the police to report him for trespassing. He began swearing at me and insisted he wasn't leaving until he got a check for his expenses. I opened my jacket, made sure he saw my gun, and asked him to leave once again. He ran, and no reps have been out to my offices since, yet the calls continue.
Jan 27, 2017

I found success with SMA

I am good at what I do, not business. SMS showed me how to cut costs, save on taxes and save my sanity. They followed through and my company is now more profitable than ever.

A Happy Texan
Aug 23, 2016

Annoying scams

they just called again (been a few months) told them was not interest and to take me off there list. less than 15 minutes later a different person called and started the same sales pitch. asked him why would anyone do business with a company that has no clue because they keep called someone who asked not to be called.
Mar 11, 2016


SMS-NA, LLC CUSTOMER SATISFACTION COMMITMENT: SMS-NA, LLC is committed to customer satisfaction, SMS has implemented strategic changes to insure clients are provided with new opportunities to effectively meet the challenges they face in this tough economy.
Oct 27, 2015

Pushy sales

I just had a guy come in an try to sell me SMS-NA. Sounded reasonable at first, free consultation and all. I noticed lots of slick sales training. Phone calls with other people in his company telling them what a great opportunity he had here, etc. Pushed a 'work order' in front of me and insisted I needed to sign it. Meanwhile I was googling his company seeing plenty of red flags.

Run away!
Aug 20, 2014

sms-na keeps on calling

I keep on getting calls from this company and we never once reached out to them, we have asked them numerous times to remove us from their do not call list and yet they continue to call. Today we had a senior area manager come by asking for our principle and asked if he had an appointment his answer was their office had called to let us know he was in the area. As I belittled the man for no appointment and told him we do not need his services he retorted how do I know we don't need his services, nice comeback. 30 seconds later I get another call from them as i see the salesman out the door, I told them do NOT call anymore and that I will be contacting the District Attorney to file a complaint, they then hung up on me.
Aug 30, 2013

Annoying company!

SMS-NA made me mad. I started receiving their calls and emails few months ago and they continue sending me emails 5 times a day. I am tired from picking up the phone and telling them that I don’t need their services.
Last time they called, my girlfriend picked up the phone and they told her that there was set an appointment with me and that I didn’t come and she have to set another one. She hang up as it looked very suspicious. I really don’t think that someone can trust these scammers. But as I see from other complaints there are plenty of people who gave personal details and got charged.
I also think that there must be a law against automatic and other annoying commercial calls. I can’t feel myself free even when I sleep because they are calling day and night. Finally I called to my phone operator and they blocked SMS-NA. I feel myself so happy now!
Aug 30, 2013

This company never works as they promise.

I got another call from an agent from SMS-NA and I told them that I don’t need their services anymore because I am totally disappointed. The agent told me that I can’t cancel the agreement. However, I know that if one of the sides breaks contract conditions, it can be cancelled.
After I explained all this to the agent, he hang up and I couldn’t contact this company anymore. So, I sent them emails and after weeks I got answer. They treat me like I cannot run business without them and didn’t want to discuss anything. It was the worst experience in my life. Finally I got rid of them and I hope no one will get in the same situation. Be careful; always check the reviews for the company you are going to use.
I wrote this complaint in order to protect other people. I hope my complaint will help! SMS-NA kept calling and annoying me during few months. Finally I had to change my phone number and block this company. This company never works as they promise and I am really sick and tired of it! It's a shame.

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