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May 17, 2017

about the true owner of this scamgroup site

This hate-site is opened and operated by a Massachusetts criminal, an Armenian immigrant Marina Noble (former Marine Mkhitaryan).

Her address:

4 Repton Circle, Unit 4101 (first floor), Watertown, MA 02472

Her phone numbers: 857-540-6933, 857-540-6033

Marina Noble is a famous prostitute, trashed and discarded from her homeland Armenia for a good reason. In the USA she continues her sex-trade and spreading pesky STDs. She is a true threat to the Homeland Security.

Yet, she fools everybody by falsely claiming to be a medical doctor, health professional, biopharma researcher, office manager, office assistant, etc. All her claims are ridiculously FALSE and can be debunked by a three-minute background search.

A notorious shoplifter, Marina Noble (then Marine Mkhitaryan) entered the USA with IMMIGRATION FRAUD, by bribing her way there, in the corrupted Armenia, to the Edmund Muskie Program (without any knowledge in a single English word).

Being somehow admitted to the Program, she dropped from her studies at Boston University School of Public Health, instead planning her stay in the USA by getting pregnant from random men in craigslist and using her pregnancy as an excuse for the green card, dating a married man and insisting him to divorce and marry her for exclusively immigration purposes.

With that, she violated the 212 E Immigration Code that categorically disallows any Muskie Fellow stay in the USA after the program, even if the fellow marries a USA citizen or bears/delivers a child from the USA citizen.

Our efforts to have this hate-site removed, are yet unsuccessful. But there is something the damaged parties (families, individuals, businesses, careers) can do.

Call to the Immigration Authorities, the USCIS immigration fraud reporting line at

1-800-375-5283, 1-866-347-2423, 1-(866)-DHS-2-ICE, or visit

to submit an online complaint againt Marine Mkhitaryan.

You can also mention Marina Noble's amoral actions (including shoplifting, sex-trade, destroying American homes and businesses by generating income through these hate-sites) that constitute MORAL TURPITUDE in the eyes of

Section 212(a)(2)(A)(i)(I) of the Immigration Act.


Marina Noble's real name (during the immigration fraud) was Marine Mkhitaryan. Use the latter name in your reports, otherwise the USCIS will be unable to locate any Marine Noble.

Some facts:

Marine Mkhitaryan's year of birth: 1966

Marine Mkhitaryan's entrance to the USA, 2001.

Port of entry, Boston/MA

She dropped out from the Muskie Program in 2003.

Got pregnant in 2003, stayed out-of-visa for three years 2003-2006, another violation (as the maximum allowed period for the out-of-visa stay is 6 months only).

She gave birth to her daughter (Sophia Noble) out of wedlock, during the out-of-visa stay. The father was unknown and untraceable, as she had dated too many men in that short period of pregnancy-planning.

William R. Noble (YOB 1966), from 168 Higgins Crowell Rd West Yarmouth MA 02673-3422, agreed to marry her, to father that child and make her green card (against the rules of the USA Department of State).

The marriage was registered in 2006 (despite of the grievance of the Edmund Muskie Program's Administration and the USA Department of State).

In 2009, Marine Mkhitaryan (already Marina Noble) took the oath (covering her criminal life), fooled the Government and became a USA citizen (unlucky for all of us....).

Since then, she is in search of jobs, and cannot keep any job because of her criminality and scandalous, libelous nature. This site ( and other hate-sites she operates, are making her bread on cost of our ruined lives and careers.

It is unlikely, that Immigration Authorities will deport her after her long journey to this day. However, she will be obligated and enforced to pay the FINE to the Government ( $10,000 - $35,000) for her 212E violations back in 2004.

This will be the justice served .

Don't wait and don't think twice. Report this demon today. Report Marine Mkhitaryan (today's Marina Noble) to the Immigration Authorities. You can also report about her hate-site business to her local Police at Watertown, MA. Their details:

Phone: (617) 972-6500


Chief Michael Lawn, mlawn(@)

Bureau of Field Operations, rdupuis(@)

Check their directory at:
May 13, 2017

about this site and its owner

This site,, belongs to the Chicago/IL network named Steadfast, owned/operated by Karl Zimmerman who also owns www., and other hate - sites.

While it is usually hard to locate and prove as to who is behind the malicious and anonymous reviews that ruin lives, families, bully children, destroy successful businesses, the damaged parties can sue Karl Zimmerman for generating income from the destroyed lives and careers.

His Linkedin profile:

Some of his contact emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]
Jul 17, 2013

Go to someone else

I came across Healthsource Chiropractic office on the net while searching for a chiropractor without having to drive too far. I received one email after another from this office after filling out a quick form online along with phone calls since they claimed to accept my insurance. Being in so much pain, I was looking forward to getting an adjustment ASAP.
Once I arrived at the office, I had to fill out a ridiculously long questionnaire which was more like writing a novel. Then, they had me sit and watch an informational video about the doctor and his education. They had a row of state of the art massage chairs but the nurse claimed that I couldn't use the chair until after the doctor adjusted me. They have massage chairs throughout some malls and other places and people are allowed to use those for as little as a $1.00!! When I finally saw the doctor, he claimed that it would cost me $200 out of pocket yet and the first consultation would be free. I got up and left. A good chiropractor gains patients by doing adjustments and examinations if necessary and it has NEVER cost $50 - $200 with or without insurance!! Obviously this doctor just wants as much money as possible from each and every person in order to pay for all his fancy equipment! Rip off and fraud - that's what I think of Healthsource Chiropractic!
Jun 6, 2013

Want my money back!!!

I have been having pains in my back for many years. I had a trauma back when I was a teenager, and since then I don't remember a day when it wouldn't ache.
So not so long ago I found out about this Healthsource Chiropractic. I contacted their office and the operator told me that it would be better if I could come down for a consultation. We set up the time, and when I arrived I have been sat down to the office of Dr. Donald R. Dudley.
He told me that with their methods they could do wonders for my back.
I was so foolish to believe it! So anyway, I signed up for another appointment. When I came there to have my procedure I've used my credit card to pay and the next day when I checked it I saw that I've been ripped off! They took a $100 extra for my procedure, which I don't even feel better after! I called the Healthsource Chiropractic office and asked wtf, why they took my money and how do I get it back. The response which I received was rude and eventually they hung up on me.
I have hired an attorney to deal with these crooks, as I am not going back there until they will send me my money back! My attorney told me that I have all the proof and that I should win the case over these scammers. I am really hopping for it!

Stone Ridge Professional Building
1851 Stone Rd., Rochester, NY 14615

Phone: (585) 225-6430

Fax: (585) 225-9636

Email: [email protected]

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