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Jasper Contractors and Jasper Roofing Complaints and Reviews

May 8, 2017

Jasper Roofing canvassing Lutz Tampa again

Jasper Roofing is once again canvassing Lutz / Tampa neighborhoods. If your neighborhood's homes are 15+ years old, you can expect to find Jasper Roofing leaving flyers or ringing your doorbell, with the promise to fully replace your roof for the mere cost of your home owner's insurance DEDUCTIBLE. They claim that they will contact the homeowner's insurance company and submit / handle the entire claim on your behalf, to achieve this goal. You pay the deductible, they collect the remainder from your HO policy. Note that roofs typically cost $ 15,000 or more in Florida, based on the size of the home. They are known to peel shingles back/up, to convince the homeowner that their roof is in need of replacing. Agreeably, most shingles have a average life expectancy of 15-20 years, depending on many factors.

What Jasper Roofing is NOT telling home owners is that, (1) their home must TRULY have SIGNIFICANT issues with the shingles / water leaks .. and (2) that such issues must be related to a SPECIFIC (proven) date/event - not merely age .. and (3) if the claimed event was a storm, that storm must have ALSO impacted other homes in the vicinity, (4) by placing such a claim, it may likely get DENIED .. but (5) in the case it gets approved, the homeowner RISKS (6) the home owner's policy being dropped / cancelled at renewal time AND ending up having to obtain coverage thru an UNDERWRITER - in either case, having the policy cost rise significantly at renewal.

Remember the old adage - if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.
Apr 20, 2015

Has a Contractor, Roofer, Plumber or Restoration Company Offered To Handle Your Insurance Claim?

Has a Contractor, Roofer, Plumber or Restoration Company Offered To Handle Your Insurance Claim?
If they are not licensed public adjusters, they may be committing a crime!

Yes Jasper Roofing. does this hundreds of times a month.

None of them are public adjusters.

Oh and if your roof doesen't have enough damage they won't hesitate to create more. Do not let these crooks on your roof. A home owner had them on their roof. the Jasper employee was video taped damaging shingles. The roof was not paid for for wind or hail damage. the cause of the loss was then switched to vandalism. I cant wait until the state cracks down on this company. Here is a link letting you know that they commit a 3rd degree felony everytime they negotiate a claim with your insurance company.

Aug 29, 2013

no service, no refund of the deposit after our contact was cancelled. Stay away at all costs!!!

Consumer, be careful! Company named Jasper Contractors must be avoided!
Jasper Contractors (also know as Jasper Roofing; Jasper Air; JasperContractors; JasperRoofing; JasperAir) - provides roofing, air conditioning and other services, company seems to be reliable and claims to be one of the best roofing companies in US. Actually, this is not trust and the main problem is about their service which is totally misrepresented. I have my own building company and I hired Jasper Roofing as a contractors and I wanted to use their roofing services for the houses which my company is building. After me made a contract and agreement, they took my deposit and promised to start straight away. As we agreed all roofing services must be completed within two months, but after one month when I went to have a look at the object, I found that nothing was even started and on other objects as well. I contacted Jasper Contractors and asked about the situation and they said that in two months everything will be complete as we agreed but for the one month which was left only once a guy from their company arrived to check everything and to make counting. No roofing services were provided. I contacted this company and I cancelled our agreement because I had quite god motivation with their poor service but at the moment it is about three months since I am waiting for my money back. They still didn't return my deposit.
Be careful and better stay away from Jasper Contractors,Jasper Roofing, Jasper Air or whatever. This is a scam!
Their details are:12485 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, louisiana 70817
Website: http://www.JasperContractors.com
Phone: (225) 686-5050

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