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Zaken Complaints and Reviews

May 13, 2017

about this hate-site ( and its owner

This site,, belongs to the Chicago/IL network named Steadfast, owned/operated by Karl Zimmerman who also owns www., and other hate - sites.

While it is usually hard to locate and prove as to who is behind the malicious and anonymous reviews that ruin lives, families, bully children, destroy successful businesses, the damaged parties can sue Karl Zimmerman for generating income from the destroyed lives and careers.

The bottom line. Karl Zimmerman operates a hate-mongering business of which he does not pay taxes to the Federal Government. In the meantime, he destroys hardworking people and businesses who honestly and systematically pay income taxes.

If the is a business in itself (in the eyes of law), then it too MUST PAY TAXES AND REPORT THE GOVERNMENT HOW MUCH ROI AND SURPASS INCOME IT GENERATES PER YEAR?

Karl Zimmerman's Linkedin profile:

Some of his contact emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

If you choose NOT TO sue Karl Zimmerman to remove this site, then hire an assassin from the deep-web (another untraceable internet business, just like the and remove Karl from the earth (together with his mistress, an Armenian whore Marine Noble from Watertown/MA) . That will make the justice served.
Jul 17, 2013

False profit promises

Scammmm!!! I paid $387.00 to join Zaken and within a couple of days later I was talked into buying a lifetime membership for $519.00 to receive names and addresses any time I want and as many times I want them.
Zaken's Free Trial states that investor pays nothing unless you profit. Part of the program involves sending postcards to potential customers interested in liquidating inventory. With my investment I was to receive 500 postcards with names & addresses. This process took many phone calls to receive them in over 60 days. I prepared those cards and was ready to mail when I checked my Zaken provided e-mail address and It was not working. I made many more phone calls over a two week period before it worked. At this point, I realized the Zaken support level was non-existing.
I was surfing the internet recently and I ran against the link that showed that Zaken was a scam. And in the morning I will call and demand my money to be returned and for them to give me an address so that I can return their property. I pray to God that I get my money back because I am also disabled and unable to work. I agree this company needs to pay what they owe. I had red flags after the first couple of days when I noticed how hard it is to get a real person on the phone and to get the right person.
Jun 5, 2013

job scam, beware!

Beware and don't work for The Zaken Group!! This company is nothing but scam and they cheat their own employees and customers! I used to work for them for a while and I can confirm that this is the worst merchandise selling company ever! The Zaken Corporation represent themselves as a reputable and well-established liquidation merchandise company which offers extremely low-priced consumer products and also several different types of excellent business opportunities but this is a total misrepresentation which just sounds sweet. These people cheat their own employees our of money and force them to work extra hours. They never pay benefits and salaries as it was promised. I worked for them more than three months and i never received payment which was promised me on our interview and each time I send a request about it I was ignored. The same is with their customer service - The Zaken Group doesn't want to keep promises, but want to overcharge more for poor service or poor quality items. This company has fraudulent refund policy and one you've waste your money with the you are unable to get them back. During my work experience with them I saw many times such negative accidents when customers were scammed by them and left without a refund.
Beware and better stay away from this company, it is nothing but scam!

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