Swati Impex Ltd

  • Country: India
  • City: Gwalior
  • Address: Singhal Bhavan, Jayendra Ganj, 474001
  • Phone: 08878942223
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Swati Impex Ltd Complaints and Reviews

Aug 14, 2013

They disappeared after I placed an order

I totally agree with the complaint above! I also placed order through Swati Impex and they scammed me. I just want to warn as many people as I can about these fraudsters.
I ordered mobile phones from Swati Impex Ltd two months ago and I didn’t get the order so far. All my attempts to contact the company via email and calls were unsuccessful. Since that time I'm trying to get in touch with them every day and the only thing I want from them is a full refund. There is no more necessity in their products.
Swati Impex Gwalior Ltd has poor customer support. They ignore me all the time and their service quality is too low. I would recommend staying away from the above company!
Aug 14, 2013

never got my money back

I couldn't agree more with you, guys. I was unfortunate enough to deal with this sole trader (Swati Impex Gwalior, ran by Shyam Goyal) and he scammed me. Shyam Goyal was acting quite professional at the beginning but then eventually he disappeared - right after I gave him the money. He never supplied the products that we agreed on and he never returned any calls afterwards. The guy is a real liar and he has caused my business to run bankrupt. Do not believe him at any cost. I am still trying to contact the guy - but I think it's useless.
I can't believe this kind of companies like Swati Impex still exist in the modern world. And reading the reviews by other people I understand that I am not the only one that was scammed by this fraudster. Beware of the guy, stay as far as you can from him. And, of course, beware of Swati Impex Ltd.
Aug 13, 2013

Avoid this company like a plague

I totally agree with the complaint written above. I had exactly same situation with Swati Impex Ltd and their owner Shyam Goyal. I am so mad at this guy at the moment, that words simply can't describe my feelings. All my life I had a dream of having my own business. Well, I decided to sell mobile phones. I ordered about 50 phones from Swati Impex India, because their prices are much lower than usual. Shyam Goyal was so polite and persuasive at first, but as soon as he had my money he became a completely different person. I mean it is much easier to contact a president of the United States then this guy! I have ruined all my Business and Relations due to Swati Impex. Of course I haven't received mobile phones I ordered and no refund either. I am still trying to contact this bastard, but no luck so far. My life's dream is ruined and I feel so stupid and desperate at the moment. I mean look at their website http://www.indiamart.com, it's like it came from year 1998!

Avoid Swati Impex like a plague. Believe me, you are going to thank me later!!!
Aug 13, 2013

I have been scammed and did not receive my money back.

I want to warn everyone who wishes to deal with Swati Impex Ltd. This is a warning to all the companies and business owners who are afraid to lose their business. Because I have lost mine, and it was all because of Swati Impex India.
I have decided to make an order from them for new Micromax A110 HD mobile sets. I thought that my clients would be happy to know that I would be selling Micromaxes and I ordered a bunch of them so that I could sell at once when they would arrive. I started to receive many orders from the clients asap. So I was sure that this would be a good deal. How wrong was I.
The day when the mobiles were suppose to arrive – first of all they didn't, and second of all – I could not contact the owner to ask what is wrong, because my clients were waiting!
A few days passed and still with no answer, my clients began to ask for refunds. I had to send them their money back, because I am not scam like Swati Impex.
It is now a month, and I never received the mobiles. Nor an answer. I am left without money and with a bad reputation because of Swati Impex India.
Stay away from this rip off! You have been warned!

Here are their contact details:

Details of Swati Impex:
Shyam Goyal (08878942223, 08305827457)
Swati Goyal (09977267003)
Email: [email protected]
Skype: shyam2112
Address : Singhal Bhavan, Jayendra Ganj, Gwalior - 474001,Madhya Pradesh, India

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