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White Glove Moving Complaints and Reviews

May 13, 2017

news about this hate-site (scamgroup.com)

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Jul 17, 2013

Bill was way too large

After hiring White Glove Moving and giving a moving estimate of $348, the movers came, packed up my furniture and upon arrival at my destination, gave me a bill for $2640. I did not have that amount of money, as it was almost 8 times higher the estimate they had given me before moving. They refused to release my furnishings. They drove away and let me with my 6 year old daughter crying. After calling and begging the company for my belongings they informed me that only if I could provide them at this moment with $1000 they would release a few of my belongings and keep the rest, at which point I would have to pay additional for storage to get anything else. I gave them the last $800 I had to my name and they returned and instructed me that for $800, I would only be getting 1/4 of my belongings. At that point, a friend called the police who came and instructed them to unload all my stuff. This is a scam and I was robbed of the money I handed over under threat of losing everything I own. Stay away at all costs from this company. Their company is a scam!I hope their fraud business will be closed soon.
Jun 5, 2013

the worst moving company ever! Be careful!

beware and better don't use White Glove Moving services! This company is not what it claims to be! total rip off! Frauds!
They offer high quality moving service and they present their company as reliable and high quality. They represent themselves also as company which did moving works for celebrities and president family members but after I used their services I don't think that it is true.
White Glove Moving company absolutely don't care of their customers and provides low quality services for a very high price and price is high just because of their presentation. During the moving they provided me the worst service ever - their drivers were late, they ignored my claims for care of several boxes and they ignored fragile marks so they damages almost half of my stuff and they also were late with the delivery. After they arrived I asked them to help me with moving my stuff in but they just said that it I not included in price and left.
I tried to contact White Glove Moving customer support service and to claim for a refund and cover for damaged items but I received no support at all. They refused me in a refund without any reason and even after I contacted their manager I received nothing but rude service.
Beware and be careful - this company must be avoided! Total misrepresentation of their service and complete waste of money!

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