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JT Foxx Complaints and Reviews

Feb 19, 2016


JT is in Amsterdam and they have been the 2 best days of my life. I am glad I did not listen to this negative non-sense. JT brought up over 31 successful of his students from this country... Results don't lie. I was skeptical but now I have seen it with my own eyes. Thank you JT! I am all in!!!

T. Esterhuizen
Feb 19, 2016

Same hater.. More of the same post.

Same hater, keeps posting same complaint he posted on another website.

Whoever is trying to bring you down is below you

Never leaves his own name. He just keeps posting on this website and checks everyday and counter acts any positive.

Folks this is what happens when you have nothing better to do then to try and tear others down. Watch this... we should get a bunch of nasty posts again saying how JT is the worse.

I think it's pretty clear what's going one. As a South African we all know its AWS... And if there is one more post I will post his name here personally. I am tired of my South African countrymen hating on others.




P.S. I have meet Rita O'Neil at an event in the US, just goes to show haters will hate on anything. This guy probably hates Trump too lol
Feb 17, 2016

More depth to the JT Foxx Organization

You must check out this link, more unhappy customers.

It's all adding up.

Feb 17, 2016

See right through JT


Jt Foxx Seminar
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Posted: upsetmonkey
Complaint Rating: 94 % with 173 votes
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JT Foxx Seminar
United States
“JT Foxx” (real name unknown) and Raymond Arron are fraudsters who have masterminded (and I give them some credit for it), a very clever operation in which they have gone to great lengths to avoid being classed as criminals, technically speaking. But, they ARE criminals. I will explain in detail how their seminars really work using manipulation techniques to get you to buy useless rubbish you think you can’t do without.

They are not as rich as they claim. And it’s obvious after a short while to any intelligent individual that they are not as wise as they claim and certainly not as experienced as they say they are. But they are good. Very good at fooling the uneducated. Of course people will benefit from their over priced programs full of mediocre content. If you're starving and someone throws you a £1000 soggy biscuit - you'll buy it.

Here’s want happens during the event.

Firstly it’s at a grandiose city hotel which will put any low wage earning mortal starting their own business into an environment in which they are not accustomed. It creates the illusion of success and promotes trust in the attendee’s heads. The tailored suit wearing speakers (mostly Raymond and “JT Foxx”) act confident and suave but if you’re an intelligent person with good instincts you’ll detect something that you can’t quite put your finger on. Later it sinks in – you notice a type of cockiness and self-praise which truly successful multi-millionaires simply don’t possess.

You are sat down at tables in a small group with water and a notepad. Raymond comes on first and starts teaching some really basic material which is mostly full of common sense and frankly if you haven’t learned it at school or haven’t already figured this out, you shouldn’t be running a business. There isn’t a thing he goes through which isn’t free on thousands of websites if you search well enough for some basic business strategy and management tips.

Next a grandiose introduction is given for this infamous mister “JT Foxx” – the name sounds more like a dodgy stock broker doesn’t it – from broke he’s apparently made millions in months but somehow you never heard of him. This tall guy with swagger struts on the stage with his hands in his pockets and starts telling you the facts of life. He’s 31 by the way and has apparently gone from -$34 to +$unknown in 6 years. He will avoid any question about his net worth and his rise to fame by talking a load of rubbish back at you for at least 10 minutes at about 20% faster than you can possibly listen. His only skill is talking. All self-made men are actually proud to tell you their story.

The first crack in their guise is when they pass round a form asking people to fill in the nature of their business and what they want to achieve. They say they will have a 1-to-1 with EVERYONE tomorrow and give them a personalised tip, a “blueprint” for their business which apparently is worth $5000 an hour from JT Foxx. But when the form comes round there are zero questions about your business – just a 1 line space to write what you want to do. Instead it’s actually a survey engineered to see what budget you have available to spend on training material and whether you would consider training. Then on day 2, oh dear, unfortunately they only had time to give one-to-ones and blueprints to the people who circled “yes” on “do you have a training budget”. What a coincidence. I made a point of going to the toilet so I could “overhear” a one-to-one. And guess what, the entire time they were successfully selling a £2, 000 coaching program to this gullible individual.

So day 1 of the seminar will seem completely legit to an uneducated, gullible, innocent or even foreign individual with little vision of their future and a poor understanding of business basics. Sure enough – those people will come away from day 1 feeling like they learned a great deal. But if you’re already running a business you’ll realise you knew it all anyway and will come away feeling like you should have only attended day 2. (Raymond tells you that day 1 is the setup for day 2 and that in day 2 you’ll have to pay attention.) So you come BACK to day 2 thinking it will be better.

The second day starts with some (slightly) more advanced and in-depth discussion on business branding. But let’s face it. If you don’t know what branding is or how to brand your business, what are you even doing there? You shouldn’t be in business in the first place. But after about 11am, the training JUST STOPS. THAT’S IT. THE END. NO MORE TRAINING. For the rest of the day their “friends” are invited to speak about themselves and about their quirky lives. Did you go to this course to hear about expeditions to the north pole by a sixty-something year old lady for 2 hours. Well done to her but do we care? Of course we don’t. Did you go there to hear about a book on zoomanity for 90 minutes by a quirky guy who apparently used to give lectures on copyrighting but doesn’t any more and be made to show gratitude for his presence? At this point you will be feeling fed up with boring generic rubbish which you knew you always knew.

At the end of day 1, Raymond asks what you want to do tomorrow. There are 4 options. Options 1 and 2 are full of buzz words like “how the rich get rich” and “how the broke stay broke”. Yes – those are the topics. Well thought out eh. But 3 is “How did Raymond Get rich” and 4 I can’t remember. The point is that 90% of the class voted “how did Raymond get rich”. So did we cover it? NO! Of course we didn’t. Because Raymond Arron actually isn’t rich at all. And he’s not doing these seminars for “fulfilment” like he says. He’s doing them because he’s and “JT Foxx” need the cash.

All of the training materials they go through in both days are simply echos of a man called Nido Qubein. And then – surprise surprise, they actually play you videos and phone calls from him. For over an hour. Apparently “JT Foxx” spends one million dollars a year to hear the voice of Nido on the phone for 30 minutes a week. O…K…Then. Even if that was true, “JT Foxx” must be incredibly thick because he spends a million bucks a year on stuff that I can hear for free - from my mother.
The only question in my mind the whole time was “are the minions at the back of the room and all of Ramond Arron’s friend guest speakers really aware about what he and Mr Foxx are really doing?” What do you think?

Why do you think they go from country to country so quickly?
Why can’t you find their real biographies? Even, their real names?
Why do their websites look like shit – like they are 10 years old? (I’m a developer by the way)
Why does “JT Foxx” claim he charges $15, 000 per hour for consultation and then offer to forward you his sessions with his own coach, Nido for just £50/month - but you have to sign up for 12 months. He claims by the way he’s losing money on that offer.

These people are no more genuine than Santa Clause, Rudolf and his red nose reindeers. But here’s the good news: They’ll get caught up eventually. And they’ll NEVER EVER be rich.
Good luck and God help you if you bought any worthless training program from them.

JT Foxx may now spam this thread below with a load of oposition like he did the last one. But if you've attended one of these events and seen right through it, tell the world here.
Feb 16, 2016

Wondering about Maria Santos too

Looking alllllllllll over for these people who warmly endorse JT Foxx and gang. It's been an unfruitful search. Doesn't mean they don't exist, but they sure are difficult to find and associate their success with Foxx and Friends.
Feb 16, 2016

Yep, we looked for Olaf Gundenserven

and can't seem to locate him anywhere too.
Feb 16, 2016

hmmmm, can't seem to find a Rita O'neil

Scoped around, can't find a Rita O'neil at the Jt Foxx organization.
Curious, no?
Classic, yes?
Feb 16, 2016

If it's too good to be true...

..it probably is. Old adage taught over generations and rings true to this day, mate. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Applys to this topic in every regard.Mr. Foxx promises results that he himself has not attained, so how on god's green earth can he do the same for you? And the aforementioned promised results turn up dry time and again. I have cell phone video recordings of some of the claims Mr. Foxx himself has made and I can't for the life of me find his fifty mega successful companies anywhere. I can find tons of websites. I was asked about the coaching I was thinking of buying with my hard earned euros by a friend, the question was along the lines of what can you actually point to that this guy has done? Couldn't. Other than a bunch of websites and seminars.
Feb 16, 2016

Can't even get the dates straight

JT Foxx Organization,

You posted on February 11th about contacting Ralph T regarding refunds. Not two weeks ago. Seems petty to the casual observer but yet another example of how details escape this so-called organization.

See, that's what we're all talking about here, saying one thing and doing another entirely. Making HUGE claims which cannot be proven or backed up AT ALL, being sketchy on details...even the minor ones...and impossible to work with once the money has exchanged hands.

These HUGE UNVERIFIABLE claims lead the purchaser to believe one thing and expect the results promised by that belief instilled by JT Foxx. It's false, it's misleading and there is a long trail spanning many countries where this pattern of behavior is implemented by JT Foxx and his organization.

It must stop.

It has to stop.

It's unfair and it's wrong.

Even minor details matter. If you can't be trusted with the minor details how can you JT Foxx, be trusted with the larger details?
Feb 16, 2016

JT Foxx - enough with the lying!

We are assembling and coordinating with a multitude of people who have been left lacking by the JT Foxx Organization. We are gathering and collating all that we each have; the lies, the broken promises and contracts, the MULTIPLE claims which cannot be verified, the many who have tried in vain to get what they paid for in the first place. All the false advertising. All the disgruntled past employees. You name it, we are gathering it. And we are preparing to take legal action and bring a very bright and lasting spotlight to the JT Foxx Organization. We are not prepared to let you JT Foxx and your cohorts, rip people off anymore anywhere at any time.
Feb 15, 2016


Two weeks we posted should anyone have any complaints please email the and they would be resolved. We have had zero emails and no complaints. Do the person who keeps posting over and over again, please identify yourself.

Thank you

JT Foxx Organization
USA office
Feb 15, 2016


Just spent the most amazing 3 days at JT's event in Oslo. I Glad I did not listen to theses negative mind on here. Although I do agree, I find it odd that as soon as their a positive, a person comes back with 10 negatives. Rita you are right, life is too short for these coward.

JT you are the real deal and ohhhhh I am real too.

Olaf Gundenserven
Feb 15, 2016


I knew it... You can see as soon as anyone post anything good, the same hater who has nothing better to do, does not leave their name, writes 3-8 posts in a row, all hating on JT.

I just wish you would leave your real name so we can all see what you have accomplished

STOP HATING & START INSPIRING... I will my real name, you should put yours too.. COWARD

Rita O'neil.
Feb 15, 2016

Statement by JT Foxx...

...says it all...the more they hate the more you grow.

See folks, JT Foxx has a organization rife with hatred and lies, it's how he grows. It will ultimately be his defeat because at some point he will have sown enough hatred by his actions to grow his own plan of defeat.

We are organizing and activating to stop this man from ripping off any more people.
Feb 15, 2016

JT Foxx is now quoting Bhudda

Well, why not? He thinks he's everyone's best pal, business partner, mega wealth coach.

Narcissism at its finest.
Feb 14, 2016

JT Foxx #1

#1 at lying, making up titles, scamming sites, and the list goes on and on and on.

We are gathering evidence, across continents, to shut down the con that is the JT Foxx Organization.
Feb 14, 2016

JT Foxx

Wow, a mega millionaire has time to post on a review site. Think the big man with the big claims would be too busy.

Just be honest Foxx.
Feb 14, 2016

JT Foxx Haters

Yes sir, we indeed do hate lying, scheming, avoiding responsibilities, ripping people off, making up stories, charging for useless services and non existent products. Yep, we do hate grandiose unverifiable stories and boastful lying claims.

Call me a hater.

Gladly take that title.

I hate being ripped off and having to chase JT to get my money back.
Feb 14, 2016

Mega Complaints and Lots of Proof

Only a matter of time before the media and the lawyers and the regulatory bodies come down hard on JT Foxx and his organization. We're working on it, all over the world.
Feb 14, 2016


If you post the truth you're labelled a hater by JT Foxx and his minions.

Feb 14, 2016


I know you take a lot of crap from people that are trying to bring you down. But Remember this “There will always be haters. And the more you grow the more they hate; the more they hate the more you grow.

This proves you doing something right. I have been a student for 6 years now and I will never forget what you have done for me and my family. We are finally FREE now. Thank you.

Maria Santos
Feb 14, 2016


“What is evil? Killing is evil, lying is evil, slandering is evil, abuse is evil, gossip is evil, envy is evil, hatred is evil, to cling to false doctrine is evil; all these things are evil. And what is the root of evil? Desire is the root of evil, illusion is the root of evil.”
― Gautama Buddha

These haters are EVIL on here.
Feb 14, 2016


Wow Francois... Great Quote... Who wrote it..

Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots
Feb 14, 2016

I quit my job

JT because of you I quit my job and thank you for taking chance on me. Sorry you have all these fake haters here, but I had to say you changed my life.

A Grateful South African

Francois Botha

and Remember...

Always remember... Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots
Feb 14, 2016

World with Hate!

Stop Hating & Start Inspiring
Feb 14, 2016

Toxic Website!

Wow, this is toxic website with Toxic Haters

Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality
Feb 14, 2016

JT is the best thing ever!

Haters don't really hate you, they hate themselves;
because you're a reflection of what they wish to be.
I also believe in you JT. See you next week

Frank Carpaccio
Feb 14, 2016


The only thing more frustrating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them

Thank you JT for everything you do in our lives

Sarah M

Not putting my full name cause I am afraid I will also be slandered by these fake haters. But JT is 1000% Real
Feb 14, 2016

Leave Your Real Name

Remember whoever is trying to bring you down is below you. Not one bad review (more like fake) left their real name.

Be a man and leave your real name or just get a life and stop posting fake reviews.

I have been to over 17 events and meet more successful people whose lives JT has changed than any other speakers. Just stop being negative. If you don't like JT, that's your choice, but to post here hate and fake reviews is not right.

Justin Long
You can google me, I am a real success story of JT!!!
Feb 14, 2016

Actors who Changed their Name

Here is a list of actors who changed their names!!!! Get a life people and grow up


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