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JT Foxx Complaints and Reviews

Mar 12, 2016

Andrew Smith is Marco Rubio

No lawyers in America works on Saturday mornings in LA. More lies.

Andrew Smith is like Marco Rubio. That little man who attacks Trump and is a loser worth 100k who has barely won 2 states. Trump is worth 10 billion and has over 456 delegates.

Trump keeps winning no matter what Bs is thrown at him because people know what the truth is.

I mean lawyers and media don't coordinate in America together because that would lead to a huge lawsuit and tortious interference.

Andrew Smith is a little loser who keeps posting and attacking JT, like Rubio Attacks Trump

It's clear if you just look at JT's FACEBOOK its full of real success stories and results. I am a friend on there look me up!

Give it up little Andrew William Smith, Trump and JT are winners and you and Rubio are losers.

Al Bergen
Mar 12, 2016

JT Foxx

Cancelled meeting in LA with attorney but will reconvene next Tuesday. Media sources are building so meeting with attorney will happen same time same place.
Mar 12, 2016

Andrew Smith vs. JT

JT.... Cover of magazines Yes
Andrew Cover of Magazines No (But posts fake Mag cover from Entrepreneur Magazine)

JT bankruptcies Zero
Andrew Bankruptcies 3

JT Failed Businesses Zero
Andrew Failed Businesses All of them So far

JT Appearance in Media over 500 (I am sure)
Andrew Appearance in Media 2 both because of JT

JT Net-worth Multi-Millionaire
Andrew Net-worth Broke

JT People at his events thousands every time
Andrew People at his events 22

JT Biggest claim to fame World's #1 Wealth Coach
Andrew Biggest claim to fame World's #1 JT hater (all his website pics are from JT's event)

JT Confident Yes
Andrew Con man & Loser Yes

We members of the #Family First and are tired of Andrew Smith spreading lies. JT is endorsed by all his coaches, celebrities and billionaires. This guy has done nothing.

Keep posting Andrew William Smith and our next story is how at Mega 2 Africa, what JT did for your son. I was there and I bought his coke.. 3 of them actually. Want me to tell that story. Keep posting. What was your sons name again?
Mar 12, 2016

No Response from Andrew William Smith

I called out Andrew William Smith for his lies yet he continues to spread BS on this site. Sounds like a lot of people don't like him. Funny because JT is on Facebook with Billionaires in South Africa and this loser Andrew William Smith is on this website making stuff up because of he is jealous of JT.

JT is covers of magazine, I saw online that Andrew William creates fake covers on Entrepreneur magazines.

You are a fake Andrew William Smith. I hope your government locks you up. Or when Trump becomes president waterboards your ass because you are such a fake con man loser?

I listened to JT's show on radio in Chicago for many years and it was the best show on that station on the weekend and it was a real radio show...

RUSH LIMBAUGH self funded his syndicated his show when he started. Stick to South Africa.. You know nothing about US radio business.

Al Bergen... Yup I am real too... Maybe you should leave your name too Andrew William Smith.
Mar 12, 2016

Syndicated radio Show

Right informercial... Foxx interviewed speaker of the house, Senator McCain, Trump, Kiyosaki, Gene Simmons to name a few according to his biography.

This Andrew William Smith is such a hater, a con man and a fraudster. The only thing Andrew has ever done is leach off Foxx contacts. Just look at his website. He even leaches off his coaches. My friend was contacted about investing in a stupid consortium where Andrew William Smith would put entrepreneurs on a TV show. Had a casting website...

Where is that show Andrew William Smith? Another SCAM on your part I am sure.

Foxx, this guy is a loser!!!! We are 110% with you!!!

Gary Williams

P.S. I exist come FIND ME!!! Mr. Con Man ANDREW WILLIAM SMITH
Mar 12, 2016

Andrew Smith MORE LIES

I am laughing out loud here. Because I got scammed by Andrew William Smith. He has defrauded people with GAP Entrepreneur, GAP CEO and CEO CLUB and now NVmyPower and all the other envy my brands.

He ignores all the emails sent to him. He is loser and a leach. We are banding together and want our money back for GAP Entrepreneur.

All Gap Entrepreneurs people who were defrauded by ANDREW WILLIAM SMITH
Mar 12, 2016

Paid for broadcasting and syndication are two different things

Foxx is no more a syndicated radio host than the pope is Jewish.

He pays to broadcast. It's called an infomercial. Even THIS he can't tell the truth about.
Mar 12, 2016

#1 Wealth Coach JT Foxx

Rock solid coaching? No.
Honest? Nope.
Bragger? Yes.
Millionaire? No way.
Mar 11, 2016

Millionaire Underdog

Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.
Mar 11, 2016

Stop and Stop Posting

If you want people to stop posting than stop hating. Focus on your business. Foxx is the real deal and he changed my life and I am sitting with a bunch of people here at Focuss Room that feel the same.

We need to Be United, not tear each other down..

The Heinrich Family
Coaching Family of JT's
Mar 11, 2016

Same hater more lies

JT has no event called Mega Wealth!!! And there are no students named V. chapman

Crazy stupid lies this hater Andrew William is creating here...

I just asked JT event admin at his event in South Africa. There are 649 people and so many success stories... JT lets results do the talking while Andrew lets fake reviews on this site reflect why he is a loser!

Mar 11, 2016

J.T. Foxx helped me

Dear readers,

I land somewhere in the middle of this scrum.

I did not buy the coaching to mega wealth because I believe the price is not going to work for my budget. Not because I didn't think it would work. Lots of attenders to the seminars testified to its value.

I also did not buy because J.T. was too high energy and lacked depth that I would like to experience. I did not buy his claims as they do not match my values.

That is all.

V. Chapman
Proud Irishman
Mar 10, 2016

One more thing

No attorney worth his weight in salt and gold would bother playing around with the nonsense on this site. Again, unprofessional and not convincing. Let the ones who are dissatisfied take their claims to attorneys, real attorneys, and FOXX can have his day in court. Let's get back to the business of success. But Strorney Botha, you sound really silly. Stop it. Get back to the money trail and success.
Mar 10, 2016

Calm down

Proud purchaser of JT FOXX coaching. It's worked for me for the most part.
I agree, FOXX is a blow-hard with lots of silly statements but his materials worked for me.
To those of you working for him or with him, you need calm down. You're sounding incredibly unprofessional here. So what if someone doesn't like FOXX? So what if they think they have a legal claim? Let them go for it and let a court decide. All I know is you all who are vigorously defending FOXX are coming across unprofessional and panicked. Calm down. Grow up. Move on with your incredible success. Just stop feeding into it all. You're coming across so out of control and silly.
Mar 10, 2016

My Response

Why don't you stop hiding and reveal your name. Forget about JT suing you, I will for trying to defame my name and include in your games and web of lies.

You say JT is not syndicated, the proof is given. I am not some slouch, I am a multi-millionaire. I have achieved success in many businesses and Attorney Botha please tell me when this joke of a human being reaches out. I will sue him back into the Stone Age.

In the words of Donald Trump.... You are are LOSER!!! You can hate on Trump all you want but he keeps winning.

I can't wait till you show your head because I hope you can afford 2 lawsuits!!!

Even you do sue you will be discovered and I will be there waiting

You are a coward!


Al Bergen
Mar 10, 2016

Attorney Opinion

I am a member of the South African Bar Association and a student of JT for the past 4 months. As attorneys we are always sceptical and I was of JT. As a result I did extensive research and even talked to his expansive legal team. My conclusion, He is the real deal, his students success are real and even his companies are real.

These post are obviously slanderous in the event to defame JT. In my personal opinion dealing with law for the 20 years or so, this Andrew Smith Character which I don't know personally, appears to have himself in a bind. He probably posted the last post himself to try and deflect attention from himself by saying he is not guilty too because now these posters are attacking too.

JT I suggest you file suit against Mr. Smith and I would represent you pro-Bono. Furthermore Mr. Smith does not realize all your contracts all over the world have binding arbitration. I also suggest you supeona this site to get who is posting.

Clearly if you read all these post they have venom or a jealous rage against JT. This will be a long and expensive legal process for Mr. Smith I imagine.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Smith to mediate.

Attorney Botha
Mar 9, 2016


To all readers, viewers and victims,

Any and all associated with JT FOXX and his organization should be aware that we are well on our way to organizing with legal consultation and representation, both for civil and criminal matters. Andrew Smith, Al Bergen, whoever had colluded with and worked with JT FOXX in fleecing people should know we've had enough and we're organizing a response and movement.
Mar 9, 2016

Even the IRISH love FOXX!!!

Well this just came on Youtube!!! I can't wait to see him next week.


More facts that Foxx changes lives

Finn McDonald
Dublin, Ireland
Mar 9, 2016

Chicago Yesterday with J.T. Fox

I spent all day yesterday learning from J.T. in Chicago and I was blown away. Not sure why this Andrew William Character is attacking JT here because I just watched the his Youtube testimonial and the radio show he was on and it's pretty clear to me J.T. changed his life. Also I googled him and on his website, it's all pictures of him and people whom he meet with J.T.

Sounds like a case of Sour Grapes.

Anyways, I spent the day with JT, he is the real deal and he showed his passport...lol. He real is J.T. Fox

Dan Sullivan
Rosemont, Illinois
Mar 9, 2016

Andrew William Smith GAP ENTREPRENEUR

This guy makes stories about JT, yet he is the one whom I sued to get my money back from GAP Entrepreneur... 6 People sued to get their money back and I believe there is one left.

Calls himself a successful franchisor, but he is fact nothing but a scammer and thief.

Don't give him any money!!!!

You keep attacking JT for no reason, we will keep releasing the facts about you. We are putting a group together to sue him for FRAUD in South Africa

Please join us.

The People of South Africa vs Hater Andrew William Smith
Mar 9, 2016

Andrew William Smith Scam!!!

This guy attacks JT and says he list all his companies on his website. What he does not tell you is that is getting sued for his NVBrand... The guy who is suing is my friend.

You can list all your companies, but if they don't make money or many are not even registered then who is scamming who... Stop SCAMMING PEOPLE ANDREW WILLIAM SMITH

I won't leave my name because I am afraid that he might try to fake post me, as he as been doing it to others!

Concerned South African
Mar 9, 2016

Andrew William on Radio with JT!!!!

HAHAHA.... Andrew William Smith posts all over this site without leaving his name and JT has him on a radio show... Wow some Loyalty this guy has!!! Remember haters will be haters


#ResultsDon'tLie JT changes lives!!!

Cape Town

P.S. Thanks JT for changing my life
Mar 9, 2016

Radio Syndication--The Facts

The definition of Syndication is the broadcast of a radio or TV show in one more more markets. The syndicated show either pays to be on the channel and sells the commercials to it's own advertisers, or the TV or radio station pays for it's rights. When Rush Limbaugh started his radio show in Sacramento, he paid for his radio show.

I listened to JT's show for 5 years.
His show at one point or other was broadcasted in

Chicago (2 Stations)
Los Angeles
San Diego

This sounds like syndication to me..


So sure why there is Venom for JT...

AL Bergen
Mar 9, 2016

Same Hater Andrew William Smith

I am South African and I am shocked at this website. It is a forum for one person that keeps posting here and that is Andrew William Smith. Foxx made him successful


And now that he has his own Seminar company he is trying to attack FOXX to get more clients. JT is the real deal. He has changed my life and this country in the last few years. Do you see the anger in the post... The venom. Well that is the work of one person. They want you to read this and say I won't do business with JT. Well you have the proof now that Andrew William Smith is the one behind this.

Thank you Foxx, you are the real deal
Mar 9, 2016

JT FOXX Syndicated Radio Personality


Had another interview with an attorney well versed in class action law suits. His team was quite positive about our mounting case. Now onto the criminal case.
Mar 5, 2016

JT FOXX #1 Mega Millionaire Underdog

We are organizing and we are going to prevail with the truth and the law.
Mar 5, 2016

see my point

JT told me he talked to Andrew Smith and minutes later this pots go up.

Everyone this is proof that it's the same person who comes to this site and posts everyday. Doesn't leave their name and attacks.

We will be releasing more details about Andrew Smith Business dealings if these post continues.
Mar 5, 2016

JT FOXX #1 Wealth

If you believe this title, and any others JT gives himself, you haven't done your due diligence.
Mar 5, 2016


We have NO ONE by the name Andrew Smith in our collective. But we're looking now.

See, the point here is simple: there are MULTIPLE documented examples of evidence of JT FOXX and his organization and associates lying and using deceptive practices to fleece innocent people of their money. We intend to expose and stop these practices. We have the law on our side and we're gaining media.
Mar 3, 2016

Andrew William Smith HATER???

Why is Andrew William hating on JT when he leaves testimonials like this...


His websites is full of pictures of because of him!!!!!!!!!!!!

As South Africans we need to rally around those help our country not who tear them down









I won't leave my name cause I am afraid Andrew Smith will attack me!

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