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JT Foxx Complaints and Reviews

Oct 23, 2016

Crap/ rubbish/sexist/ thief/liar/idiot

I think the title really says it all .... I got this impression within 5 minutes. I am not in anyway jealous of this man i am just so grateful that I dont have to share oxygen with him ever again.... Please do the world some justice and do not buy any of his courses ...... Urgh he makes my skin crawl (nothing personal) hahah
Oct 19, 2016

So Confused

I stumbled upon this site after signing up for the upcoming WOMEN SPEAKERS conference in Zürich, as I was looking for more info on this JT Foxx guy. After browsing around, I am more confused than ever! What is the guy's deal? The conference is FREE so I am not losing anything by attending it really but I wouldn't want to waste my time on a scammer even if it's for free!
Oct 8, 2016

Paris Scam September 2016

I was at his so called 'Free' seminar , WE NEED WOMEN SPEAKERS crap , in a very luxurious hotel in Paris, there were about 200 people, the first half of the day it was his puppy puppet, who was talking ,praising JT FOXX , I don't even recall the name of the puppet, that's just how boring he was .
I have been at a lot of seminars and this by far was the worst, it was such a waste of time, and what intrigued me and made me stay, was that I still did not hear his succees story , I heard him brag , about his 59 companies ( did he name any of them? NO ! ) brag about his watch , his suits , his tie company,( he said he actually bought the Tie compny ,where he preferred to get his ties , but he never mentionned the brand ) , brag about the houses , the trips , the money , covering the newspaper AND even playing his own caracter in a south African Sitcom ( beliee it or not , he plays the video of 15 minutes where he makes a show in this south african sitcom) , all of it was fake fabricated and looked shady ..... but I stayed. this dudeactually gave me nausea as he was speaking , but I am a very curious person , and I already took the day off, so what the heck.
He kept on saying that there is still very valuable information yet to come, but that never came, just some of his ' students' came up to speak , a spanih woman , a canadian 24 year old man , and his Marketing Manager , a very good attractive young lady who just basically said LIE ON YOUR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER pages , that is how you create a image of your business that is not yours !
Still I stayed , until 5 pm , when they distributed a sheet of paper so wa can choose the training that suits our wallets .

1) 1 day training , either in Paris or in London( of course travel cost at your expense) 16000 €but if paid in full that day 15000 €
2) 2 day training in his house in Florida ( he mentionned he probably won't be there ) with other members of his 'family' 24000 € but if paid in full that day pay 22000 €
2) Last but not least, a 5 days trip with JT FOXX in person , to South Africa, plus a picture taken with Al Pacino:44000 €

He was actually selling his 15 CDs program for 297€, I actually went up to the sales booth and I said to the lady selling them , you know , I only have 50 € , can't J T FOXX the next Billionaire of the century cut me some slack and give me the CDS , this is really , everything I own , 50 €. She said no! ( well of course she did ) .

H.M ( Paris )
Oct 7, 2016


Full of himself and a total switchoff. Slimy oxygen thief who thinks he is God's gift to the world. Dreadful.
Sep 25, 2016

JT Success ?

If one thinks they have to be sneaky to make money, stay away from that one.
Sep 23, 2016

Haters gonna hate, just a genius marketer

If you look close at everything he does, it's a genius up-sell and hyping progress.
Learn from people like him. It's not that you can't trust him at all, he is just very sneaky at making tons of money.
The value he gives in his seminars is pretty good. No doubt about it.
Pay close attention and see that he is using the exact principles that teaches on you.
If you are ignorant, you will fall for stupid things.
If you are smart, you will learn from him.

Once again, haters gonna hate :)
Sep 22, 2016

JT Foxx

For a very well informed opinion on JT Foxx and his associates, check out this blog:

Sep 22, 2016

JT Foxx resukts

So funny...old Foxx has a blog about why he won't prove his BS claims on his net worth. Full of classic Justin nonsense.

He lies and lies and lies.

Zero facts, loads of websites and worthless words with BS graphs.

Sep 17, 2016

Ran him out of Chicago

Why did Justin, AKA JT Foxx leave Chicago? He was ran out. A guy name Mike and a contractor name Francisco know a lot about JT. There are many people in Chicago who started with JT who know where all the skeletons are. AM560.

Come back to Chi JT. We know the truth about you. Lisa Madigan has a cell waiting for you. You're a liar Justin!
Sep 2, 2016

If the legal services can't catch him shouldn't we report him to the Anonymous group?

Anonymous is far more credible than JT Foxx apparently, at least there's a wiki page on them lol.
these guys have REAL power on the internet not even the FBI can track them down and they have been known to fight for ideals
Aug 26, 2016


Want to know more about good old Justin Gorenko, now known as JT Foxx? This website and the comments below might be of interest to you:

Aug 26, 2016

Justin Gorenko aka JT Foxx

Why lie about changing your name?

JT Foxx - Justin Gorenko aka JT Foxx

Aug 24, 2016

Gotta agree.

I attended the same workshop as the below post. Foxx said he reads papers to be up to speed with what was going on in the Cities he visits. Obviously he missed the banana throwing incident or else he would be well aware that racism isn't want in Australia. Be humble he says maybe he should take a leaf out of his own presentation,
Aug 24, 2016

JT Foxx is racist, and not very good.

If you want a picture with a famous person to promote yourself then spend $25k and run with it. However if you have a gram of credibility then run away.

In regards to JT Foxx being racist. A full on argument ensured after JT racially vilified a member of the audience. It was honestly disgusting listening to JT justify his actions, it certainly wasn't a joke as JT tried to make out.

Maybe he should check out Australian laws before he continues with his comedic routine.
Aug 21, 2016

What a train wreck

I knew straight away when JT Foxx took the stage that there was something inherently wrong with him. He folded his arms or had his hands in his pockets the whole time, paced back and forth over a 5 metre area, and never made eye contact with anyone! Then he proceeded to say awful things about people in other Australian cities (I was in Sydney), then said that people with different coloured hair (like blue or purple) had no money (Hello? Katy Perrry????), and then continued to say racist comments about every ethnic group he could think of, all of which were in the audience. My friend and I walked out after 2.5 hours. There's no way I could trust such a racist, offensive person, let alone give him any of my money!
Jul 28, 2016


jtfoxxsuccessstories.com is full of nonsense and riddled with lies. Take from one who has seen behind the curtains of a JT Foxx production, it's not worth your time and not worth your money.
Jul 27, 2016

JT Foxx is good

The event was very direct and real. Truly successful stories and formulas were shared. It gave me the direction that I need to finally find my breakthrough. JT is very confident, realistic on what works and what doesn't. and is still very human.

To view more success stories, visit jtfoxxsuccessstories.com
Jul 26, 2016


The truth is JT FOXX doesn't know the meaning of the word truth. Time and again he has lied and scammed people out of money. Across many countries in many hotel conference rooms he's taken the stage and grabbed the mic and lied his ass off. THAT'S the truth about J T Foxx.
Jul 25, 2016

Scam , scam, scam. J T Foxx is a scam artist.

Wanna hear a load of total bs and lies? Listen no further than the rants of J T Foxx and his creepy minions.
Jun 30, 2016

Thoroughly enjoyed myself

I read some of the reviews here beforehand and that made me a bit cautious (which is not a bad thing - I guess) but I discovered that there were many ladies who had attended JT Foxx events before and enjoyed them and came back for another one. And I myself also had a really nice day - till I had reached my limit of taking in more information & then quit. So: I would recommend going if there is an event in your area!!
Jun 29, 2016

5min in

Corn Man,

There's nothing but a crock couch standing in front on a baunch of navive stupid desperate idiots
Jun 14, 2016

JT Foxx Success

JT FOXX is successful at telling lies, misleading people, boasting, paying for celebs to appear with him, taking money he didn't earn and a whole host of other problems.

He does not have dozens of successful businesses, however he does have many websites proclaiming that.

Don't fall for his nonsense.
Jun 13, 2016

JT Foxx Review

Dynamic leader
JT Foxx is a dynamic leader who cares for his people and trainees.


Jun 13, 2016

JT Foxx Review

One of the Greatest Presenters I have seen
JT Foxx is one of the greatest presenters I have seen. JT exceeds in confidence because he has tried what he says. JT Foxx clearly cares allot for people who are prepared to do what it takes to succeed. The event was exceptional and life changing. The information was about the right quantity and looks to be accurate.


Jun 13, 2016

JT Foxx Success

Greatest Wealth Coach Trainer
JT is The Greatest Wealth Coach Trainer. He proofs that his student can create wealth. They give back and speak/teach. I've learned more about business than any other seminars in 2 days.

Jun 13, 2016

JT Foxx Success

Very enthusiast & energetic. His mind runs so quickly it can be difficult to keep up but everything he says is gold! C7 London was a fantastic event with so much content it was unbelievable and not only that the quality of that content was unprecedented.

Jun 12, 2016

JT Foxx Success

I have signed up for Dream Team Lifetime so I am sorted!! I can now strategically build this business. Jason has given me a new angle that will be big. I have also signed up with Jason - With Steve & Jason I am now on my way to huge success & nothing can stop me!! JT is a Genius! Selects the best people.


for more visit http://jtfoxxsuccessstories.com
Jun 12, 2016

JT Foxx Review

Brilliant with a brilliant team of coaches.
The event was Awesome!!! I can't even imagine how fantastic it's going to be. But I know it will exceed my highest expectations. JT is Brilliant with a brilliant team of coaches.


For more visit jtfoxxsuccessstories.com
Jun 9, 2016


I recently bought his CDs for 500 dollars, the sound quality is worse than poor, I CANT believe he is selling them, it is basically one very slow paced presentation/workshop that somebody is giving to JT Foxx students BUT the presentator is the only one with a microphone so you can´t hear what anybody else is saying and they are following a book that was not included with the CDs, the information that I managed to hear was not unique nor exceptional, you can find the content on the internet probably in a fast paced interesting workshop for free and not in 15 CDs!!! Really not worth it at all. Definitely a red flag that he sells such a poor quality product for 500 dollars, and he said it was on special!
Jun 3, 2016

JT FOXX is a scam

JT Foxx is a FOX as his name! He claim that so much more than he could deliver. Worse he charge you $4000 for 2 days seminar and a i pods full of his own coaching recording. Which are bunches of useless tool that impossible to use. and within the 2 days, he is going to sell to you a over price product that he claim that he will change your life! If you got fooled once. you are going to be fool again twice you deserve to lost your US$10,000 - 20000 depend which program you are going for. I don't believes in him. But you can make you own decision.

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