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JT Foxx Complaints and Reviews

Feb 18, 2017

Word of Mouth from others feedback experience

I was at an Andy Harrington seminar, was told by one of the other guys there attending along with me that JT Foxx is a waste of time just like Andy Harrington and so it spared me going to a con - artists and being bullshitted. I thank this stranger for giving me honest feedback and it correlates to everything i read so far about JT foxx's rude behaviour and so on.
Feb 11, 2017

Only JT Foxx

Only JT Foxx would spam a site critical of him with links to Viagra. What a loser, in so many ways.
Jan 30, 2017

This is a scam

I attended JT Foxx's event in Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada. The event was titled “Why we need more woman speakers”. (JT is also Canada but he thinks we’re broke, stubborn, non-believers that won’t achieve anything until we move to the US)

It was a free event from 8am to 6pm. The morning was mostly Introductions; he introduces a couple of his students/junior coaches and partners. In the afternoon for 4 hours JT bragged about his Celebrity friends such as Donald trump (which he glorifies like a God), all of his materialistic goods and properties, his wary magazine cover (inelegantly presented in multiple condescending racist dialect), he then degraded, humiliated and brain wash certain people from the audience by letting know how worthless they are and why they haven’t accomplish anything (mostly to create fear confusion and envy) for the last hour his Marketing partner did a sales pitch for his “wealth workout” gimmick, where she deliberately told us that They have sold blank DVD’s In the past, because they ran out of hard copies so JT told them to insert blank DVDs in the case instead and then proudly informed us that after selling 100+ DVD’s only two people called them to inform them that their DVD were blank. Oh, and somewhere in between JT took 10 minutes to manifest his subjective opinion on why there’s more male speakers.

In his opinion, there is more male speakers than woman because women complain too much and no one wants to hear or be helped by someone that has or had more problems than them. He also thinks it’s unnecessary and ridiculous that accomplished women introduce themselves as woman; “Hi, My name is Jennifer Smith and I am the best Female Architect in Ottawa”. As per JT men don’t do that because it is physically evident and more importantly irrelevant (which I fully oppugn to). 10 hours later, no one from his organization shared any valuable reasons as to why we need more woman speakers (I think it was after he told us we can buy his friendship but not his love).

In my opinion, we need more woman speakers to prove arrogant manipulative narcissist greedy fraudulent individuals like him wrong. As a hard-working feminist, this workshop left me exasperated but inspired to do more for women as a woman.

This endeavor was a complete misrepresentation of woman and success! I am a proud knowledgeable black Canadian WOMAN and my bank account does not define me, my abilities or who I will become tomorrow.
If you decide to sign up for one of his “options” priced between $7 000 -$36 000 (CAN $), please take the time to read experiences and testimonies from victims of this swindle. Some people were defrauded out of $92 000+ from this organization.

Do not try to shake his hand, This Canadian born self-claimed American wealth Guru doesn’t shake hands and he will let you know in the most demeaning way possible. E.g “I don’t do that”
Jan 30, 2017

Mega Speaker Ottawa Scam

I just wasted a day of my time listening to this arrogant, egotistical idiot. At first I thought what an incredible successful entrepreneur who succeeded after sharing how he once sat where I am sitting in the audience with a stutter issue. Told his own broken wing syndrome story to everyone. But then when I tried to tell him how I was going to change lives with my own broken wing syndrome story, he dismissed me. I wanted to walk out but I hoped he would eventually redeem himself. I saw how we were being brainwashed with his supposed associations with celebrities, his wealth, his family first etc. But in order to become part of his family it would only cost us 25,000 Canadian dollars. I began to have doubts. If he is so influential as Tony Robbins, how come I have never heard of JT Foxx before? It just didn't add up to me. His target is to attract women to his seminar to take their hard earned money. I'm glad I didn't spend any money. I went home disappointed and googled JT Foxx and found out about all the people he ripped off. Be aware people, always do your research first before attending any kind of presentation/seminar. Mega Lesson learned. He did preach some good tips about coaching and speaking but I still know that he truly is a scam artist.
Jan 28, 2017

JT Foxx is really a funny guy

I attended one of his seminars in Centurion, South Africa, in 2016. I didnt' spend a cent on the stuff he was promoting because I know that it wont' work.

I did find him very arrogant, brazen, broken and loud. Very loud...South Africans are generally a conservative bunch and such an 'abrasive/arrogant' personality will not win him sales. He comes to this country every month, I dont see someone who is genuinely successful in him, I see someone who is just trying too hard to crack a market he will never.

One of the most hilarious things he said to us was that...he is our competitive advantage...That made me fall of my chair!
Jan 26, 2017

JT FOXX writes his own positive reviews

JT Foxx and/or someone he pays writes the so called positive reviews.

The law suit progresses. It may be slow but with each passing day he gives this ever growing group more proof.

Next meet is second on the last agenda but time is later as discussed. Skype for those contacted and with SA rep.
Jan 25, 2017

Who's the real bullshitters?

With all the reviews thus far, none has shown any concrete proof of their accusations. Thus who are really the bullshitters? Maybe just sour grapes because of unmerited jealousy.

Here is JT Foxx's own reply to the majority of these accusations. With concrete proof of his own statements by the way...

Jan 25, 2017

Meeting at old college campus

Bring your contracts and all correspondence. Start time 7 sharp.
Jan 23, 2017

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Jan 18, 2017

Will the fun never cease????

More and more and more details of JT Foxx ripping people off. Not surprising but also very disappointing. But take heart, we are still assembling a class action suit in the States, and our legal counsel has found reputable representation in SA. So we're back at it and looking for the rightful restitution owed to so many around the world by Foxx and friends. Stay tuned here as we are reconnecting and messaging about meeting dates and locations.
Jan 15, 2017

You Suckers

I met this twat when I was working for a radio station ( ad sales ) when I heard that the worlds number 1 wealth coach was going to be interview on the business show, I made sure that I was in the studio when he arrived with his desperado SA PR firm , which consisted of 1 very vague female. I have spent my entire career in sales and know a bullshitter / conman when I see one. I asked his dumb PR lady who the number 2 worlds best wealth coach was , she said she didn't know but would try and find out ! Idiot, she had no idea that I was being horribly cynical. The bullshit that spewed from this little Canadian con artists mouth was so rehearsed , so juvinile, so utterly weak that I had to leave the studio. That was two years ago and people are still handing over money to this narcissistic arrogant little brat. He should be in jail, but people will still believe that their is some magic recipe to making money. There isn't !!!! Get off your backsides and knock on doors. JT FOXX IS A CROOK AND A BULLSHITTER DELUX. Go look up the character traits for sociopaths and psychopaths
Jan 13, 2017

A real life scammer

So after paying $4,000 AUD last November for the 10 year - access to any 2 day event, I attended one of the Australian events in November. This person is so egotistical and so full of himself that I am sure he believes his own crap. The scam though is in what you apparently buy, you pay the initial amount of money and then if you don't pay more at the 2 day event you never hear from them again. I was also told that if I bought the initial package that I would have one on one time with Foxx at the 2 day event. Hence I showed up with my business plan ready for my meeting (that I had paid for) and as I was not staying for the rest of day 2, he told me that I would be wasting his time and dismissed me. A life lesson for me when I feel sick about the money I spent - I now know what a scammer is like. A bad person.
Dec 14, 2016

J T Foxx will be sued soon

It's only a matter of time.
Dec 14, 2016

how can people be that stupid

after one seminar I was already missing my money, this should be illegal...
Dec 1, 2016

You don't become big by the size of your valet

JT FOX can sell staff, thats for sure. Otherwise, none of us would not buy anything from him. HE is expert in selling him self. But thats about it. It was such unpleasant experience, he is so full of EGO, my way or the highway, no eye contact, coming from the place of hurt kid, who is justifying him self throw money. I have tried to communicate peacefully my concerns with them, but response I got was so disgusting, that I highly recommend not to cross this guy path at all. I can not believe I paid 4000 AUS $ for his course, where they spend 30% of time selling the next one. One on One, after my first sentence - he replied, you only say this because you don't make million dollars a month like a do waving his million dollar watch. I met real deal people throwout my private banking career and JT FOX is definitely one of them.
Nov 25, 2016

Saw him in Melbourne... What a scam.

Listen, I really wanted to believe in this guy... That's why I even went to his seminar.

But the minute he walks in stage, you see he's a conman - and his body language doesn't lie.

He said he's worth over 100 million dollars, and that he's gonna be the next billionaire. I would totally believe him, if it wasn't for his:

a) Complete lack of evidence to support it;
b) Zero eye-contact;
c) Insecure, beta body language;

You don't get to 100 million dollars without learning how to talk to people.

He's just a crook, a con artist, and it's not even a good one.
Nov 25, 2016


Nothing in this world is free, especially if you want to be success , of coz u need to pay money to get money, JT Foxx not gonna give u success, his gonna guide & give you the ideas how to be sucess, you have to walk on your sucess & the journey, I guest as much JT Foxx been through to get his success. The training I have attend give me so much ideas, and I fact I just achieve my dream to be a speaker. No Mather what, if u really want something in your life you do what ever it's takes!
People always scared & critisize coz they him self can do it..
Nov 15, 2016

Millionaires Club

I attended a free women's speaker event at Kyalami Johannesburg South Africa on 6th October 2016.. It was a long day listening to him bragging about himself on and on and on and his repeated connections with Alpacino and Schweiznecer. Feeling cynical, but hanging in there, I stayed from 8:00 to 21:30 and eventually paid R3500 (half payment) to join JT Foxx's millionaire's club in an effort to present an excellent proposal to potential investors. I have not heard a word from them since then. Emails to them are unanswered and another bounced back. I am angry that I seem to have been played. How is this guy getting away with this?
Nov 11, 2016

Foxx and Trump

Birds of feather these two. If you wonder why the States is going down the tubes it's because of the likes of these two Americans.
Nov 5, 2016

A wise person once said

...a fool and his money are soon parted.

And JT Foxx counts on parting fool after fool from his money again and again.

You have better things to do, better ways to spend your time, better lessons to learn and better people to listen to. JT Foxx will leave you penniless and angry, and he won't care a wit.
Nov 4, 2016

Success and JT Foxx

Anytime you see some sort of endorsement or positive comment here, bet your bottom dollar it's either JT Foxx or one of his disciples posting. It's not a real client. It's fake. Like all things related to, and connected to, JT Foxx.
Nov 1, 2016

A Total Waste of Time and Money!

JT Foxx is a bullshitter. These guys are crooks. They know text book marketing tricks. Their business ideas included 'dog walking' and 'renting a room', or 'selling on ebay'.... for that I paid £1,200. Then came the hard sell... the £12,000 to spend 3 days with JT Foxx in his house in Florida that I doubt he even owns. It's bullshit... all of it. Don't give them any of your money! Success Resources need to cut him loose. He will harm their reputation. Snake oil salesmen at best.
Oct 30, 2016

Just been to one of his "courses" - Scam, yes, you can call it that.

So, just got back from the weekend with JT Foxx after buying the great offer at the National Achievers Congress. My advice, only buy it if you are willing to invest £20,000 -£38,000 with the programs that he is going to sale sale sale and sale to you during the weekend. Man, this guy can just talk about himself non-stop.
You will get some good content, but is it worth £2000? not sure...
There's no human to human contact, he will invest in you if he can get money from you. You might get what you want but believe me, you will need to buy buy buy and buy more. Scam, yes, you could define it like that... why? because one of the rules he says is... to your client, you under-promise but over-deliver, and this is just rubbish if you think about what he delivers on his weekend course that he uses to sell you his programs... I don't mind to be sold, I don't mind to buy stuff that is going to make me grow. But don't tell me you are going to make us all a success story when actually don't give all the things you promised. Don't sell me lies, have some class.... some people say you are amazing, but... if you want to be amazing with him, better come with something to offer first so he can make some money from you. owning 5 companies before buying a big program helps... or one with 2000 employees. Don't believe all he says because he under-delivers. Believe me, if I had known this... I would had never bought his programs.
Oct 29, 2016

Most amazing experience

He appeared in one day seminar in Sydney and I was simply blown away by his knowledge and his passion. Everything he said was something I was wanted to know but nobody I know was able to. I bought his CDs and I am so addicted to it. I wish I can just be brain washed by it! lol! I think it will happen eventually :) It's only been 2 weeks but my first meeting after listening to his CD went really well and I was so prepared! In fact I am writing my business model right now while listening to his CDs, what I coach I have!! It is so sad that so many people are writing bad things about him... Well! You guys are just missing out! what can I say! I am super excited to attend his seminar next week. Thanks JT Foxx! Michelle
Oct 29, 2016


The above mentioned website is full of just plain bullshit. Dig deeper and all you'll come up with is angry people, broken promises and the aforementioned bullshit.
Oct 28, 2016

Don't waste your time!

We just walked out of his event in Zürich- what a waste of time! He was racist, offensive, uninspiring, shady and made us feel nauseous. He was boastful without substance. He shot members of the audience down. He was late and his minion although preached about the importance of being authentic couldn't even acknowledge that his master was late. He said that women have 'broken wing syndrome' and criticized them for wanting to help needy people but warned that these needy people are too broke to make you rich. Focus was entirely on how to scam people and make money. His background was inconsistent and came across as fabrication. We walked out when he started praising Donald Trump.
Oct 26, 2016

Hard EARNED money vs JT Foxx

His products are almost nonexistent, and the ones he does have are way over priced and basically useless.

He lies about his background, lies about the number of companies he says he owns, he lies about his real estate experience, he uses and abuses his staff, he pays celebrities to make appearances with him and then lies by saying they are friends of his. The list could go on and on and on,

Total creep.

Save your hard EARNED money by avoiding this con man at all costs.
Oct 26, 2016

Het your facts straight

Yes his products are expensive but he can back it up. Being a south African the sitcom appearance happened. I am glad i stumbled across this site now i really do believe in his ways
Oct 26, 2016

JT Foxx Success

This fella is a world class huckster. Plain and simple folks. He lies, he misleads, he cons, he scams, he's a loser. And he's running scared because there a lots of angry folks in many countries looking to possibly sue him.

In short, he is not successful. He is the exact opposite.
Oct 23, 2016


Fraudster I walked out , his one liners were jumbled up was racist to the size of Chinese people , asked for 5,000 off each audience member for a programme and his phone number then didn't get a good response so singled out a few people to bolster the numbers picked one guy because of his watch was 10,000 -

The smallest bit of investment information about asset distribution that u learn in college - no understanding of how he made a million a day from passive income

Luckily : there were some genuine people before and after him who delivered on there promise -

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