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JT Foxx Complaints and Reviews

Nov 26, 2014

JT is totally committed to his students' success

I have been going to JT's seminars for the last few months in South Africa and I have seen time and time again the successes that his students are experiencing. He does everything he can to help his students reach unbelievable heights in developing their businesses by delivering valuable material, helping set attainable goals, and holding them accountable.
Nov 26, 2014

JT is the real deal!

I attended JT's seminars every time he's in my area, and he always provides new information and valuable tips on how to grow my business. I've taken many of his strategies and changed the way I operate my company based on his advice, and they have been immensely helpful.
Nov 26, 2014

JT Foxx is a fraud, con man, liar

No matter what JT Foxx and his uneducated minions tell you, he is a fraud and a con man. He is not a business coach, he is a confidence man. He is not a syndicated radio show host, he simply has paid time and space in front of a microphone and on the airwaves. He is not the owner of multiple successful companies, he is a small minded braggart.
He is not the friend, mentee, mentor, associate or business partner with famous and accomplished business people and celebrities, instead he pays them to appear at his events. He is not an internet mogul, he just knows how to flood the net with his own BS and nonsense in a vain attempt to bury criticism. He is dishonest, abusive and crooked.
Nov 24, 2014

Dueche Bag "what dont yall see"

OKAY, just stop it already and wake up yall.

I have known this dueche before his BS took off

He is a SCAM and the proof is simple - he's full of dung and only makes money from scamming NOT businesses
He pays for talent and you can too beacuse just about every celebrity is for sale!
His radio is BS and all he does is blow hot air yall must see it

You are a total idiot if you give JT any money

Guys he is a total dueche bag and always has been.

He goes to other places to do his pitch because too many people in the US have chased him out

wake up people.

Nov 11, 2014

total scam

I went to a JT Foxx seminar and while there were some good motivational speakers, we saw through what it was really all about - finding vain people who have money so they can con them out of it! I beleive all the people posting good things are being paid to or have not seen woken up yet. Apart from Etienne who is JT's little monkey boy!
Nov 6, 2014

The REAL JT Foxx Exposed

JT FOXX is a very little man in a big, empty suit. A phone, a fake, and a fraud.

But, JT Foxx is as SLY as a fox. But that's not his real name, obviously. Foxx came from Canada and changed his name from Justin Gorenko to Justin T. Foxx.

Foxx bought and sold a few dozen houses in the US, got sued a bunch of times, scammed a bunch of people out of their homes in foreclosure, then bankrupted his partners. Foxx then discovered a talent for radio and seminars, and suddenly he was famous. But not really... he only claims to be famous. He paid to be on multiple radio shows in multiple markets, called himself syndicated, and lied to everyone about his show being #1 in his market. He had a sneaky talent for getting people's personal cell phone numbers so he could pester them into coming on his show.

Foxx is what is known in the business as a parasite marketer. He latches onto other people who have big mailing lists and sucks them dry like a mosquito. He burns many bridges and then moves on. Nobody who has done business with him stays with Foxx for very long, once they discover what a jerk, a fraud, and an unethical and wildly immature person he is. You almost have to feel sorry for JT Foxx... almost.

Foxx now spends thousands of dollars every month to bury all the bad news about him. He bribes ripoffreport.com to bury negative stuff. He posts dozens of phony press releases every month. He sets of dozens of JTfoxxscam.com-type websites with testimonials that he makes up (note how nearly EVERY testimonial about JT Foxx is on one of HIS sites, not on the Internet in general).

Foxx pays companies to post fake LIKES to his Facebook page. In fact, he pays all of the famous people that speak on stage with him. One wonders if he really makes any money after paying protection money for all of these things?

It's only a matter of time before one of the news shows exposes him for what he is. A cross between navel lint and the spit that accumulates on the corner of your mouth when you talk too much.
Nov 6, 2014

JT Foss And A $92,000 Scientology Come-on, Woman Says

Victoria Comfort sued Justin T. Foxx aka Justin Gorenko and a handful of his companies, including JT Foxx Organization and World Success Company, on Monday in Federal Court. She seeks restitution and punitive damages for fraud, breach of contract, false advertising, conversion, unfair business practices and other charges.

Read on...http://culteducation.com/group/1284-scientology/27853-a-92-000-scientology-come-on-woman-says.html
Nov 6, 2014

Extolling a con man

Listen people, anything you read here extolling the virtues of JT Foxx are either posted by JT himself or one of his paid minions. It's that simple. JT is not an honest person, not even close. Ask him for proof - solid verifiable proof - of his many boasts and claims and you will get nothing in return. Why is that? Because he simply rents hotel conference rooms, pays for some local advertising, pays some celebrities, and shows up the day of his seminar to lie, lie, lie some more. And people are fleeced, left with big promises and empty pockets. That's the truth.
Nov 4, 2014


All I can say is that I own 7 different businesses and I attended one of Foxx's event in Los Angeles and it was by far one of the most high level content and experience of any seminar and I have been to Tony Robbins. I got the coaching and my business has now tripled. It seems all the people who complain haven't bought and are just negative people. When you put the finger at someone you have 3 pointed at you.

Alex Shulster
Los Angeles, California
Nov 4, 2014

The Truth about JT Fox

I just attended his event in South Africa and have attended at least dozen or so events and it was simply amazing. I am amazed at how many haters on here. Perhaps they should all just read this


That will shut them up

Nov 4, 2014

People are stupid

JT got screwed by his former coach who was a scientologist and tried to get his students involved JT pulled the plug on him.... Funny how people spin stupid things without knowing the facts. I just attended JT's event in New Delhi and it was by far one the best event I have ever attended. He is true to his word, down to earn and his stuff is really really good.
Nov 2, 2014

Jt foxx and Scientology

Lawsuit alleges Foxx's associate, Meir Ezra, was proselytizing people into Scientology instead of providing business coaching:

Nov 2, 2014

Jt Foxx sued again!

Here's another lawsuit against Foxx, who seems to attract them like a magnet.

The allegations of fraud, lying, fake names, and deceptive business practices tell the whole story:

Oct 31, 2014

Scam and only scheme to sell higher priced products

The two course at Delhi India, was a complete waste of time and money. I hope others gained something from it, I sure did not. Sadly after spending USD 500 in attending the course, we were told repeatedly if we want real value we should sign up for USD 18,000 course...that course is the real value. Such a farce...I am here to change countries !! How? You cant talk to me in breaks, because my I earn more in that time than you can imagine...wtf
Oct 28, 2014

Facts are hard to swallow...

Oct 28, 2014

I love this shit

It's really amazing how crazy business is when your a motivated person who goes out and makes it....people will just judge and hate you ....I knew JT Foxx from years back I'm from Montreal he always was a motivated person with dreams and he made it ....now there's people who can't believe it.....well if you worked hard and believe it's possible it can come true for you haters and losers...JT told me when you make it you'll know by how many people will jump on you and lie about what you did or didn't do....well you made it buddy kill them with success......trust me his name is JT Foxx I deffinetly know of at least 17 businesses he's doing and he's the most loyal person I've done business with .....never shrewd me or anyone else that I know...get out there and work hard it's very possible to do it for yourself....weather you use his coaching or someone else's .....keep it simple...and stop blaming other people for your failed life's ....trust me I grow up with nothing and I did it .....I can't wait to see how many people hate on me now....it's a joke!! Trust me no one would ever say it in front of my face though....and if they did I would throw a left hand through the back of there face....just sayin..........Paulie the pocket rocket Kazanofski........at least I leave my freaking name unlike the cowards and haters.....look me up and say it to my face ass wipes....you won't that's how cowards role!!!!!!
Oct 27, 2014

Proof who JT Foxx REALLY is...

I saw that dopey blog post, where it only shows his LAST name. His first name is not shown. It is Justin. The last name is Gorenko. Google his spitting image sister, Kim Gorenko, and see what you think.
Oct 25, 2014

At JT's event

WOw I am JT's event and it's and he showed us a bunch companies and deals he did. Want the truth.... Read this blog post he did. He even shows his passport

Oct 25, 2014

Wow these haterd are losers

To all the haters rest this


Now you can shut up and whoever is trying to bring people down is below them.

Focus of your life and stop hating

A real success story of JT

Susan Samson
Oct 23, 2014

Loosers hate JT Foxx

I had NEVER attended any JT Foxx Event but since I was interested I had to find out by doing some research and talking to people who actually were using JT Foxx's coaches, business models and his seminars. 90% of the people I met were very satisfied and talked to how he changed their business and lives, the remaining 10% were NOT satisfied, some of them were HONEST and told me they are not satisfied and not successful with his coaching because they are NOT DOING what he says...

So, JT Foxx CANNOT do it for you if you are not willing to do it for yourself.. short answer to all loosers and haters here. You have to follow his coaching and business models in order to be successful.. He WONT do it for you.

And as always, there'll be haters and loosers, it doesn't affect him in anyway really.

PS. Go to one of his free events, it doesn't cost anything find out yourself please!!

- Aziz K
Oct 22, 2014

This guy is a classic fraud

I saw the ad about 5 minutes back and within the first two paragraphs, I already saw signs of it being a money making scheme. A person as successful as he claims to be, with enough info for long seminars, should have a book published by now.

The only book I see him writing is 'How to dupe the world into giving you money for nothing'; if he did write that book then I'd preorder the book. Now, there's an honest idea for you Mr Fox.

The sad thing is that what he promises is not impossible to deliver.. so fucking sad! Get yourself a business professional and make an effort to deliver.

To shut you up about anonymity, I'll post my name
Tshepo Moabi (the_only_tswana_monk)
Oct 21, 2014

Absolute and utter nonsense

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, verifiable about JT Foxx...other than the photos he takes of himself with famous people he hires to attend his events. He does not own and operate 50 + successful businesses. He is not a real estate magnate. He is not a syndicated radio host. And when complaints and critical comments are posted online he spams the site with bogus replies and testimonials. If he would just actually work at what he says he's so successful at he'd probably do well. As it stands he is a con man. He is a loud talker, name dropper, nonsense spewer, who will bully and berate people into paying hard earned money for very questionable, if at all, results. He's a classic snake oil salesman and eventually all his con games will catch up to him.
Oct 21, 2014

Not a fan

Hi JT - I suppose you are JT Foxx I do not doubt it - and like your name you are very foxy. Yes you are very rich so are many other robber barons.. of America... Most bad blogs can be very quickly removed as you have many following the blogs to remove or counter the blog. We all know this.

If I complain on your web or email it is blocked and you are so foxy in that you even have to beg others to praise you and say you will reward them - hope they do not fall for your BS.

My problem is I cancelled coaching and am still awaiting a refund.
Oct 9, 2014

Why are people so negative

I don't get it rather than be a negative person, people should focus on their own business rather than hating on others. I am so tired of people's negativity. If you are going to be negative, put your real name and email and be a man rather than putting fake reviews or hiding behind no names. If you don't have anything to say nice about people, then don't say it at all. Focus on your business. I have been a student of JT Fox for many years and have attended over 17 events and never once did he not deliver what he promised. Let's focus on lifting each other up rathe than tearing us down.

Jamie Weinsteed
Los Angeles, California
Oct 9, 2014

LOL Haters says JT is FAKE, I have Proof

It's so funny because I went to Necker Island with JT and hung with Richard Branson. I went to Trump towers with JT and meet the Trumps with JT. I met Arnold Schwarzenegger with JT and Donna Karran. JT gave me his cell and email. My business is up 300% because of him and his coaching. I don't normally respond but clearly people hate because they do. Maybe you should Mr. No Name fake review below take responsibility if you are real (probably not) and if you know anything about JT he always makes things right.

Ettienne... (I put my real name because my name and my results exist)
Oct 5, 2014

JT Foxx is real FAKE , Cheater

JT Fox has created fake photos , fake videos and fake association...He just talk about himself, his wealth and his companies..Not sure how authentic are these companies...I cant find his name in any of reputed magazines or on any company website....
He has cheated , he promised that if i join his seminar , he will give his private email address , contents and resources , nothing has come in...I am not sure if i will get my money back...
Oct 2, 2014

Super happy coaching client

JT's coaching organization has been the best thing that has happen in my life. Because of him I have tripled my business. Kinda ironic that many of the haters on here never got coached by his team put but hater comments. I have proof and results and these haters have their fake words.
Sep 30, 2014

Results RULE!!!!

Every fake review since to be from people who have not bought Foxx's program. I did and my business has never been the same. I have experience 26% growth and I now delegate better than I ever had and I can now focus on why I am great at.

I agree with the quote below

There's always haters, no matter what you're doing - whether they're complaining that everything you do sounds the same, or it's too different.

Well said...

Joan Cushman
Sep 30, 2014

JT Fox is my HERO

Agree with AK Grant a lot of these negative reviews have no names. I have been in JT's Coaching for 8 month and I have started 4 businesses and I left my job. Everyone told me to not to do it. Now I am finally free and those negative people are still broke. Because of JT, I don't take advice from Broke People.

Susan (London)
Sep 30, 2014

Foxx Tripled my Business

Lol, good point to the review below. It's amazing the non-sense some people will say. If you can't afford the program, rather than knocking it, create your own economy. I have known JT for about 2 years and my attorney and I investigated many of his claims and success stories and we were overwhelmed at the number of businesses he owed, the amount of success stories and the billionaire entrepreneurs he does business. There was an idiot comment that Foxx was not in the news, well I just finished watching the BBC and he was on it and yesterday I read an article about being the next billionaire.


Larry Botha-South Africa

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