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JT Foxx Complaints and Reviews

Dec 24, 2014

Now I am rooting for JT Foxx

I until now, I was torn about JT. I saw his speak 4 years ago and he was young and brash. But you can't argue with his success now and I guess after reading all these reviews from this hater I am actually a JT fan now. I guess it's true, haters will make you more famous. Suzanne where is this big event you talk about I am going to go. I should have put my own fears aside 4 years ago because 4 years later I am still where I was.

JT don't listen to the haters cause I use to be one of them

Orlando, Florida
Dec 24, 2014

Bravo Well Said!!! JT is REAL!

I totally agree John, I have never meet you but I heard a lot about you. I look forward to meeting you in 2015 at JT's big event. As for this hater he is not even in the coaching program. I have been in for 9 months now and my last 3 months I had record month. This guy didn't buy anything and just because he does not want coaching wants to bring other others down. This is a joke.

Spread Joy on Holidays not HATE!

Susanne Provost
Rochester, New York
Dec 24, 2014

SAME HATER.. JEALOUSY.. Foxx is the Best

Same hater... Who has nothing good to say. Never been featured in any media, TV, Radio and of course has no success to speak of. Why don't you reveal your real name so we can all investigate your claims to nothingness.

I have known JT for 5 years now and I now on 11 businesses and own 31 real estate properties. You are only a hater and the only place you are famous is on ScamGroup! Congrats. You put a fake name, you can't afford coaching, I would bet anything you are broke. I dare you to reveal your name so we can expose you for the lies and fraud you keep posting. Many of the names I see posted here I have seen and meet at events. They are real, the only fake one here is you. So what you don't like JT, so move on, get a life and focus on your business. It's the holiday season. There is so much hate in the world, why do you have to talk crap. Whoever is trying to bring you down is below you.

So Mr. Hater, Happy Holiday, Stop hating and focus on your success.

John Shirley
Chicago, Illinois
Dec 24, 2014

Nothing truthful going on here

Went to one of this guy's hype sessions. We were told to give him a standing ovation. For what? He didn't seem to understand that having a microphone in your hand meant you don't have to yell. And what was all this bunk about giving me a deal on his services? Got cornered and told I would get about 75 per cent off if I signed up for his personal coaching, trick was I had to sign then and it was over $35,000 USD. I asked for time to consider and he smirked at me. All I could find about the guy was people pissed at him. Really unreal.
Dec 23, 2014

JT Foxx is nothing more than a big mouth

How come some supposed big shot with all these amazing companies producing millions of dollars has all this free time to put together these free seminars? Doesn't he have lots of responsibilities? I mean really, he boasts about 60 some plus companies he owns and yet he seems to spend very little time running them, or even supervising them. And he can never give you an actual names of these companies, other than websites and blogs he owns. JT Foxx is complete nonsense and anyone with a modicum of critical thinking skills can see this.

And, if JT is so great why does he even bother with sites like these? Seems like a tremendous waste of time for someone so successful.

And if all these people on here have had their business multiplied so much how on earth do they have so much time to spam a site like this?

Because it's JT spamming this site and all his stuff is nonsense.
Dec 23, 2014

JT Foxx spams sites

And so it goes, poor reviews results in JT Foxx and/or his followers spamming a site with complete silliness and always unverifiable nonsense.

What is verifiable are the law suits against JT Foxx; the many who can PROVE they did not receive the services they paid for and were promised; the voluminous false claims by JT Foxx and many who have been ripped off by him in several countries.
Dec 23, 2014

Dear Haters:

What I find funny is that you sit here saying JT is writing all of the good reviews and no one writes good reviews. How do you know that? Aren't you wasting your time writing all these bad ones? JT Foxx is the kind of person that will move mountains when it comes to marketing and branding your business. He strategically proves what he means when he says that his success is powered by his student’s success as he believes in people that are willing to take action. If you can't take the time to actually listen to what he has to say then you shouldn't be there anyway. THE CLASSES ARE FREE! HE GIVES YOU TIPS ON MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS FOR FREE!! If you aren't willing to at least try those then what does that say about you? Look at yourself first!
Dec 23, 2014


I know that there is a lot of things out there about JT but I think he is a phenomenal business man who has a lot of interesting ideas and a lot of knowledge when it comes to marketing and branding. I think that he is well on his way to becoming something even greater than what he already is.
Dec 23, 2014


Very dynamic! I was so inspired by how he picks up on everything & remembers EVERYTHING! He remembered where I sat at a previous event! He definitely is on the ball! He is so personal about himself!
Dec 23, 2014

True Success Story

Well now you can see how JT has coached Ettienne to great Success.


Results and the proof don't lie. It's a shame when people attack people for no reason and there is no doubt JT changes lives.

Rudy Botha
Dec 23, 2014

You guys are plain mean

WOW, Ettienne is such a nice guy and a real inspiration and the fact they this asshole on here would discredit his success story and the amazing journey has achieved... is just plain mean. What a loser this fake Erik guy is!!!

Ettienne was featured in Forbes 3 full pages, I bet this hater never has been featured anywhere except on scam group.com as hater!!!

Cape Town
Dec 23, 2014

The Proof is in the RESULTS!!! JT THANK YOU

My name is Guillome and I have been with JT's coaching program and my business is up verifiably up 59% since I started coaching. I started with 1 business and I know have 13 businesses and over 500 pople working for in the last 19 months. Results to the talking and because of JT's coaching I have been featured in the South African media as a real success story of 2014.

So to those you hate, it's probably you can't afford coaching... I bet this FAKE Erik Elliot will say I am a fake too or a JT staff but unfortunately everyone knows me and they know of my results.

JT THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY 2014 the best ever!!! 2015 here we come!!! Hater hate and doers change the world

Guillome M
South Africa
Dec 23, 2014


Erik Eliott is a fake name and the fact he thinks you need a real estate license to buy properties shows how ignorant this so called Erik Eliot in JT's database because I am at an event sitting next to his admin at a Toronto event JT is not at. Clearly this is a South African who is now hating at Etienne who is my hero who inspired at JT's last big event.

The problem with haters is they make stupid comments like you need a real estate license to buy properties, only broke know it alls speak like that. Get a life and focus on your business. It's pretty cool, I am reading as we speak a full page write up by a the toronto media about JT's success. FAKE NAME Erik Elliot.

Only losers hate on other people's success and if you hate JT so much why you following since 2011..lol.

Jonathan Brandmeier
Toronto, Canada
Dec 22, 2014


Opinions is subjective....
Be smart and follow the proof!!
Dec 20, 2014

Positive... All false!

All the positive post with their names - none pops up on the internet... And many more don't post their name - WHAT - afraid to be publicly connected to Justin Gorenko (JT Foxx?)? All false! The only REAL connection I could make was with MONKEY BOY - Ettiene Pretorius and even he is starting to resemble the same type of lies and undelivered promises as his (first publicly hated and now best friend) the infamous JT Foxx... Ettiene - played like a puppet!! Success is not posing or buying your way with successful people. It is YOUR OWN HARD WORK!! Climbing to Everest Base Camp is not Everest idiot!! Failing at crossing the English channel (costing the tax payer more than you earn a year to rescue you!) is nothing to boast about!
JT's lawyer?? Boasting that he knows all off JT's 50+ businesses!? Really?? You are just as deranged as him - do you even own a real license to practice?
So - you own one real estate deal with FOXX and venture in 8 others? REALLY!?!
Pumpes Ass - can't even post your name and if you do - it will probably be false and not to be found any where!!
JT is extremely intelligent and amazingly cunning!! He has staff as vindictive as him and only in it for your money!!
I only saw him becoming worse since 2011 - be afraid for 2015!
Erick Elliot
Dec 20, 2014

Foxx is my Partner

Funny JT and I are partner in 1 property company together in Florida and own 8 properties together. I was at the Pheonix property event also an an attendee. Now would anyone successful post all their companies, it's called asset protection. It's every asset protection class or book you read.

Only those who don't own anything or have nothing would want someone to list all their assets so that they can take them down and attack them on some other issue. Haters will always hate because rather than focussing on their business they focus on tearing other people down. Trump owes so many companies but most people don't know all of them. Only building and golf courses which many are licensing deals.

If you are going to hate, keep to yourself or reveal your name so we can do research on you. My bet is that they are broke.
Dec 20, 2014


I am in Pheonix, Arizona today at JT's private property event and he just showed 30 people in a business 18 properties he owns. Just for fun he had us look at the HUD's in case any haters would claim he didn't own them.

Ohhhhhhhhh and yes his name is JT Foxx I saw it on the passport also.

Haters will always hate.

It was an amazing event and I am now inspired to buy properties and grow my event.

Nathan Childers
Orange Country
Dec 20, 2014


When someone can't do something themselves they want to tell you can't do it. I agree with John, this hater is posting over and over reading every post and commenting because he has nothing better to do.

Since coaching with JT's organization I have double my sales, hired 5 staff and started a property investing business and bought 3 properties in 2014. JT is the the best thing that has ever happen in my life.

JT don't stress they haters only hate because they can't do it themselves, so they want to bring others down.

My real name is Jerry Pinto and yes you can see myself on JT's Facebook page as I am a real success story also.

Dec 20, 2014

Clearly Same Person Hating

Clearly the same person is posting and keeps hating. Posted 11 times in 3 days. I was just at Jt's event in Singapore it was the best event I have ever attended and it was my third event. Because of him I started my first business and left my job two weeks ago. My life is very exciting and so much more to come in 2015.

Wonder why the hater does not post his real name when everyone else seems to post their real names. JT's Facebook is filled with positive stories from people. Of course if you are hater it's easier to hate on JT then to achieve their own success. This hater will probably say that I am a fake too because that is what haters do.

John Lee
Dec 19, 2014

JT Foxx, what a mess!

All the so called haters would go away if Mr. Foxx would simply show proof of all his claims. Not websites that he buys and fills with nonsense about his lagging credibility. Just show some proof and we'll all believe him. But he won't. Because he can't. I've sat with the man, tried to enjoy a meal with him but his attitude, his behavior, his falseness were so very unappetizing. I saw behind the scenes and it was stomach churning. So very glad I left and never looked back at JT Foxx.
Dec 19, 2014

JT Foxx unreliable

Sooooo funny that a supposed attorney takes time out of his business day and practice to post on a website about JT Foxx. See the funny thing is there is NO attorney named Ray on here. It's Justin, or JT, or whoever. A busy and successful business man doesn't give a hoot about sites where people diss him because they're too busy working. Not JT. See all this negative talk offends his ego and instead of making good on all his claims he worries about those who don't like him. JT is a phony and he knows it.
Dec 19, 2014

JT Foxx lies a lot and it negatively affects people

Who cares about his name change? Seems irrelevant to me. What is relevant are the grandiose and unverifiable claims he makes about his net worth, his track record, his ownership of companies, etc. None of it can be verified because none of it is true. He is not a mega millionaire. He is not a friend to the powerful and wealthy. He does not deliver on his promises. He is not a talk show star. He is not a number one business coach or consultant. He is none of those things. He may shout at the top of his lungs that he is, he may post bogus claims or have his friends and staff do so, he may have blogs and websites stating such; that doesn't make any of what he claims true. He is someone who lies, boasts, over tells and under delivers on a consistent basis. He spams sites that post disagreeable statements and in the end looks desperate.
Dec 19, 2014

Changed Names who cares!!!

I also saw JT's drivers license it does say JT Foxx, but who care whoever changes their names. Look at Jennifer Anniston and 100 other celebrities changed their names.

Look at the list... It's pretty cool


People need to stop hating and focus on their business.


Serge Pelletier
Montreal, Canada

P.S. JT did triple my business this year but that is because I took action and I didn't and then try and blame everyone else for my failures.


Why do the haters never put their real names....
Dec 19, 2014

The best thing that happen in my life..JT!

Dynamic and a role model

“One of the most genuine people I have ever met. Dynamic and a role model. Optimistic and very enlightening. I have utmost faith in him and what he is able to achieve. Insightful and one of the greatest business minds and entertainers. So much you have at your disposal to transform your business that was unaware of previously.”

You can google me and all over Facebook with real results. I have been featured on radio and print about my success story because of my coaching with JT

Marisa, Johannesburg, South Africa
Dec 19, 2014

JT Foxx is JT Foxx

I was at JT's event in Malaysia and I just asked for his real name and he showed me his passport and it said JT Foxx!!!!

The New passport was issued in 2002....

He also showed a pic of his University Diploma which said JT FOXX....

So many haters...lol

Click here to see a list of celebrities who changed their names

Dec 19, 2014


People amaze me... Same person the same post everywhere...

He is the truth about JT's real name... And to think you would go to Tony Robbins who is raw raw no business experience or toastmasters which is full of people who don't make money.

JT has changed my life and since I have been coached by office I have done 19 deals in 2 years. The person who I sat next too at his event made 982K in the last year.

Stop posting lies and post your real name so we can see your accomplishments and also if you even have been to a JT event or you are just full of lies. I am an attorney myself and would love to sue you to prove your claims.

JT speaks the truth here http://jtfoxxblog.com/2014/10/jtfoxxreviewshaters/

Ray Romero

My name is real just the bar
Dec 18, 2014

JT Foxx is Justin Gorenko and he's a fraud

Just save your time and your money, and go to Toastmasters or attend a Tony Robbins event, you'll get a lot more value from PROVEN successful business people.
Dec 18, 2014

Just have to say this about JT Foxx

Con, con, con. Confidence man. Nothing real about this dude, not even his name.
Dec 18, 2014

JT Foxx is dishonest and fake

JT Foxx, or Justin Gorenko, is a fake. Plain and simple. He rents hotel rooms, paid celebrities to attend, tells a bunch of tall tales and reaches for your wallet every chance he gets.
Dec 18, 2014

JT FOXX trolls these sites and posts fake reviews

It's true. JT Foxx and/or his paid staff troll sites like these and post fake reviews.

All he has to do is post proof of his claims. Let's see all the REITS and unpaid endorsements and companies he supposedly owns. Let's see the syndicated radio deal he tells everyone he has.

Just show proof and this will all go away.

Don't believe either JT Foxx or any of these fake reviewers post. Save your money and you'll be better off.

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