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JT Foxx Complaints and Reviews

Jan 8, 2016

Speaking industry scam again!

I unfortunately discovered later that he did a bunch of things at the beginning to prove himself, but after 3-6 month, everything went sour... all the good promises stopped being fulfilled!!!!
Dec 9, 2015

HelloJT, FamilyFirst

For the readers and curious minds out there. If JT Foxx was asked bad as these reviews say then why is he surrounded by so many people and have many that wish to surround him?

At the end of the day, this is business and albeit a dirty game and we now know who the players are as their names keep popping up in these reviews.

It's competitors rivalry and very low might I add. I suppose the person sitting behind their computer maybe at a station has been paid handsomely and looses no sleep over their actions.

So what if JT has the ability to sway people's judgements. That's what they all do isn't it?

And these supposedly better programs, don't they do the same thing? Sell books, talks and programs and your prices are all more or less the same. If it's a game then okay, JT Foxx beat you at it. Live with that or improve your strategy.

People love JT for a reason. And that's his heart. You cannot take that away from him.

Gee it really doesn't take a genius to figure out that these reviews are repetitive snippets from previous material written long ago. Maybe go polish your writing skills dear reviewer.
Dec 9, 2015

JT Foxx is the real deal

I read some of the reviews and felt I need to also say something. I attended my first JT Foxx seminar about 18 months ago. Since then I've been to every event (paid & unpaid) event and bought some of his programs. I can honestly say that he motivates & inspires me. I have learnt SO much in a short amount of time. Things that spared me months or even years of research & heartache. Since then I've started 3 companies, and I'm currently developing a new product & brand. There is NO WAY I would've been able to do this or even be able to come up with so many ideas if it wasn't for him. Unfortunately some people get mistake his confidence for arrogance and get offended OR doesn't quite get his humor and personality. If you know JT, you'll know that he is in fact a very humble guy with a heart of gold who really want others to succeed. But when it comes to business and your success he is serious. People might get offended because he is telling the truth and it makes them uncomfortable in stead of letting it motivate them. I for one appreciate no BS honesty & not everything to be sugar-coated. One thing I also dont agree with is that someone said he guarantees you will make you rich in a few months. I must have been to nearly 40 of his events and never has he said this. He actually always makes it clear that he can't do anything FOR you and he's not promising you a get rich quick solution because it doesnt exist. But if you take action and work hard and use his advice you will be more successful than on your own. If you dont like him and dont get him, just stop going to his events. Dont go writing bad reviews. Taste differs. Mareli. South Africa
Dec 4, 2015

What a Great Program!

I went thru JT Foxx's program. It was great. Definitely took my business to the next level! I would highly
recommend anybody interested in learning from a seasoned veteran like JT to go thru this program.

Jan Cheui
Nov 30, 2015

crap, this is how the people who pretend to be smart fool people who are dumb, Dumb fooling the Dumb

I just attended what they posed as a business conference here in Asia and when this JT Foxx started subconsciously programming or hypnotizing the crowd. I was just appalled at what was happening, I kept shaking my head and eventually after he spoke I left the conference and didn't return. I had wasted money and a good holiday that I could have slept in and gotten energized for another fruitful week ahead but instead I had to sit through 90 minutes of a con artist selling bs about how he could make you rich / a millionaire in months. Anyone who's anyone who knows how it is exaclty to earn a decent living through hard work and selling products that actually help people improve their lives would know that NO ONE gets rich by doing nothing, or that no one gets rich that fast unless what they are doing is illegal like gambling and the like. Now I may be young mid twenties BUT as an Industrial Engineer who had took actual management classes in unviersity and studied business cases did feasibility studies on different industries it is just NOT possible to gain that much wealth in such little time like they are promising. It's like taking weight loss pills and hoping to loose weight when we all know that the only way to properly loose and maintain the weight loss is through proper nutritious even a vegan diet, and constant activity throughout the day and exercise. Oh my gosh! people a decade or 2 decades older than me are being scammed by these con artists. I was really put off my mr foxx because he just kept repeating testimonials again and again and again. I was thinking okay you helped bla bla bla succeed and now they are doing blah blah blah, but nothing on method, materials, case studies and the like. I cannot belive people bought into that bs. And the insane amount he was charging them? I'd rather them give ME the money and I'd tell them to take this and that class in university where professors would actually TEACH them something useful and then they can apply in their lives. What a wasted day but at least I'm happy that I was actually aware of the scam that was taking place. Subliminal programming? Oh My Gosh. If only everyone knew what was happening, but now that I think of it they could have paid those people to seem interested and buy those programs. Smart intelligent people would never have fallen for that. And to those promoters and sponsors may you not sleep well at night knowing that you supported a scam and fooled desperate people into giving you their hard earned money. Shame on you!
Nov 17, 2015

Can't believe people pay for coaching by this guy

If you have been to any of his seminars, you need to stop getting smitten just because he has pictures with celebrities. He pays them handsomely to have his picture taken. You will never hear any of the celebrities positively endorsing JT and standing behind him.

If you want to be the next JT foxx, you can be so. Simply by reading the book called 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. Once you read it, you will realize that JT is an internet marketer who uses pretty much a bunch of marketing strategies in the the above book. Except JT is taking the unethical approach one step further by visiting your town in seminars and asking for thousands of dollars.

When something is too good to be true, it usually is so. Just ask yourself these simple questions:

- Have you ever met a leader who is as arrogant as JT? Great leaders are humble. JT is an insecure snake oil salesman

- Have you ever met someone really rich who does not reveal how he or she has made their wealth? Most successful people are happy to share their knowledge and expertise.

- There is a reason major news channels do not cover JT.
I still remember JT got interviewed on CNBC and he took screenshots of him on TV to show people that 'Look, I was on TV ... omg look at me'. Pathetic and reeks of desperation. Have you ever heard of millionaires and founders or owners of big businesses who take screenshots of themselves on TV? Only amateurs do that. And JT is one.

So please save yourself your money and time. Read some good business books and take action. And soon, you will be more successful than JT Foxx.
Oct 28, 2015

Life changing

He says it only takes 1 deal, 1 person, 1 opportunity to change your life. I couldn't agree more. I was stuck before his workshop and now I have new vision and clarity and have seen a difference now that I have direction. My only complaint is that I would have liked the opportunity to learn from him sooner, would have saved me years of headache in my business!
Oct 28, 2015

Learned A Lot

After just meeting JT, I've had an awesome experience. I had a 1 on 1 session with him and his advice made a big difference in my business. I have seen 15% growth in just a few months. I've had nothing but a positive experience!
Oct 17, 2015

Be open minded

Learn to take something from his courses. A lot of you sound kind of broke to be honest. I was able to learn a lot from the man and his speakers.
Sep 22, 2015

Top 1 was Awesome!

I just went to Top 1 @ JT's house and it was an awesome event! We learned so much, connected with great people, and had fun with JT, his team, and coaches. Every experience is what you make of it, but if you don't get value out of Top 1 Experience something must be wrong with you!

Awesome event, can't wait to go to the event again!
Sep 22, 2015

Jt house top 1% experience

Paid over 20,000.00 for phone calls! thought he was going to take me to the next level? even when I visited his house at 1203 Walden Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33901 I learned nothing!
Aug 13, 2015

JT Foxx is as phony as a 3 dollar bill

Greasy, dishonest, blowhard, fake idiot. Know him firsthand and so glad I didn't follow him down the rabbit hole he's created.

Save your money people, JT Foxx will not make you rich. In fact, he'll contribute to your poverty and laugh all the way to the bank.

Instead, keep your eyes peeled for a 60 Minutes or Dateline story about this con artist, because one day the media will expose him.
Aug 8, 2015


I don't know this JT dude but clearly there are some questions raised as to his integrity and usefulness as a coach. I would go as far as to say that I can hear claxons going off.

These people that say JT is so good and that they have been students of his for x amount of years, sound like Dodo's or fakes to me. The reason being is that if these people still need coaching after all those years, they should ask themselves why they still need coaching? Is JT not getting through to them or are they just thick?

Good luck!
Jul 28, 2015

Liar, Scam Artist and Fraud

I have worked in an organisation that this dick head tried to buy out. I have first hand experienced how lame and dishonest he is. He posts pictures of him driving fancy cars in South Africa and pretends they are his, meanwhile was getting a staff member to drive him around. He rented a house and lived in it with no furniture. He claims he owns 60 companies and yet you cannot find them anywhere or any company other than his bullshit lie Mega What What he has SEO'd to the max to get search results. He is an arrogant, stuttering, fraud of an individual who goes around pretending to be something he is not. He pays celebs an appearance fee to be at his events out of the money he steals from unsuspecting individuals. Please, for the love of god - take it from someone with an insider perspective. This guys is nothing more than a fraud and a liar. Preying on Africa because he thinks we are all stupid.
Jul 24, 2015

Dinner with JT..

I attended JT's 'in home' seminar in 2007. I had recently left corporate world and started my R/E investing business. He took me to dinner 'after' the 2 day meeting and offered me a 'coaching' job; which included that I pay him $100k; in which he would be available to me 24/7. He offered this because I told him my intentions to have a $50M business within 5 years. I refused his offer; but kept in touch with a few of his [now former] employees after attending 'many' of his events (it was a great place to find partner R/E investors). These employees don't have positive things to say about JT's ethics, their job(s) or the organization (perhaps that's why they left). JT is young, enthusiastic and entertaining. He makes money selling CD's, books, coaching and seminar fees (not unlike many other R/E gurus...!). IF he has R/E investments, these are easily authenticated. He was TOOO full of BS for me; and I went my own way; albeit I still 'like' JT as a person/entertainer/hard worker. I achieved my $50M business goal in '4' years. I gladly 'show the money' when I'm partnering with someone on a transaction; and expect that from them. JT & I haven't spoken in several years now...Perhaps one day I would 'do a deal' with JT: IF he had any money to 'put skin in the game'. CM
Jun 12, 2015

Truth about Jt foxxxx

I bought the least expensive coaching class and after applying what i learnt took my business to new level.. i have clothing business.. and i still agree that he is not a God and cant make everyone successful..

Paul kahlon
May 30, 2015

Why have people complained about JT Foxx scams for the past several years?

Ah, hmmm...

Because JT FOXX is running a bait and switch operation and has scammed people out of millions of dollars.

People don't complain over a period of 4 years for no reason. They are unhappy with him and his empty promises.
May 29, 2015

con man

There are hundreds of reports of JT FOXX scams on facebook, websites, blogs, scam sites from many different people over a period of four years.

People don't complain over a period of 4 years for no reason.

He is simply running a bait and switch operation in many different countries and full of empty promises.

It's just a matter of time that he ends up in prison or some place else.
May 26, 2015


Come on guys wake up. Whoever is trying to put you down is below you. I have been a student of JT for 4 years now and have meet many of his top clients all over the world. He is in 31 countries and the real deal. I found it crazy all the stuff that is written here are clearly just trying to hurt JT's business. The people writing these testimonials are either

a) His competitions
b) People who never brought his product and because they can't afford it they just hate.

One of the testimonial was written saying well my friend said.... That is not a first party account. There is always two sides to EVERY story.

Furthermore like when people say that they bought a 2K program or R30,000 JT does not even have program at that price.

If you want to see successful stories (true one) go to http://jtfoxxsuccessstories.com and you can see the thousands of great reviews.

No one is perfect but saying jT is not even a millionaire is just crazy.

Let's stop hating on other people and if you are going to leave a bad review why not your leave your name so JT can make it right as he does all the time. Chances if you don't leave your name because you will be called out as a FAKE review.

JT was featured this month is Property Investor, Fast Company and Esquire Magazine. They all profiled successful stories. 70% of all reviews on Google are fake and are intended to hurt someone opinion.

I will be put real name here and I am a multi-millionaire Student of JT and you are more than welcome to look me up in Facebook

Hugh Johnson

PS there is so much hate and wars in the world. Take that negative energy and put it to good use in your life.

If you Google Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump they all have negative things about them. Every Guru has them and many of them are fake just like JT's. We are entitled to our own opinions but happy people have to time to leave great reviews because they are busy working in their business. God bless.
May 24, 2015


He has been running a bait and switch coaching operation for 4 years and extremely shady.

He is full of empty promises.

A colleague of mine never got his $30,000 refund.

He should be in prison to protect himself and protect society from him.
May 20, 2015

Make an educated decision before paying for anything, especially from JT.

JT takes from the poor and gives to the not so poor (Himself).

Of course he is going to give a bit of value for free, dummies. He wants to build your trust so you can drop dollar for his paid courses.

It should be a criminal offense what JT is doing, but obviously in giving advice he is not accountable for anything, and he is riding that wave to the extreme.

If you are reading these comments to decide whether or not to pay for his courses, I strongly suggest you go with Anthony Robbins or Robin Sharma.

Obviously there are going to be people saying JT changed their lives, those who either have not paid for his courses or those too proud to admit that they have been swindled. But the overall image of JT is sketchy at best. Just do some more online searching and see for yourself.

He has the platform to become great, but his greed and ego has taken over.
May 8, 2015

Stay away please!

Spent 2k and confirmed that this guy is totally a dick. That he is an asshole is evident everytime he speaks. Spent 2 whole days at his event and all I heard was a marketing pitch to buy something else.

Anyway there were some decent points but not enough to pay 2k. Stick to Tony Robbins and his coaches.
May 7, 2015

High cost, allows systematic scientology recruitment in seminars and low ethical and didactic standards

I was involved by mistake in the JT Foxx organization (whatever they call the organization, they change the name all the time) some years ago. By mistake because I bought coaching from Raymond Aaron but after a while I realized I was enrolled in the JT Foxx organization. I later found out the staff was told to lie to me about the real situation.
I had 4 or 5 coaches in perhaps 8 months. They were not trained in any way. A couple of them might have had some level of integrity. They all hated him and constantly talked bad of him. He was treating his staff very disrespectfully.
He got really great speakers to his events, but throwing 1000 pounds of information on you isn't necessarily very helpful. There was no pedagogical idea to the whole program. Extremely expensive for very low quality.
What finally made me leave (in addition to that my tuition finally ran out, I couldn't get my money back) was that JT brought in a billion dollar scientologist to preach religion to his seminars. JT hunted down the people that objected to this. Several others joined the scientologists. The scientologist head quarters in Florida systematically collected information on seminar attendees. People that had left the scientologists (and still were hunted by them) said that the way the guru worked was exactly how scientologists recruit members to their sect. (For information: the scientologists demands their members to pay huge amounts of money to them and don't permit people to leave - that's why they are called a sect and forbidden in several countries.
I confronted JT about the situation and he in principle told me that I was not respectful to other peoples' beliefs and should start growing up. I should of course be very thankful to the Grand Master.
It apparently got too problematic for JT so he kicked the out the scientologist a couple of weeks later. He had big problems because so many people had started leaving either to join the scientologist or because they could see what was happening. The solution: blame everyone for being disloyal.
I also realized there were immense amounts of lies in the organization and the staff was treated terribly. The turnover of staff was staggering. Nobody told me directly but between the rows (and especially from what the coaches he had hired told me) there were really big problems with ethics.
I would very strongly recommend that anybody considering getting involved in JT Foxx activities are very careful. My experience is that it's extremely expensive, enormous exaggerations and hype, poor quality and above all: JT himself has extremely low ethical standards. To use the words of one of his coaches: If he can earn a buck, moral standards has no relevance to him.
Apr 29, 2015

JT Foxx get real

He has nothing to support his claim to wealth. He is a fraud and nothing more.

People stop believing his lies.

He's a loser!

If you read this JT you are a moron.
Apr 26, 2015

JT Scam Bam Thank You Mam

Oh my gosh Do Harrisdo you personally know him and you just said so what if he's a scam artist???

My name is Katrina and JT is the biggest scam artist and I can prove it he is such a loser anybody who gives him money deserves to lose it. I'm sorry to say but if you people are blind and you were to sheep walking into a Wolfpack!

If you follow him you will see it's coming and he is going to be revealed
Apr 24, 2015

Rip Off BIG Time

I say 5 Star cause this scum is trying to make you believe him!!

Do I have your attention now?

He buys celebs to go arm and arm with.

He has lawsuits on harassment claims with innocent girls.

He has to go to other countries outside the U.S. cause people in US are hunting him down.

Don't even think he is a person of integrity

The guy is a scum bag loser who deserves what is coming

It's a matter of a short period till knock knock and you will see him on tv alright.

JT is BS
Apr 23, 2015

Jt is inspirational

Lets say he was a scam artist
He ain't preaching war or hate on the contrary his workshop was full of useful content, although I did not have the funds to buy his extra services I would have if I did. He remit my fire and gave me the inspiration to dig up my buried dreams and rebirth them into a vision. That in itself would have been worth money. Thanks Jt.
Do Harris
Apr 17, 2015

Greg Bloom Salm

Dear People who have written comments,

I would like to thank you for all your comments. Its interesting to read what people think about JT. Perhaps my story here can help some people gain insight and a measure of peace, growth and understanding. These 3 things in my opinion are more useful to reach than bitterness, anger and hate.

I have been self employed for over 15 years and have also been employed in a variety of roles. In one month I was retrenched, head hunted then retrenched and rehired back at the original firm, how stressful. After that I decided that I would work for myself. 4 years later I made my first million, nobody recognised that, so I made that every year for the last 8 years still nobody recognised that. (I did graduate with a degree in business management)

I had been feeling lost and alone for sooo very long so for good measure I went back University to study and got a degree in Psychology,and learnt 2 new languages and cultures along the way. I plan to return to complete my doctorate.

JT is an amazing public speaker, what does it matter whether he has 50 successful business or just one? At school we are not all taught by experts in the fields of Science everyday but if you want to be a scientist you will need to find a more specialised person to teach you your interest. Not everyone gets to work at NASA but lots of people would like to go for a stroll on the moon.

The brain is hardwired to think negatively and that includes emotions that are negative too. Its easier to hate than to love, a simple fact. I had too love the bill for 2 days of sitting at a seminar almost to the bitter end, LOL. I still networked and got stacks of clients and that was useful. The pearls that were dropped however only came out later.

Wow, after drifting about aimlessly, I have a goal, a target, a coach. You have to spend money if you want to make money. You have to learn the wisdom of this, otherwise you are gambling. You will only achieve minimal success if you play a numbers game. I have a company 1 of 5, whose task it is too employ people and give them financial independence. Offered too thousands, trained several and nobody is out there working it. What they put in is what they get out, I provide the equipment too. No financial outlay at all. However I learnt an invaluable lesson. Everybody loves a handout but nobody wants to do anything about it, so action is key. Listen carefully to what JT and any of his speakers say, it could change your life but not everyone can goto NASA.

I didnt get the nod to goto NASA either but I am trying too make a 100 million buck company in 8 months I have 4 and a half months left to go to beat JTs record. I fancy my chances at beating him, funnily enough but nobody else does. The crazy thing is that if I achieve this i did it with almost 0 money. What could be more rewarding than that. Dont waste time on hate, for yourselves and everyone around you. Take the free gems work with them if you have no money, if you do have money then make use of the tools given to you, apathy is a killer of action.

The above experiences are entirely my own, and if I had had a coach 10 years ago about the time I made my first million perhaps I would be a different person in business. However I am excited to start now and I started in January with my startup company, saw JT for the first time in Feb or March and by August I hope to equal or better his 100 million buck idea. Even if he never actually did it, I was inspired to try it and thats the key message. My success will be supported by haters of his, applauded by appelates and vindicate his message and every future potential JT Foxx student.

I have only gratitude to JT and his team, at least I have a job description when people ask me what I do (thanks coach D)
Tracy you rock!
Apr 16, 2015

JT FOXX Proven Scammer for Suckers!!


Im blown away at ya'll!!!


I GUARANTEE you 100%+++ he is full of it and pays people to cover him!

I know cause he spoke on my event stage and since then I cant wash off the scum.

Many of you know me
Mar 26, 2015

JT Foxx

It's that what you teaches your's students to fu_ k people up and kick their ass just because they don't agree or think that you are a fake down right fu_k up...

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