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JT Foxx Complaints and Reviews

Feb 14, 2016

Tony Robbins Name Change

Tony Robbins changed his name from Anthony J. Mahavoric and yet people attack JT....lol.

#STOPHating and Start Inspiring
Feb 14, 2016

Negative People!!!

Haha.. It's true not one person leaves their real name because if they did they would be probably sued by JT, so instead they leave these fake reviews.

People here need to get a life. All the testimonials are from people who never bought his product or service. They are only trying to bring him down because he is on top. They have been trying for years and yet JT is still on top. Results speak for themselves.

Charles Jones

P.S. I am a real success story for the past 3 years because of JT.
Feb 14, 2016


STOP Hating & Start Inspiring!
Feb 14, 2016

Crazy Haters

All these post are from the same people.. Think about it... They are 5 in a row from the same day.

Not one person leaves their real name, yet they claim they asked for a refund. Or they copy and paste from other websites.

I think everyone knows who this person is posting all these lies.

Remember whoever is trying to bring you down is below you...

John Scalia (A real Success Story of JT)
Feb 14, 2016

J.T. Foxx Mega Wealth Coaching

We asked time and again for a refund given that our coach missed multiple appointments and all of his advice amounted to complete rubbish. Have not seen a pence in return.
Feb 14, 2016

How to know when J T FOXX is lying...

....his lips are moving.
Feb 13, 2016

JT Foxx Organization

J T Foxx, please stop avoiding the hundreds of people who are DEMANDING refunds and the truth.

You cannot keep lying to your customers.
Feb 13, 2016

JT FOXX extravaganza

I would like to advise you of the truth behind this “JT FOXX extravaganza” you promote.
You need to be careful what you promote without concrete evidence of truth. None of the claims that he promotes are proven anywhere, his websites are not that of a multimillionaire, they are nothing more than wordpress blogs
Feb 13, 2016

funny JT

I find it funny that whenever a person writes their honest thoughts and experiences with regards to Mr. Foxx they are immediately classified as haters. I do not have a hateful bone in my body, mate. I do have a sense of right and wrong, treasure and rubbish, truth and lies. I have, along with many of my mates, have experienced Mr. Foxx close up, behind the scenes and in front of the public and can say what we witnessed is pure dishonesty. And Mr. Foxx has made several public claims captured on videos around the world on his own website and on the cell phones of others, that are patently dishonest. It's not hate we're all about, mate. It's the truth. Because the truth matters. Mr. Foxx is not a real estate magnet. He is not a multi millionaire. He does not have a syndicated radio programme. He is not in business with the wealthiest people in the world. He does not own or operate 55+ companies. Mate, he lies and swindles good honest people out of their money. That's verifiable proof.
Feb 13, 2016

JT Rocks

So JT responded...therefore PROVING he views this site and posts.

Well, let me tell you, I have attended the seminars twice and sat in on a couple of dinners. I know what I saw. And I believe the other posters here. And believe me, there are several posters here. It's heartening to see that so many others are vocal about the lies they have experienced.

We will continue to contact the media in every city he advertises and continue being vocal. Ripping people off is not something we will overlook.
Feb 13, 2016

Foxx in South Africa

Dear Mr. Foxx,

If people are genuinely unhappy with your services and products, why not just return their money and repair your reputation?


Angela Smith, LA
Feb 13, 2016

I find it funny

We have proof positive that JT Foxx posts here and he is aware of the anger people are experiencing. He needs to stop all of this terrible stuff. It will catch up with him in a legal sense and a public sense and a media sense. You simply cannot lie to people, to exaggerate and brow beat people AND take their money. It's not right, either morally or legally. Just think of all the good JT could do if he actually did 1/10th of what he purports.
Feb 13, 2016

JT Foxx and complaints

I would like to advise you of the truth behind this “JT FOXX extravaganza” you promote.
You need to be careful what you promote without concrete evidence of truth. None of the claims that he promotes are proven anywhere, his websites are not that of a multimillionaire, they are nothing more than wordpress blogs.
Feb 13, 2016

JT Foxx World's #1 Wealth Coach

You pay famous people to appear at you events and then, surprise, surprise, surprise you say they endorse you and you do business with them...when IN FACT, all you do is pay them.

We'll keep posting and sounding the warning bell about you JT Foxx. Here and other places. We'll keep looking into legal recourse no matter where you go and we'll keep sourcing media to expose you.
Feb 13, 2016

I love J.T. FOXX!

I love J. T. FOXX! I have learned some valuable life lessons, like...there is no such thing as get rich quick...that a sucker is born every minute...that shouting and belittling people opens their wallets...that I can hire famous people, pretend to be friends and use selfies with these stars to falsely promote myself...that I too, can learn SEO tricks to bury bad press....that I can give myself huge honors without having earned them....ahhhhhhhh....the list can go on and on.
Feb 12, 2016

Foxx in South Africa

Actually, Foxx has been many places. Leaving a long trail of lies.

Matter of time until the Bobby's catch him.
Feb 12, 2016

JT Foxx and refunds

Just try to get a refund from JT and Ralph.

Ain't gonna happen.

Hasn't happened for dozens of other suckers.

Ain't gonna happen now.

There is a long pattern of 3 Card Monty with good old Justin...oops, I mean JT.

And Ralph is no better.
Feb 12, 2016

Time for change jt foxx

The wonderful thing about technology is the ability to reach across continents, cultures, time zones, language barriers, etc to discuss, compare and plan what to do with those who have purposely and intentionally lied to, and misrepresented themselves to us. Turns out we have, between us, a breadth and depth of connections to assist us with legal representation and media coverage. It is very important to warn others and take action where we have been lead astray. It is beyond reprehensible to wound others, financially or otherwise, and it must be stopped.
Feb 12, 2016

JT Foxx and refunds

JT Foxx Orginaztion not refunding cancelled seminar

This is our experience with the JT Foxx Organization
• on April 11-13 attended event with various speakers (Meir/Ryan etc.)
• we registered for the coaching program because of Coach Meir
what he shared...if you as the client are not getting results, it is a reflection of the coach and the company, we take ownership...
he stood behind what was being offered so much that he offered a full money back guarantee
it was because of this that we registered
• we registered for the Perfect Business Model in Tampa, June 20-24
a program in which you fully stood behind
as an entrepreneur this was a MUST take course
• Call from Krista on June 17th while we were already in Florida to inform us that Perfect Business Model course we registered for in Tampa, June 20-24 was cancelled
as per Krista's request, we were asked to send expenses incurred as a result of this cancellation
Incurred expenses ($428 flight changes, non-refundable hotel charges $447.04 and the course $3500.00) sent to Krista on June 20th, response from Krista on June 20th that expenses were being forwarded to ...the department handling the expenses...
Additional email sent to Krista on July 17, letting her know that we have received no response regarding expenses. Response from Krista on July 17, request forwarded to Ralph Thompson, Director of Quality Assurance
On Aug 13th received email from Ralph requesting to set up a call on Aug 14th, where we can discuss our concerns. On this call we discussed the problems with our coaching program as well as why we have still not been reimbursed for the Florida expenses.
• Steve's coach - coach is overcommitted needing to cancel appointments and does not have the time to provide Steve with the service he has paid for.
• ML's coach - we were working to put on a workshop and we ended up with an empty room based on the recommendations of our coach. We are currently working with a marketing company and everything that we did incorrectly was from the advice of our coach.
• We decided to stop all coaching sessions and made a request for a full monetary refund on Sept 10-13
Based on our last few discussions and much thought we have decided that we no longer wish to have a working relationship with the J.T. Fox Organization. We have given much thought to our needs and do not see a good fit at this time or any time in the future.
As you have been aware we have had many challenges getting the reimbursement request from our trip to Florida regarding the cancellation of The Perfect Business Model.
These issues have been dragged out for way too long and we would like to resolve this as quickly as possible.
This means we would like a full monetary refund for the following:
 $3875 USD (non-refundable hotel charge, flight change and course fees)
 $30,000 USD (coaching investment minus the charges incurred for coaching services rendered, 6 coaching session, 3 each)
We are not interested in any negotiations or discussions to justify this decision, as many discussions have already taken place.
We trust that you and the JT Fox Organization will be with integrity and act quickly. It is imperative that we resolve this in an amiable and timely manner. We do not wish to resort to taking alternative measures.
• On Sept 12 response from Ralph of JT Foxx:
I am in receipt of your request. Please refer to the refund policy in your signed agreement.
If you wish to proceed further, please send me a detailed justification for your request.
there was no attached policy
• Response to Ralph on Sept 12th:
I see no attachment of the referred refund policy. As i mentioned we have already had multiple discussions for our
reasons and feel no need to get into a justification battle that will continue to have us going in these circles.
• Response to Ralph on Sept 18th:
I agree that we do not want to engage in justification conversations that would have us going in circles. I have attached your contract. The refund policy on page one is quite clear, you do not qualify for a refund.
As we have discussed in our previous conversations, the best way forward would be for you and Steven to continue your coaching programs.
• I invite you to put your money where your mouth is, and follow your advice ...don't listen to what anyone says, watch what they do...

Steven Falovitch [email protected]
Feb 12, 2016

This site will give you a very good idea of how JT Foxx and Ralph Thompson handle complaints

Feb 12, 2016

JT Foxx

So many countries and so many people are mobilizing to expose JT FOXX. His lies, money missing, services and goods not delivered. We are connecting and planning to contact legal authorities and media outlets. We have a lot of information and PROOF of his misdeeds.
Feb 12, 2016

J T FOXX Organization

People are entitled to be told the truth from the very start, and to be treated with respect at all times. Such is not the case with J T FOXX. Sure, go ahead and call Ralph. You will find yourself playing a game of cat and mouse.

It's time for the media to get involved AND the police, in MANY COUNTRIES.
Feb 11, 2016

Scam for sure

He was gest speaker for a jordan belfort seminar
He is really good a deceiving people
Talk to him and find him shallow and totally fake, only interested if i buy more from him
Out of his 3 hours boring presentation 2 slides were worth looking at ( free on the net by the way)
Stay away at all cost
Feb 11, 2016

JT Foxx

On behalf of the JT Foxx Organization, it is very simple. We understand that people are entitled to their opinions and also understand that JT has a big personality that some people love and isn't a good fit for others. We know that, and JT knows that as well.

If there is anyone on here who has purchased, a product, service, or workshop from the JT Foxx Organization and is unhappy we ask that you contact our Client Care/Quality Assurance Director. Ralph will be happy to work with you to find a resolution to your issue and address any concerns that you have. He can be contacted via his email [email protected]

As for anyone else who is complaining, if you don't like JT that's ok... but let others make the choice for themselves. For as many complaints as we see listed, will be interesting to see how many people actually contact Ralph to address their issues.

JT Foxx Organization
Feb 11, 2016

JT Foxx World's #1 Wealth Coach

JT likes to give himself titles and rankings like World's #1 Wealth Coach or syndicated radio host, or millionaire, or inspirational speaker. Stuff like that. But again, HE gives HIMSELF those titles. No governing body, or group or oversight committee awards him those titles. JT Foxx is not a self made man, he's a self made up man.
Feb 8, 2016

Meet JT Foxx

jt foxx has a different definition of meeting people. if you have in excess of $50,000 USD you will meet him face to face for like once or twice. after that. no way jose. loads of audience people have recorded him on their phones making phony claims. it will all come out one day.
Feb 8, 2016

I came away disappointed.

When all was said and done J.t. Foxx was not the slight bit impressive.

Bombastic and rude.

I will think through this meeting carefully but truthfully I can't see how any one person would buy his load of complete bull crap.
Feb 5, 2016

JT Foxx is Great!

Great at deceiving people.
Feb 3, 2016

Money back

Dear Mr. Foxx,

If people are genuinely unhappy with your services and products, why not just return their money and repair your reputation?


Angela Smith, LA
Feb 3, 2016

Haters gonna hate

Haters gonna hate lies. Pure and simple. Everyone despises a lie and a liar.
Not that uncommon to despise lying. Pretty common actually.
But it's not hateful to hate lies. It shows that someone values honesty. Shows they want to be treated with respect. Lies and liars will always incur the wrath and distaste of those who bend, stretch or break honesty.
Pretty common.

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