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JT Foxx Complaints and Reviews

Jul 30, 2018

Pleased I have read your reviews

This guy will be in Sydney Australia this Friday and I was tossing up whether to go or not
. Seems like it will be a complete waste of a day . May have second thoughts
Jul 21, 2018

Truth about jt foxx

He is paranoid. He needs to relax more.
(He even admits this)

He is smart. He is genuine.

He has bigger goals than most.

He has goals to help himself.

And has genuine goals to help others just as much.

He is human though.

He is remarkable in many ways.

A great speaker..

He has lots to teach.

He is determined to succeed by the troubles he experienced as a young child... who wouldn't??

He is doing his best and he is doing much more good for the world by attempting to empower others than most people... because most people dont put their lives and their 'face' on the line like he does to achieve those things. i actually think he is quite courageous to do things in the manner he does... its quite inspirational.

My review is the one and only review you need to know about jt foxx.

Jt foxx will make some people rich. Others wont get rich. Jt foxx will help people and piss other off.

But its not jt foxx that's the problem or the one asking for help. You are responsible for the tv u watch. You are responsible for the dollars u spend. U are responsible for the results u experience in your life.. not jt foxx.. not even jesus can take that power away from u.

Choose to empower yourself.

Thats all jt foxx is trying to do.. to help evwryone.

Listen carefully and please re read my review.

JT Foxx - Truth about jt foxx

Jun 19, 2018

Foxx is a Fraud

This guy is a fraud. He is not a famous millionaire or genius businessman. He is just a great self promoter who sells his products at enormous prices to people who cant afford it.
Jun 6, 2018

Mega speaker

I went to mega speaker seminar, was a hell of a weird day, I saw a lot of fake things, like his fast company cover, comon I've been working on advertising for 13 year and trust me I know when something is photoshopped, then his attitude sucks, his keynote sucks, shitty design! But not everything is bad, yes his business is getting your money with the less effort, but this guy is tremendously skilled! I've learn a lot from him in 8 hours, this guy is really a speaker, sneaky but a great speaker, he is not of anything that he claims, but is amazing the hability he has to close deals, the sad part is over people that is uneducated, and in a desperate situation, trying to create a better life that never will happen because he will take your 2k out off their bank account.

Believe me I know all the tricks and strategies he is using, and are cheap advertising tricks that only naive people get cougth in, I recomend to asist to his events but don't buy nothing, don't let him play with your emotions, instead, have fun with his show, a poorly design show but a free show, something you don't see often this days.

jt fox impress me with his skills but what he sells is just an illusion, the same illusion that big brands creates with advertising, the sad part is the big brands don't tell you many lies like he does.

JT if you read this one day, let me know that you have a great talent but please give to the people something real not just an empty illusion
May 27, 2018

JT Foxx is a C*nt

Fraudster, fake, useless, stuttering, hideously ugly person. Never had a girlfriend because he’s so discusting.

Really stupid. Wears cheap suits that don’t fit him.

Pretends to be “the worlds number 1” hahaha

Don’t be fooled - RUN!
Mar 16, 2018

False Myths about JT Foxx

False Myths about JT Foxx...false myths are that he is he in any way successful. False myth is that he is a successful real estate investor, he is not. False myth is that he is a billionaire, he is not. False myth is that he is a friend of Richard Branson, he is not. False myth is that he is a coach, he is not. He's just false, all around false.
Mar 8, 2018

JT is a crook

I don't see how anyone can call JT Foxx a crook. He tells us how he works the con himself, and it goes like this:
Pay money to celebrities to have pictures taken with them - this gives you the appearance of being somebody, builds you up. Present these pictures on your website and anywhere potential customers are looking and they will be impressed! Well...only the dumb ones, but hey, they have money too, right? And we can help ourselves to that money.
Next, talk yourself up. Throw around dazzling figures, about all the millions you are making, how your coachees have seen their businesses sky-rocket, but just give the headlines. Never ever explain what their business does or how it grew. Claim to own over 50 businesses yourself but, again, don't tell anyone what these businesses do.
And then there is the radio show. Claim to be so important in the business community that you have your own syndicated radio show. Even have a website for this show where you display the logos of the stations youur show airs on every week on a Saturday. This one is totally safe because noone will contact these radio stations to check whether they have you on their schedule. Well, JT, ol' buddy, that is exactly what I did. And one had some contact with you 6 years ago ... because you bought some airtime ... so you could claim to host a radio-show.
Baboozle your audience with all the cities you are travelling to and from, giving these seminars. No-one ever asks who the hell is running your 50 businesses or why these seminars are as important. I own a business. It cost me 17 EUR to register it. So 50 businesses I could get for 850 EUR, which is peanuts. And the real reason for going to a different country every day is the need to find fresh suckers.

Now JT tells us the celebrity meets are paid for, so that bit is honest. But then he goes on to give the impression that there are loads of celebs in regular contact with him but there just isn't enough time in a day.

The really elegant part of his scheme is that he tells his audience how to fake being important ... but plenty of listeners still seem to believe in JT, despite being told how to fake it. I've told you how to pretend being important but when I tell you that I really am important, you believe me. OK, that's enough, just give me your money and go away.
And off they trot, to the tables at the back to sign up for bogus coaching for thousands of Euros or a 90-minute DVD at just under 500 Euros about whose contents they know nothing. We've just listened to JT and his warm-up hamster for 4 hours and learned nothing of substance about Speaking, Coaching or Training.

Next time he comes to town, I'm going along. I'll save as many people as I can.
May 15, 2017


stay away, be warn,a big scammer!
Mar 30, 2017

Valuable Content

Listen just because you guys are losers and can't make any money for yourself.. doesn't mean he is too!

I feel SORRY for you guys who see scam EVERYWHERE in the world!
That's why he is a MILLIONAIRE and you are NOT still in your boring 9 to 5 jobs and hating every minute of it!

I attended the Paris event as I missed the one in Geneva..
I think he gave us A LOT of great FREE value!

What I find STRANGE from you guys is.. that you pay 1000s of dollars for a business school education and you find that OK & not a scam.. whereas a guy who is teaching you real life business technics.. you are pushing him to the side & saying it's a scam??

He is just presenting his service.. you are FREE to buy or not!

I bought his Wealth WorkOut program which costed only 97 bucks!
I was like.. in worst case I won't learn anything and i'll lose 97$.. so what it's worth a try..
& I have been watching it!
Seriously it's loaded with GREAT simple tips & ideas
I've already implement 5 of his ideas in my business & life.. and trust me.. they are EFFICIENT!

Look.. there will ALWAYS be haters EVERYWHERE that's how life is!
& this blog is FULL of them!
People who are jealous & think they are smarter than everyone else because THEY DIDN'T fall for the show like those who did! COME ON GUYS..

There is NOTHING the guy said which wasn't interesting & out of ordinarily stupid!

Where I do agree is that he has a whole set of attitude problems.. but NO ONE is perfect!
I have tons of flaws I am sure YOU do too!

But in life just take what is BEST for you.. if you can learn from a fool... there is no shame in doing so!
& JTFoxx is maybe many things but he is NO FOOL!
He is a talented businessman..
I believe if you DON'T LEARN it's also partially YOUR fault.. as you must not be smart enough to benefit from any given information and make it profitable for yourself!

And don't listen to others! Try things out for yourself before you reject them!
My advice is NOT to give into other people's fear
Just because they are incapable of LEARNING don't let them pull you down with them
Mar 26, 2017

If you can't afford it don't spend it.

I'm as horse poor as the next door neighbour living in the box beside me. We all have different things that we will put a higher price on then the next guy.

I value education and am progressing with what I've learned. I learned to read write and speak Panjabi because I wanted to in 3 months. I paid for a 6 month coarse to learn beginner Italian, I still can not speak or even read it. We learn as much as we apply ourselves.

If you don't have $5'000 then you've scammed yourself but if the concert is worth it and you walk away from the experience with a memory then why not! I've lost $5'000 in two months of training on a horse at the track you have to asses each day and say maybe we will keep investing to see a return or maybe it is a gamble and I'll stop. It's your choice!
Mar 23, 2017

Lets not be naive about this... it's actually good value


I am not surprised about the comments. Mostly if not all from people who did not pay the 5000 to find out.

That is the price they pays for working with people coming in from the street, many without higher education or corporate experience / vocational or leadership training.

The real question should be asked from those who DID invest both in TIME and in MONEY: What is worth it?

From my experience with Harv Eker, the training ended up costing participants 300 euros per training day, plus travel & lodging expenses.

Did they learn lots of new skills? Did they learn how to brand themselves? yes. Did they learn basic time management, yes. Did they learn sales fundamentals, yes? Did they learn how to make a product or service offering? yes. Practice basic speak and presentation skills? yes. Etc etc.

How does that compare with regular training and coaching costs - pretty good value actually.

Does that mean they are now a star like JT Foxx, Harv Eker, Richard Branson etc? Mostly Not.

Why? Most of them never even realised what was involved and how high the bar actually is. However...

For the few that I saw going the whole 100%, two years later they are paid 15k - 20k per event. They do between 8 - 15 events a year. Not too bad.

Four years on two of them now are co-trainer and one is a lead trainer earning between 30k and 50k per event. So that worked out for them too.

For the rest, was it a worthwhile investment and help them develop in their professional and personal life? Most say yes.

If people think it is a scam, it's mostly because they sell you a dream.

But if someone didn't get us to shoot for the stars, no chance of landing on the moon, which is still a greater achievement than 10 years being a couch potato on front of a telly spending 500 a year on sweets.

Are they sharps sales guys, yes. But so are the guys that sell timeshare holidays, insurance, etc...

Are their claims lies? Usually not, it's just that most of the audience isn't trained to listening carefully to the small print in the language. For example , they invest jointly with participants in rental property, each property is rightfully and legally a business. , many of do, if you own shares in BP, even if it is 10 pounds worth.. you own part of BP. Same with the the claims of worth millions within months...all it takes it is to be an associate agent in finding a buyer(s) for a London property... and presto, you become part of a deal worth millions.... that doesn't mean that they EARNED millions as part of the deal. Is it designed to give an artificial impression of success and be part of a manipulative sales process, sure. Try cosmetic advertising for women...
Mar 22, 2017

Zurich Show

Yes it was a good show to see on your own eyes. Good actors, good stories to make you believe... but you will not get any money out of it. This guy does not look at you directly, telling you ;listen to your coach; and people are listening and buy, poor people. but real coaches do not tell you - do this and this... I was also close, but good feeling was with me. If he takes 1.000.000 for his coaching , what for he is doing these ...? think, all is about seeing with celebrity, pictures to make people believe they know someone important...
Mar 22, 2017

It's a very dangerous scam, BEWARE

H'e s very dangerous and very well-trained. I go t scammed and am feeling so shitty about this. I attended the Geneva one 2 days ago and we had no internet connection in the room, everything was done to intimidate us. Well performed, so sorry for the people who got involved.
Mar 21, 2017

Help me bring this scammer to Justice

Reading the remarks and reviews of JT Foxx you can easily identify the sheep and headless chickens in their positivity that support him. These people are a minority and ever so gullible in giving their money away. As a group we can all stop this scammer in a correct way.

I would urge and ask people by sending a e mail to the addresses below, simply stating that they need to look into this case of JT Foxx. If you are not in the UK then still please send a mail as it will help. You can find all the venues via the website of JT Foxx where this Shark will perform next in order to warn your family, friends and business community away. Some people mail the hotel asking how they feel about hosting a crook in their hotel who's soul purpose is to screw and rip off as many gullible people as possible in a careful clever way of manipulation.

I will twitter Richard Branson and I will ask him this question, why he feels a need to support and endorse JT Foxx and whether he is aware of how this crook is using his good name who I respect very much in order to con and mislead people or is it for the 500,000 dollars that JT Foxx boasts he pays his A star list of celebrities that he kept bragging about. I have e mailed Mr Branson but with a standard reply of nothing but his website sent back to me, I feel Twitter may be more productive. I am very anti scam and feel a need as a decent human being to assist and help people from falling into this trap. Yes, I agree we all go to these events at our own risk supposedly knowing what we are letting ourselves in for, but I went for activities that were advertised on all the adverts and e mails sent to me, and I cannot recall him going into any detail on any of the information I was under the impression I would receive. It was 100% pure pressure to spend money on the day for a product that was not a product but a pack of lies. I wonder how a flash mob could make his events more interesting.

[email protected]

Twitter, @richardbranson
Mar 21, 2017


I had exactly the same impression. I walked away in the middle of presentation right after lunch. I looked around and saw people being hypnotized and smiling listening to the rubbish presentation. And I was so surprised. Why nobody see what I see? I also saw a neurotic man who is obsessed about becoming rich. He praises himself but there are no facts about him being exceptional coach or successful entrepreneur. And people do believe him. Wow!
He is ripping off people and selling them the presentation about how he is ripping them, without them noticing anything.
So I walked away from this show and felt bad for the rest of the day, feeling guilty not trying to reveal to others that it's a scam. It's late at night, same day, but the feeling is still there. I know that everyone should be responsable for their own stupidity and mistakes. And it's not my responsibility to open other people eyes, but it doesn't help me to feel better. First time in my life I saw a live scam event and I feel kind of dirty :-/ I contribute in stopping this craziness by writing this comment.
Mar 21, 2017


Just returned from his Geneva whole day session and surprisingsly he stated that he never repeats anything he talks about in another program but all I have read here are exactly what I heard today. Bragging, arrogance, disrespect, and will make sure he makes you really feel you are good for nohting, because you don't earn 'a million dollars'.

Some of the ideas are ok anyway but I was much much disappointed in the person and the way he related with paople.

God be with us all.
Mar 17, 2017

JT-as sly as a-foxx

Purchased a branding program in SA from JT-as sly as a-foxx. It involved 20 minutes face time with him and all he did was fidget like a hyperactive child, giving generic useless advice.

He buys up domain names on the internet to spread his false propaganda. Pays people to write positive reviews, and to suppress any valid complaints.

Don't believe a word that comes out of this guys mouth.....biggest waste of money and scam ever. Stay away!
Mar 13, 2017

Jt Foxx - what a machine

I first met JT in Oct 2016 at a free event in SA! I loved every second! Went to his house in Thailand for Top1 and again blown away! The way I have grown and how my business has grown is phenomenal and we are in the process of opening our first international branch for a company that is 5 months old!

If you want to change your life get Jt Foxxas your business coach
Mar 13, 2017

A little guy

He cannot even look at the eyes of attendees. He came with his team to sell his products and said bad things about other great speakers in the world and showed videos of himself that worn a cloth like a clown and jumped up and down in front of people.

He was very rude without having the minimum presentation skills. Unfortunately, I wasted a day of my life for this little man. :-(
Mar 12, 2017

Best value for money ever

I loved every minute of JT Foxx. I fail to see a scam. Scams are when there is no value for money and I sure have value for mine. Show me something better and I will purchase.
Roselyn Carasco
Mar 12, 2017

People power can stop him,

I cannot stomach vermin like this JT Foxx. I would urge people to expose him, inform the hotels where he presents, I informed Richard Branson and every major newspaper and investigation program in the UK, we don't need scammers like this anywhere ripping people off during economical hard times....There should be groups formed to arrange demonstrations at his events to protect the innocent who turn up. The initial invite I received expressed how I will gain information about digital marketing, becoming a better speaker, learn many tips, NOTHING was expressed except hardship stories and his own success stories of how using his method will make you become very successful. No wonder at some events he hires a body guard.
Mar 12, 2017

EXPOSE this guy to your daily newspaper.

I cannot stomach vermin like this JT Foxx. I would urge people to expose him, inform the hotels where he presents, I informed Richard Branson and every major newspaper and investigation program in the UK, we don't need scammers like this anywhere ripping people off during economical hard times. Millionaires are also eligible for prison for wrong doing.
Mar 12, 2017

Does someone have a better alternative?

I went to JT's free day and I gained a lot from it. I bought the tapes and am getting more still. From it I have already worked out for myself many of the things that I need to do and I have started working away at that. If I come to a standstill I will go get some coaching from him or his team but until I run out of what I need to do just listening to his CD's and DVD's I am happy to keep working away.

have any of you got a better education or coaching to offer me from your own success.? If so please let me know because until I find something better I am going to keep doing what I am doing and keep listening to JT Foxx. If you can offer me a more intelligent alternative I am all ears and I will purchase .
Mar 3, 2017

Jt Foxx scams Gold coast

Gold coast 3d of march,

I felt really sorry for those people with hypnotized eyes giving their credit cards to him.
But I was not sure...
If I would read this web site 1 day earlier I would through in a nice performance right there, warning people to run away.

Today he is in Brisbane. Dear people stay away from it!
Mar 1, 2017

Got what i asked for

He is a really good sales person. Rubbing so many deals in your face. I bet his last minute $97 aud was a neatly choreographed one. I mean he literally told us that every word, every action was choreographed and practiced.

Also, great marketers arent Narcisistic. Real famous people dont have to go around telling people they are famous right? When was the last time you see a Lamborghini ad? He gotta work on that.

Nevertheless, being an open minded entrepreneur myself. I enjoyed his 'performance' and got tons of value out of it ! I didnt had to go to his coaching programs but i learnt quickly what he done there today! Good sales person. Very convincing, ill use his strategies for my own business.

Look guys, just take the good. Leave the bad. No reason to spend time focusing on the negative side we learn nothing.
Mar 1, 2017

Total waste of time

I also did Attend JTFOXX whole day free workshop in Melbourne, I couldn't believe to see that in an event about speaking the simple but most important step of a good presentation was not there which is an eye contact.

He couldn't look at the crowd in the eye, which it shows that he doesn’t believe in himself and what he is selling. He was just walking from side to side nonstop which shows how nervous he was and he was saying all the words he memorised which showed not an even little bit of authenticity.

He truly didn't add anything as he didn't have the knowledge, he just used or better to say, misused couple of celebrities' credibility for showing that he can help people. He just bragged about his product for almost 98% of the whole workshop.

Plus he was so rude and unpolite, he did not understand that us Australians as a nation are the same and treat each other in the same way, regardless of our religious, background and skin colour, we are Australians.

I never attended any workshop or presentation before that the presenter humiliate others with pride.

It was a complete waste of time.
Mar 1, 2017


I too was at the free JTFoxx event in Melbourne 1 .. I go with my gut instinct on a lot of my decisions and something wasn't adding up firstly I look at people's shoes .. JT's shoes where something you would by at a cheap shoe shop. They weren't expensive shoes, I have never known anyone who has money wearing nothing but Italian or designer shoes .. there was a shiny mark on the back of his right calf leg pant. This was caused by an iron being too hot .. wouldn't you have more than one suit if you had so much wealth.. secondly I came wanting to know how to be a better myself as a female speaker. Now I am not naive and know that it was all a ploy for selling him and his product, but there was no content about how to be a better speaker it was all about being and selling yourself as a coach. I was over hearing about how good he was, if you were that good why the hard sell to convince people ?? I was also found him to be rude to the immigrants of our country and as one lady challenged and argued with him he was so condescending and at one stage he raised his voice and he was moments away from loosing it with her . It was apparent he had lost his cool and found it necessary to then convince us that he was the good guy. Sorry a good speaker wouldn't have let it get that far .. I sat there thinking when are we getting to the part of becoming a better speaker but that never happened.. he showed more slides of male presenters than anything .. and then he hit us with the 5 options of his packages. All of which he told people to use their credit card.. mmmm he was praying on the vulnerable .. whilst he was selling his products he put a lady marketing branding guru to present her knowledge to us. She was everything he told us not to be, there was no information she gave us that I would use. Very disappointed and am glad I didn't pay for it..
Mar 1, 2017

Quick in and out

I booked into JT Foxx's free event in Melbourne. In fact, it's today! I was a little excited, but a little disappointed in the first session before lunch (I'm enjoying a beer during lunch break).. no eye contact and very full of it.. I get the concept of selling free events and build to the next one etc.. interesting.. way too much selling of his $479 cds! Almost felt guilty not racing to the back table (had to desperately take a pee).

I got out..

Enjoying a beer.. I didn't trust him, sorry. My opinion.

Next time.. 😊😊😊
Feb 21, 2017

Amsterdam Feb, 2017-Elaborate but be careful

With being a presenter that as delivered speeches and events in over 50 countries and while being out of work now, I was considering whether to start my own business and was intrigued to hear about a free event being given by JT Foxx who I had never heard of before being held in Amsterdam the Netherlands. With reading so many online remarks all mainly positive, his advert expressed how your speaking skills and coaching skills can be enhanced to a level that will make you one of the top speakers in your profession and this free event was going to give you lots of ideas on how to succeed while learning some of the methods in marketing, branding, advertising etc.

Let me ask you the reader, have you ever clicked on a website and started watching a video that starts telling you a wonderful story with many mistakes you have made in your life and how there is a right way to do things to succeed, and this video goes on and on for about 45 minutes then at the end of the video you are told that if you buy the tapes or books now you will get a bonus and a reduction of the cost, and then you see a timer countdown saying buy now for the offer, well this event reminded me a little of that video only it was live with real people called JT Foxx. In the first hour of his speech, I heard the phrase I have made 1 million at that event or 1 million at this other event or 250,000 from that person I coached, every paragraph was all about how much money he was making, millions and millions but in this first 3 hours of the morning the importance of 32 coaching sets were the only ones left for sale at a price of 497 euros which included yes you have guessed it a bonus and all this was at a reduced price. It was just before Lunch and they hushed everyone out of the room saying turn left at the exit to the table to buy the tapes, this was repeated 5 times. Do not get me wrong but I am all out for a sale but their is a difference between selling ethically and illegally and all I would say is that there were many sly dirty tactics being used over many vulnerable people struggling in very poor economies that were being drawn in like fish to bait.

Jt Foxx actually said, all these online quick get rich schemes are full of bull shit and are scams, yet here he is in person doing the same thing, but for a guy who acclaimed to be nearly a billionaire was constantly saying only the first 32 people will be able to buy the last 32 coaching sets that looked like a box of dvds being sold.

Now JT Foxx as a great celebrity list but people are so mislead that he as you thinking that anyone can become a coach or great speaker and will for sure go on to make millions, I beg to differ. What I did not like is how he did his hard sell to woman, telling woman that they should not listen or discuss anything with their husbands but for them to buy on their gut reaction knowing that they are doing the right thing and by buying now, this selling tactic I find to be despicable.

He also criticises people that leave during the lunch break or sneak out and he spoke of one guest in a way that no Professional presenter or speaker would remark upon, it is something you never do as a speaker and that is slag off an audience member who was not there, no one knows why people have to leave early but in the initial advert it just said call time 8am, this event went on to 6pm and then they try and get you to join another event straight afterwards about how to become a millionaire quick, rings a bell to the previous website video I once watched.

I returned home feeling sick and somewhat very disapointed with the whole day and manner it was done in. Well done for getting me to turn up but even though some elements were interesting and of course logical, I was not convinced it was that special for everyone present.
Feb 18, 2017

Disappointed by excessive 'b...s' language

JT you really need to consider doing away with your swearing!!! It's so destructive and depressing! We attended to come and hear about how we can be coached by 'no. 1 Wealth Coach' . To my disappointment, the presentations were packed with self-elevation/bragging and swearing. To top it all there was a great deal of aggression in some bits, leaving little hope for people with limited financial resources feeling like they didn't belong to your 'family'.

Not all was gloom though, JT and team,there were certainly some positive aspects that challenged us to believe in our God-given talents and have the boldness to generate profit and help others,that was good well done. However, I left Birmingham feeling divinely uncomfortable. Some people attested to this during lunch break,but were feeling intimidated by some of the statements you made. JT FOXX, WHO ARE YOU? ARE YOU GENUINE? JESUS CHRIST PLEASE HELP US ALL AMEN!

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