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Omni Tech Support Complaints and Reviews

Apr 18, 2014


Horrible experience - transferred to them by INTUIT/Quicken to download a Quicken update.
Never did that instead requested payment of $300 to fix errors on my PC to avoid problems (that I never had). After repeatedly denying those services and asking to just download Quicken, I finally cut it off.
VERY aggressive high-pressure sales tactics.
Insult to injury: they installed a program that popped up and was so persistent (could not close the pop-up neither any other screens - even task manager was not able to close it) that I had to hard-shut my PC, start it up and then uninstalled that Omni Support program!

Nightmarish experience!!!
Apr 10, 2014


This is an Scam From india trying to RIP america. I have no idea about the American Government.
Apr 7, 2014

Called Police!! Avoid at all costs - SCAM

The worst tech support I ever experienced
no outcome
charged money
disconnected without my authorization - 5 hrs online - had to give my email password and apple password
they rummaged around in my computer - looking at and harvesting who knows what
I finally had to call the police
Had to change all of my passwords
Apr 1, 2014

Storing and Charging credit card

8:51 PM Connecting...
8:51 PM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
8:52 PM Support session established with CC-TECH 20.
8:52 PM CC-TECH 20:
Thank you for contacting OmniTech Support, I am Evans.
8:52 PM CC-TECH 20:
Can you please grant me permission to initiate a remote session?
8:53 PM Arindam Sen:
Please here me first
8:53 PM CC-TECH 20:
Sure, Arindam.
8:53 PM Arindam Sen:
14/01/08 OMNITECH SUPPORT SONY (LOS ANGELES) 1,600 One One 1,600 14.99 USD 106.792 01 10 ◎
8:54 PM Arindam Sen:
there are few such transaction which is showing with my credit card bill for last few mnths
8:55 PM Arindam Sen:
i had bought earlier omitech support for 6 months r so
8:55 PM Arindam Sen:
but after that
8:55 PM Arindam Sen:
i have not authorized fr any such transaction
8:55 PM Arindam Sen:
Are you with me till here
8:56 PM CC-TECH 20:
Please be online let me have a check with our Billing Department.
8:56 PM Arindam Sen:
8:56 PM Arindam Sen:
please delete my credit card details
8:56 PM Arindam Sen:
so with yur record
8:57 PM CC-TECH 20:
Thank you for being online, Arindam.
8:57 PM Arindam Sen:
8:57 PM Arindam Sen:
so what came up
8:58 PM CC-TECH 20:
Please let me inform you that, last time you have paid $159.99 for 6 months support on the date of Mar 18 2013.
8:59 PM Arindam Sen:
8:59 PM CC-TECH 20:
And that plan valid for the date upto Sep 07 2014.
9:00 PM Arindam Sen:
what does that mean
9:01 PM Arindam Sen:
9:01 PM Arindam Sen:
you mean 2013
9:01 PM Arindam Sen:
sep 2013
9:01 PM CC-TECH 20:
The SignedUp plan for 6 months on the date of Mar 08 2014 has been expired on Sep 07 2013.
9:01 PM CC-TECH 20:
Yes, Arindam. Sorry for the Typo.
9:02 PM Arindam Sen:
9:02 PM CC-TECH 20:
Sorry for the Typo.
9:02 PM Arindam Sen:
then please let mw know why my credit card details were stored
9:02 PM Arindam Sen:
and i was charged
9:02 PM Arindam Sen:
14/01/08 OMNITECH SUPPORT SONY (LOS ANGELES) 1,600 One One 1,600 14.99 USD 106.792 01 10 ◎
9:03 PM Arindam Sen:
are you there É
9:04 PM CC-TECH 20:
Arindam, please let me inform you that, you have agreed for the recurring payment, that is from the date of Sep 10 2013 you agreed to pay $14.99 every months for our Unlimited Tech Support Support.
9:05 PM Arindam Sen:
how i have agreed
9:05 PM Arindam Sen:
did i send you any e-mail or called you É
9:06 PM CC-TECH 20:
You have agreed to pay this when you SignedUp the on the date of Mar 8 2013.
9:07 PM Arindam Sen:
Sorry absolutely no
9:07 PM Arindam Sen:
there were none such
9:07 PM Arindam Sen:
communication either from your side
9:08 PM Arindam Sen:
nor did i requested
9:08 PM Arindam Sen:
for any such renewal
9:08 PM Arindam Sen:
i have your invoice
9:08 PM Arindam Sen:
in my mail box
9:09 PM CC-TECH 20:
Okay, Arindam. We will cancel the recurring payment and I assure that you will not be charged here after.
9:10 PM CC-TECH 20:
Is that okay with you?
9:10 PM Arindam Sen:
this is not good
9:10 PM Arindam Sen:
please refund also
9:10 PM CC-TECH 20:
I do understand your concern, Arindam.
9:10 PM Arindam Sen:
the older payment which were charged
9:11 PM Arindam Sen:
do yu agree it was your problem
9:11 PM Arindam Sen:
to charge me without autrization
9:11 PM CC-TECH 20:
Our supervisor will call you regarding your concern at the earliest, Arindam.
9:11 PM Arindam Sen:
authorization, and un ethically stored my credit card details
9:12 PM Arindam Sen:
what does that mean
9:12 PM Arindam Sen:
call me at earliest
9:12 PM Arindam Sen:
why you have stored my credit card details
9:13 PM Arindam Sen:
And do you agree it was your problem
9:14 PM CC-TECH 20:
Please stay online let me have a check with our records.
9:14 PM Arindam Sen:
how long already once you have checked the records

They are storing the credit card details and charging when ever they feel like.
This is crazy and absolutely unethical
Mar 25, 2014

199.00 and computer still not working right

I there when my friend called to get his computer fixed, They said he had a virus, and for 199.00 they pcould fix it. Now he's got more problems than he started with. I spoke to the tech person and couldnot understand anything he was saying. Now my friend is out of 199.00 and got to take his computer else where to get fixed. My friend is a senior and we both feel that he was ripped off. I wonder how he can get his money back? I will call the BBB
Sep 24, 2013

False Advice

I called about helping me install Office on my new laptop, after connecting remotely the tech said she could see some system issues and was correcting them, the lap top is 2 days old and there wre no issues, then she said I told her I didnt want any other help but to install Office. She said I have already begun the fixes and said I owed $199, I told her to stop and I was not going to pay for something I didnt agree to. She said but you did agree when you said to help you!! WHAT A SCAM
Jul 10, 2013

the most horrible place where to work!!!

I used to work for Omni Tech Support company and I will never recommend it to anyone!!!
This is the worst place to work because these people treat their employees like a junk! My first complaint is about the salary which was twice less than it was promised. They just cut it without a reason and each time after I asked them about promised salary they gave me another promise which was never complete. Second complaint is about the attitude - team is not friendly at all and the best example of harassing attitude are managers who allow people to speak with each other like with enemies. Third complaint is about the working process. As a tech support I was FORCED to scam people out of money giving them false advices.
Consumer, be careful!!! This must be avoided!
Jul 9, 2013

Ruined my computer and charged me $249.99

They charged me $249.99 to fix a issue with my computer and then told me that I need to clean up and up-grade my computer which will make my computer last for life-time. They took 13 hours and still couldn't fix it that day, because next day, my computer was worse than ever. When I called back, they told me I need to pay more money...
Jul 5, 2013

Hidden fees and charges in contract

I don’t know what to start from. Omni Tech Support provides the most terrible service I have ever got in my life. Having troubles with my computer I searched for a company that can help me and their name popped up. I called them and talked with a friendly woman who told me that they provide their services for free for the first time and then if I want I can subscribe and get softwares and assistance for free. I said that I need assistance only right now and later if I need something from them I will call again and subscribe. She answered ok and then helped me to solve the problem without any further questions.
After about 2 weeks, I was reviewing my credit card balance and found unauthorized charge from Omni Tech Support . Thinking that this should be a mistake, I called and explained my situation. What a surprize it was when they told that their subscription is actually automatic and once you use their free service you should pay $400 per year. I said that I didn’t know the conditions and I would like to get a refund. I even offered them to pay for the free assistance I have got, but they refused.
When I finally came to conclusion that I can forget about the money I spent on subscription, I wanted to cancel it. And shock again! They told that cancellation costs $25! This company is extorting money from honest people! Why aren’t they closed and arrested so far?
Phone: (800) 966-9940
Jul 2, 2013


It’s absolutely ridiculous that Omni Tech Support call centre harass customers on Sundays. I got a call and told by the lady that she is busy and instructed me to call her on Monday as it is Sunday and definitely not a day for work. She then started harassing me and continued phoning 10 times and started screaming at me about my account. This is pathetic and totally unacceptable to treat a client like this. Someone as rude should not be allowed to contact customers.

From now – please stop calling me on my phone. I will only accept communication from you in written form. Your staff really needs to learn telephone etiquette and proper communication skills. While some people don’t mind them as they may offer something of interest, others find these calls annoying and consider them as intrusion.

I found on the internet an advice about how to stop receiving these calls. I have already tried to contact my phone company and ask them to block the number and also wrote a complaint to Omni Tech Support manager. Let’s see what they will do next because I am afraid they can start robocalls and then I will only have the opportunity to change my phone number.

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