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  • State: Wisconsin
  • City: Madison
  • Address: 333 Holtzman Road
  • Phone: (800) 279-3373
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HyCite and Royal Prestige Complaints and Reviews

Feb 11, 2015

they will call nonstop even call your work!!!

Do not order anything from them. The perform of the pots are sub par.... i will never ever buy anything from them ever again.....they call your phone non stop they email and text you all hours of the day....and if they can't get ahold of you they call and harrass your co-workers....... their representatives are rude and their coduct is horrendous. ....
I wish i could give them 0 stars

You will regret signing up with them!!!!!!!!
Jan 10, 2015


First this lady named..well I won't name her but she is a representative of Royal Prestige ..she came to my home..she spoke Spanish ..I speak broken Spanish ...she told me she just wanted to tell me about a product. .ok..so I let her tell me about it because she seemed kind and I love cookware. She tells me about a juicer ..of course I only am understanding half of what she says..then we get to the selling part of the deal. I tell her if it is a credit thing then I can't do it because I have identity theft goin on already. She says well we can check and see if you qualify ..it's easy. Sooooo..it's signed what she said was permission to check my credit..Once again..it's don't speak fluent Spanish and the documents were in Spanish. .me being gullible and having an issue saying no to people who look like they are in need..it's said ok and let her run my credit..she says..your credit is fine.. (lie #1) then she tells me that it will be 240 dollar deposit. I told her I don't have 240 dollars for a deposit for a juicer that cost 1400 dollars. Well she says she will pay it and I can pay her back...I told this lady that I didn't want her to do that. .In the best broken Spanish I could speak..she said no problem..I sell homemade tortillas too..I sell said sure I'll have some of those. .she said she'd be back with them...she came when I was out of town..meaning in the next town over. She insisted on waiting in my parking area. I never made it home and she bombarded me with calls and texts to my phone and then my husband. She called day after day to ask for her money for the deposit she paid on the merchandise. .then after I told her I wasn't paying for that she started texting me every day calling me a thief and a liar and I needed to return the merchandise to her instead of the company. I refused..now they send me to collections with a bill that I never agreed to and also say that they have me recorded, as the record all conversations) stating that I paid the deposit and received the merchandise... ( lie #100) These people are nothing more than thieves. The customer service rep told me on the phone today that they don't have a signed contract by which is true..she was super nice, she sent me to the accounting dept. That lady was a rude individual..I asked for her supervisor who was really nice..she sent me to a person who could help with that. ..because you know..I accept responsibility because I didn't understand her and I misunderstood her apparently telling me that it was a credit application when actually what she told me was she was just checking my credit..soo..because of my lack of Spanish speaking skills , I am being punished..even after I told her I didn't want the thing and couldn't afford the deposit she proceeded to order it for me anyway..now it is on my credit report and they will not help in any way..I told them I will pay it but not at the payments they are suggesting. I can't afford it..If they want any money they will just have to take what I can afford..This lady before she left that told me I was going to jail for stealing her 240 and 1390 worth of merchandise. ..well I am seriously thinking of taking them to court....but that's my horror story.
Nov 20, 2014

Cheap products, extremely deceptive sales persons

Avoid this company! We went to the sales presentation to get our free vacation offer. The sales representative sold us on a long series of lies. The cookware package that we were talked into buying (my fault for giving in and believing him) was supposed to be worth $4000. It was discounted by 40% and included a bunch of extras for that night only. Pressure was on. With a final price tag of about $2300, we WERE happy.
A few weeks later, the pots and pans and extra's arrived in the mail. They were nice. They looked good. They performed satisfactory, but not anything like in the presentation. The pots do scuff and stain easy. Way over priced in our opinion.
The pots were recalled due to a defect, and CHEAP steel coated aluminum replacements were sent. I refused to accept the new pots, and only after many calls and what seemed like hours of being on hold, they finally agreed to refund the price of the pots only, not the extra items. The refund price was $1495!!! Go figure! We were sold a $1495 pot set with free extra's and told that it was worth $4000!

Jun 18, 2014

Fuck them!

Fuck this company. They ruined my life and my credit. TAKE IT FROM ME. I went to their Dinner 4 Two presentation and was never told about finance charges etc... DONT GET ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!
Jul 12, 2013

Fraudulent charges

I heard about HyCite and Royal Prestige first when I noticed an overdraft on my bank account. I have never used their services or order any kind of products from them, but they somehow fraudulently got access to my account and stole my money. This company destroyed my and my wife’s credit. I tried to return the money through the bank, but was told that I can do this only through HyCite.
Then I started calling and emailing this company. I shouldn’t write about the problems I have but I should write that I want to order more in order to get in contact with them. As soon as they understood that I want my money back, they disappeared and stopped answering the phone.
After a month I decided to call the, from another number and ask some questions. Thanks god they picked the tube and I spoke to a young girl who told me that they have an order for my address in their database. It is lie! I tried to tell her that I didn’t order something but our conversation ended up when she almost sold me unnecessary product.
I am so angry on this company. Why do they work on market and are not closed?
Jul 10, 2013

sold me an item which was out of stock. No refund.

HyCite and Royal Prestige is not that good as it seems to be! I used their service time ago, placed an order on their website and all items were in stock. Later I received just half of my order. I contacted this company and asked about that problem. I received a reply which stated that other items were out of stock and I have to wait for them about one month. They apologized but refused me in a refund when I asked them about possibility to cancel my order. After one month I received nothing and I contacted this company again. That timed I received no response on my claim, I was simply ignored without a honor. At the moment I am trying to get my money back and I still van't understand with they could sell items which actually were out of stock. So you' better don't buy from them!
Jul 2, 2013

No refund

I purchased 3 items from HyCite and Royal Prestige and all 3 items were 'in-stock' according to the website. I received an email from the company that 2 items were out of stock and they offered me to wait until the following week and I agreed to wait. Then they encouraged me to replace the items with a different stock order and I asked for a refund.

Company emailed saying they will refund and then I have asked for a refund transaction summary and they refused to give it to me. I have asked numerous times. They informed me that the refund will be credited to my bank account in 3-6 weeks and their website states '2-3 business days'. I asked them to refund me immediately and they replied saying they refunded me but the bank required a 'handling fee' so the company said my refund paid for the handling fee...

The handling fee should have come out of their pocket and NOT mine. They have not replied to my last email asking for the refund transaction summary for the last time. I want to warn other customers not to use their service. They also didn’t agree to talk to my bank representative.
Jun 17, 2013

They will ruin your credit and make you order products of thousands of dollars

Royal Prestige is a scam. They will ruin your credit and make you order products of thousands of dollars, their reps will constantly harass you with phone calls to your cell, home job even your husbands job!

they will collect money unauthorized from your bank. Their reps falsely make orders for you and have you paying them regardless. the customer service is horrible and when you tell them the problem they say nothing can be done. You will be in for years before you can pay off the debt which is thousands of dollars!.

They pray on poor hispanic struggling families with lots of children and cause undue stress|. Hy Cite finance does not care about their customers they only care about their business and taking your money!. This is a very selfish company I suggest you do not do business with them at all|. Do not fall for their lies and pressure, please pass this information along?.

I can say Hy Cite Finance ruined my life;. Even after sending this unwanted package of thousands of dollars back which i never ordered they want me to pay for it,.

This is a horrible business. Hy Cite finance and Royal prestige will rip you off and harass you and damage your credit.

333 Holtzman Road, Madison, Wisconsin 53713

(800) 279-3373

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