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HyCite and Royal Prestige Complaints and Reviews

Jun 28, 2018


The worst company ever. It is a fraud!! Do not buy anything from here. From New York City.
Apr 27, 2018


stay away from them they will ruin your credit
no return no cancel you will be prisoner
bad product burn everything
im looking for a lawyer
Jun 6, 2017


les doy una estrella porque no les puedo poner menos sino les daria 100 menos porque son unos mentirosos y hacen fraude prometen que no te van a cobrar interese y cuando te das cuenta ya te embarcaron con un cuenton hace mas de 4 meses compre un filtro y supuetamente ellos lo ivan a conectar gratis y todavia es el dia que estoy esperando por ello les llame y les dije que no les iva a pagar hasta que vinieran a conectarlo o por su filtro y asi lo hice no les he dado el pago pero te molestan tanto todo el dia llamando y a todos tus contactos y cuando te comunicas con ellos y les explicas las razones por las que no has hecho el pago son groceros y mal educados y te dicen que a ellos no les importa con esas palabras en resumen no vuelvo a comprar ese producto nunca y creanme no lo recomiendo para nada. a y como nota por no pagar a los 3 meses me mandaron a colecion asi que hasta te arruinan tu credito. .
Feb 9, 2017

una pregunta

alguien dejo de pagar royal y q a pasado porfa contesten su experiencia si en verdad uno se mete en problemas
Feb 2, 2017

Harassing Company stay away

Never buy form this company the do not disclose the return policy and they will harass you at work and your family members and references! Stay AWAY Super Scam!
Feb 1, 2017

Bad Company

I bought an entire dinner ware set with this company with a 50 year warranty costing $600.00 and when I called to order more supplies they had discontinued the pattern and was going to charge me $14.00 per item for anything needing replacing plus shipping costs.The dishes do evantually tarnish and lose colour. I do not usually fall for this kind of thing but will not do it again. Hard lesson to learn.
Jan 19, 2017

is there any lawyer willing to help?

i ordered a vortex blender its been 4 months i haven recived it they dont want to cancel the payments
[email protected]
Jan 3, 2017

Please Stay Away

Me and my husband was invited to a free dinner at a hotel near our home. NOTHING was FREE we ended up getting the pots and it was not worth it. I rarely use the pots because they burn so badly. This company put married couples in debt even before they get down the isle. It will take you forever to pay them off because of the charges they tack on to the amount paid for the pots. Bridal Shows should not give brides information out to third parties such as this company. Please do not attend any presentation from this company. I wish it was a way we could sue this company for ripping off future brides and grooms. This will be a headache you don't need! Buyer Beware!
Dec 6, 2016

Liars!!! Cult!!!

These are liars. The put presure on people. Thir products are pretty bad and expensive. They work like a cult. Scammers!!!
Dec 6, 2016


Mienten y ponen presion a la gente para que compren. Sus productos son muy malos y caros. NO SE DEJEN ENGA√ĎAR POR ESTA MALA GENTE!!!
Dec 1, 2016


Tried to follow the return policy, and as soon as i received the items i look at it and just wasnt satisfied with what im going to end up paying for. So called this distributor and tell him i want him to pick it up because im not happy with my order. He says ok i will be there first thing in the morning, he never showed up, called again samething i did this for like 3 days the forth day finally he pickd up his phone and says sorry but your notice of cancellation expired and cant return the item, really?. So mad cant believe i got scammed by this royal prestige bullcrap.
Nov 30, 2016


My Fiance and I received a invitation for Dinner 4 Two. It was some type of Dinner demonstration to promote their kitchen ware for new engaged couples. They make it sound super fancy with incentives like receive a 3 day/2 night trip, and 2 Champaign flutes, and if you sign up you will receive a gift card for two wedding bands (not to mention you are responsible for paying shipping fees for the 2 flutes, and wedding bands, and paying airfare fee for trip).
The host was going on saying how it last for a very long time, comes with a 50 year warranty. Also, if we sign up that night we will only have to pay $2,100 for the complimentary package. All we need was to put down a deposit of $100, then payments won't start until 30 days after receiving the kitchen ware.
However, we just received that kitchen ware today. Not to mention the UPS company just drops it off at your door step. No one was home and anyone could have taken it so that was also an issue with me and my fiancé. I'm currently trying to return the kitchen ware. When I called Hy Cite Enterprises they informed me that you only get a 3 day returning policy ( that was NEVER mentioned at the dinner demonstration, or explained to me and my fiancé during signing the application). The customer representative gave me different numbers to call because I asked to speak to the manager. Each number did not work.

Word of advice to future customers DO NOT..... I REPEAT DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME BUYING THIS GARBAGE!
Nov 25, 2016

Dishonest Companies

Firstly, how they get information from bridal shows is beyond me - but they do. My fianceé and I went to one of their presentations at a hotel. They made everything sound so great, but I'm a skeptical person and rightly so. I wanted to leave at the end. I went and thanked the guy for the presentation and he handed me a clipboard. I tried repeatedly to hand it back and he kept ignoring my gestures and then basically used pressure tactics to make me agree to getting these pots. I could have left, but I was trying to be polite and not just leave the clipboard on the floor or something because there was really no where to leave it. Plus, I was kind of scattered because he was having an active confrontation with the hotel staff about what time he was supposed to be done with the conference room. He stated that I was supposed to be receive the pots within 7-10 business days and that my first payment wouldn't be until December. That was in October.

It's now November. I don't have any pots. Hy Cite, the financing company is harassing me about making payments. They won't let me leave the contract, even with me saying I don't even want the deposit back. I'm sure the manager I spoke to gave me a false name. It's a mess, but I will be figuring this out. And when I do, I will let you all know.
Nov 14, 2016

Rip Off!

My husband & I bought a basic 4 pan set, & 5 piece knives for $1200.00. The pans burn easy, the knives are already getting rusty, and the lids fell apart within 4 months! Complete waste of money!!! Not to mention their customer service SUCKS! And god forbid you fall behind on your payments.. they will harass you daily threatening to sue you and take you to court!
Sep 13, 2016

Cheap Blender Jar

i bought this blender with glass jar and pour some hot ingredients on it and the matha fuckng jar cracked when i started to blend, i called Hy Cite to have it replace cause i have a 7 year warranty and they said if i red the manual that comes with the blender and i said yes, they told me that in the manual says no hot ingredients should be put in the blender, i told them i was paying too much for a blender that cant even handle heat andd that i wanted replace cause i used it only 2 times and that shit cracked on me. i told them that if they wont replace it i wanted to return the item, and they say, No, No, we cant replace it cause its stated in the manual and i cant return the item. so they want me to pay 100 dls extra for a fuckng Jar. Fuck them!
Sep 9, 2016

So angry

El dia 9-6-16 me puse en un contrato con ellos y me dijieron k si lla no keria el producto tenia que cancelar antes del dia 9-9-16 y hable ahora k es 9-8-16 para cancellar todo antes de k metan mis archivos a la computadora y agan mi pedido y me dicen k si no termino de pagar que se va a ir a collecsion.
Sep 7, 2016


A person saw me at a client house (Social worker) and ask me if he could go to my house to talk about this product. I agree, but two days before my fridge broke and I called him to ask him not to come, because I won't have the money to pay for the articles and the visit was not worth it. He called me later to say that he was coming with a friend anyways and I explain again that I don't want to get in any money trouble. They said that it won't be any compromise if they just come to my house. They came, I don't know how they convinced me to sign and I did. I called them after and told them that I was not going to be able to pay and it would be really difficult to me to pay. They came again and convinced me that I won't have any trouble paying. I have not give them any money or my bank or credit card number. I just don't know what to do, because I really don't need these items. Can I just don't ever pay and forget about it. I don't know what to do, I need help
Aug 26, 2016

I'm a truther

I work at royal prestige and in fact my father and I have helped people fix their credit or have helped them gain credit. Yes, we are expensive but I can say as a person who has used these products they do last and when they break I don't have to pay for any type of warranty.
Aug 19, 2016

mala compania

son unos putos rateros culeros ojetes nunca compren sus cazuelas q son pura basura hijosde mierda
Jun 28, 2016

rip off

We were sucked in at a dinner. After that my husband lost his job . When the items came we shipped them back and were told we couldn't so that. Today o received a call saying they would send the police chief after me for theft.
Mar 3, 2016

Awful Company

This company is horrendous! They tricked my ex and I into these cheap pots and pans which we spent too much on. They call him at work even when we are only a week behind on a payment. They are rude and insulting and will not work with you if you can't make payments.
They also look at your credit report without authorization.
Feb 14, 2016

Chingen su madre todos de royal prestigio

se pega toda la comida y me a ruino mi crédito !! oyas horribles de 1800
Feb 13, 2016

Rude and liers

I went to the dinner for 2 show sadly I fell in for what was suppose to be amazing pots and pans. My fiance lost his job and due to financial problems I wasn't able to make payments. They are the rudest people ever. They don't cate about you or what you have going on in your life. They will harass you and your family members. They called me at work non stop I told them to stop. They only way they did was when I answered and said you will be hearing from my lawer. I will be pushing to sue them for harassment at work seeing as how that is against the law. What ever you do do NOT get involved with hycite finance or royal prestige!
Feb 1, 2016

royal scam artists

They don't disclose 3 day cancellation policy. They don't disclose interest rates. How come their website does not show prices?... The only good review on here that mentions that someone has had the pots and pans for years is because they have never been used clearly.. Do yourself a favor and make a decision you will never regret by staying away from this company.
Jan 14, 2016

Rude and liers

They are very rude and they lié a lot i was 2 payments behind and they said that i qualified to put me up to date with my payments all i had to do was send in $42 and i did then they Call me and say that im behind on payments and i need to pay i let them know what they told me about putting my Account up to date and how rude they have been to me and all he has to say is we cant do anything about the false information they gave you but you still have to make the payments and this and that they dont Care how rude they are with you Or the false information they give you. I will never buy from them ever again worst people ever.
Aug 12, 2015

Horrible company

I went to the dinner for 2 show sadly I fell in for what was suppose to be amazing pots and pans. My fiance lost his job and due to financial problems I wasn't able to make payments. They are the rudest people ever. They don't cate about you or what you have going on in your life. They will harass you and your family members. They called me at work non stop I told them to stop. They only way they did was when I answered and said you will be hearing from my lawer. I will be pushing to sue them for harassment at work seeing as how that is against the law. What ever you do do NOT get involved with hycite finance or royal prestige!
Aug 7, 2015


Horrible business. Hy Cite finance and Royal prestige damage my credit. I get many products, long years ago, I spent a lot of money with them, and they sent me to collection for $52, wich I pay to a seller and he never cancel my account, and now show it in my credit.
Jul 27, 2015

I would like to join in on that lawsuit

Even though they were told to not contact me at work the continue to do so which I believe is against the law. The will not work with me at all and are bullies.
Jun 5, 2015

I will sue them

Im about to file a motion to sue
May 27, 2015

Royal Prestige products are great!

I am reading these reviews, and understand where some people are coming from. Royal Prestige/Hycite is a company that sells it's products through independent distributors, and in most cases are unable to control what an independent reps tells the customer. They see things through a strictly financial aspect....they received an order, they financed it, they expect to get paid. How many large companies out there are equal to, or even worse than RP?
I fight with cable companies that rip me off, cell phones companies that don't seem to care....I'm pretty sure you get the idea.

My experience with the company is a very good one(and NO, I don't work, and never have worked for the company).
My parents owned Royal Prestige cookware many, many years ago, and they still have the same pots and pans! They wouldn't trade them in for anything! Due to the good experience in the past with the brand, I myself invested in one of their juice extractors(only paid $1000, because I negotiated with the sales rep), and a water filtration system that dispenses hot and cold water at the touch of a button.

These appliances have performed over and above what was promised, and I would recommend these products to anyone that can appreciate quality.

As for the finance end, I could not help with that....I put it on a credit card.

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