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  • Country: United States
  • State: Washington
  • Address: 15440 Bel-Red Rd., 98052
  • Phone: (425) 885-2838
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Altig International Complaints and Reviews

May 27, 2015

Just got a call May 27th 2015

Here's what my voicemail said,
Good morning, this is Justine, I'm calling from The Human Resources Department,
I still have your resume on file for the entry level position available at our Edmonton office
If you're still looking for a full time position please give me a call back at your earliest convienence, my direct line to the office is 1-780-434-4200 If i'm on the other line please leave a message my team checks my messages regularily so I can schedule interviews for this week. Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon. - END

First of all, THE HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT? What company? I had to do a reverse phone lookup to find that it's Altig International, which is known to be a scam.
I've never applied for an entry level position, I'm a class 1 Truck Driver.
Mar 5, 2015

unknown and strange

they posted ad in different names, each time they called me wen i applied and refused to say the details,
Feb 6, 2015

Your parents would NOT be proud

If you are articulate, have an inviting smile, and posses absolutely no scruples whatsoever, this employer is for you. It's a pure numbers game. There is no care for the customer, no concern for what is good or just. Only a constant drive to fleece the flock. Hire as many people as possible so the few stick around. Call as many people as possible so the few allow you into their homes for the sales pitch. Collect as many checks as possible so the few don't cancel them as soon as they figure out they're getting screwed out of half their monthly income. I worked there for a while and did well. But I had to leave because I have a conscience If they had advertised themselves as a huge dragnet bent on grabbing every dollar they could from every old person on hard times, every single mother struggling to pay rent, every decent person striving to make a better life for him or herself, I would have respected them for being honest. But there is nothing honest about this company. Numbers and money and screw everyone who is naive enough to trust strangers or forthright enough to have a problem taking advantage of them. That's pretty much it. If Bernie Madoff is your hero, come work for these guys.
Jul 24, 2014

They lie the name of the company they are calling from

They lied when they called me for interview and refused to give me any information about the company I was interviewing with. When he asked me if I like sales I told him that only if I believe in what I am selling. Good luck
Jul 13, 2013

Not recommended employer

I have been unemployed for quite a long time and finally after long work searches I decided to place my own ad plus resume on career website. Within one week I received about 10 calls but all of them were offering bad ways to earn money.
Then I received a call from the company called Altig International. They told me that I am hired and only have to come to the interview. On the day of interview they called me and told that I can simply come to work as they have no time for the interview. I was so excited about the work I got, that I didn’t read the term and conditions carefully.
After some time I understood that this company is bullshit. They don’t honor neither customer nor employees and persuade you to do bad things, to lie to the customers and to steal money. Every time you try to bypass the system, they cut my salary like I did a mistake. At the end of the first month I lost about $250 because of such mistakes.
This company is the worst place to work at. They try to cut and cut your salary every day and you can’t stop this scam. I escaped Altig International after a month and it was the most terrible month in my life.
Jul 10, 2013

Fraudulent business

I am not a former employee, but I had a friend who worked for this company, and I can confirm everything that has been written above. My friend told me all about their scams, that's why I always kept away from that business. I am sorry for those who had suffered from the hands of their owners. I did not report anything because it was my friends job, and he needed money, I just couldn't open my mouth just so that he and many other people would lose their jobs.
The owners really made those poor people lie to customers, but their payment depended on that. That's how their business grew and gained more money.
Nothing there was for real and true. The customers would never get what they needed. They would just lose their money, and in order to get it back they had to pay an attorney to solve the problem, so because of that not many people actually did anything. That's why Altig International still hangs in there.
But now that the truth is out there, I think that everyone who has been scammed should go to court and make the law shut this fraudulent business shut down!

Beware of such companies! The customer service might seem really nice, but when things sound too good – then it can't be true. Hold on to your money!
Jun 17, 2013

Warning! Be careful dealing with this company!

Warning! Warning! Warning!
This company must be avoided at all costs!!! Don't waste your time with them and don't deal with this company!
I sued to work for them and I can confirm that this company cheats customers using deceptive business practices, lies and makes fake offers and promises. Well the same time they also treat their employees like a piece of junk. At my first Interviews they offered me many good things like career growing, classes, travelling and all this was going to be covered by this company but after I started to work for them I had to pay for all my classes and they never paid me travel expenses when I travelled for company needs. Another sad thing was that there were no promised benefits and they even didn't pay for extra hours which I was forced to work.
Well as an ex-employer I can confirm that this company cheated their customers without a shame. False promises and no support service. They forced us to misrepresent the company for attracting more customers that's why there is so mane unhappy people. If you want to deal with this company you have t be very careful because they have many hidden rock in their contracts and they may overcharge for nothing and without a proper reason.
Be careful and don't allow them to fool you and definitely there is no point to work for this company - total waste of time!

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