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Altig International Complaints and Reviews

Jul 12, 2017


It is unfortunate to hear this about AIL, they are a legitimate Insurance Company offering permanent benefits, unlike the benefits you have at work. Everyone should have some form of permanent accidental death and life insurance. Even Critical Illness Insurance is important. I just joined AIL and I am happy with the training. I passed my Insurance Agent Exams and I am looking forward to presenting to families who are interested in protecting their families.
Jul 5, 2017

Mlm hiring insurance scam

No - these people do not pay any salaries at all except on commission, no benefits of any kind, expectations to scam the public and hire others to do the same RUN
Jul 5, 2017

Negative Reviews From People Who Didn't Even Show Up For Interview Ha! Ha!

Three stars because I shot for the middle since so far it's 50/50. I would love to read more reviews from individuals who actually were interviewed, hired and worked a substantial amount of time. I received an invitation to apply when they were clear across town and being on SSI, I could not afford the gas on a query. Now they are a block away and I've received another invitation to apply but instead of applying via Facebook or google or another website, I think perhaps I will just pop in their office and check them out. Being disabled and with Medicaid limiting coverage to standard pain care, I am in desperate need of non state Health Insurance and if I have to play the numbers game, that's just fine with me. I am concerned about the fees mentioned for training. Again, being on SSI, that's an impossible move for me. Well, I will write an updated review and letter folks know how it went. And lesson and certification is not a scam in the Insurance field. It is standard procedure. I've also never met a broke insurance agent.
Jun 18, 2017

Interview Call

Altig International gives big talk about Integrity which they claim as a big part of their values. Are they really?
They fish for gullible candidates who are laid off and tell them they have been selected for an interview. This was my experience few days back in Calgary. I asked their HR person who identified as Shanae, as to provide a job description. She said there were few jobs like Customer relations manager, HR position. We would like to see you and see where you would fit. So I set about to meet them and realized it was a sly way of picking up people at the expense of their time to come and hear about Altig International's (AIL - American Life Insurance) products, instead of telling the candidates straight that they were seeking to recruit candidates to sell their life insurance on commission. When I reached their office they did a setup of 5 mins interview and tell you are selected for the second stage of a group interview, which is a presentation of their products..they have gone the sly way to prove that integrity is not their core value. Beware and ask them straight if this is a Sales job at the time of the telephonic call, especially if you have not specifically applied to their company. They have a pyramid way of acquiring/making wealth for their management like many of the Insurance companies.
Jun 7, 2017


Most of these reviews are bogus. I'm a new hire (so, yes, I'll admit there is some stuff I will learn), but this company was not the only one to call me based on my resume online. I got calls from places like Aflac and Banker's Life, New York Insurance, etc. The Hiring Managers do not earn a salary - it's hard to cut a salary you do not make. This job is 100% commission based. The testing is regulated by each state (I'm in VA - it cost me $51 to take the licensing test, and $99 for the coursework through the online study option...which, by the way, is being reimbursed to me because I passed my test quickly). Insurance companies are researched and vetted by different government institutions. Locally, we have to follow the laws set forth by the Commissioner of Insurance in VA. There are no extra hours to work because you set your OWN schedule. You are an independent agent that works with other agents and are trained and helped by agents who have been there longer. The agents are part of a union - OPEIU. In addition, the integrity of the agent is based on the integrity of the agent - not their hiring manager. Considering there are around 8000 employees nationwide, and only a few reviews here - ALL of them negative, I can't help but think that either the good reviews are weeded out, or every person on here is salty for some reason or another.

For people who are reading these reviews, don't forget that even a stopped clock is right twice a day - there should be at least ONE other review on here with more than 1 star. A scam on a nationwide level and that has been in effect as long as Altig has been around would have been discovered by now. Think for yourself, don't believe everything people write on the internet.
Jun 6, 2017

scam worse?

Have people referencing some amber alert kit calling people in the Coos County area and they list a Altig International website (may not be the same people) but they are claiming people ordered them and are coming to houses in the area. Don't have much more information than this as they haven't contacted me.
May 31, 2017


I scheduled the interview; figured if they want to waste my time I will waste their own. If they call again I block and report them.
May 22, 2017

Thank You

Thank you!!!.....whoever manages this site...... I think you saved my family a lot of heartache....
May 4, 2017

Thanks, now stop calling me.

I can hear it now, people giving me a hard time cause I didn't bother to give it a chance. Normally it bugs me when people judge without info, but in this case, I did my research. Over a week ago I was at work and missed a call, when I got home and looked it up i did my work and realized how much of a scam this is. So I decided I wouldn't call back. The next day they called back, amazingly leaving a message, telling me they were interested in bringing me in as a manager in training, I've only ever applied to one job as a manager in training from an advertising on kijiji, even more red flags came up when they said they got it from monster. I know what I can do, insurance and numbers hold zero interest for me and as much as I need a job that pays well, I apply to places that I can do well, and would be happy at.
I ignored the message and deleted it. Thinking that would be the end since in the past Ive lost opportunities because I didn't call back in time. My last red flag has gone up because they haven't stopped calling me, now twice a day (and no more messages) and I've blocked their number. For whatever reason they are persistent about wanting me to come for an interview, thanks for that, I wish my dream job would call me just once, but Altig, stop calling me. I'm not interested.
Apr 11, 2017

Former HR

I know this website is frequently used in Portland, Oregon. I know about 75-80% of potential candidates I hired researched the company on this website. As a former Hiring Manager for Altig International in the Portland, Oregon office I want to alert potential candidates on a few things. Over 2 weeks ago our complete Hiring Manager team walked out of the Portland office. Over two months ago the company cut Salaries of the Hiring Manager by 60%. We continued to work for the company and continued to call resumes that we attained from a Resume Management System.

What will happen is this company will contact you without looking at your resume. They just have a phone number list and will call anyone. It doesnt matter what your experience, age or job background is. What is going to happen is they will follow a well thought out script and have you come into an interview. The interview will be very brief and then you will enter a room with other candidates. You will go thru an orientation and at the end you will meet with the Hiring Manager 1 on 1. At that point you will be alerted that you will have to enroll in insurance school and pay roughly $450-$500 dollars. THEN THEY WILL TELL YOU THAT YOU MUST PAY A $212 ADMINISTRATION FEE. They say the admin fee covers all materials and startup kits. IN REALITY, THE HIRING MANAGER WORKS OFF OF COMMISSION AND RECEIVES THE $212 DOLLARS. So that has the hiring manager hiring anybody and everybody. They will then set you up for a final interview with the Regional Manager Roger Fung. He will play a mind game in the interview asking how come you are the best candidate? He will then try to take the job away from you so you will appreciate it. Its all a set up.

In reality if a Dog walked in with $212 they would hire the dog. I want all perspective candidates to know that you $212 goes right into the pocket of the individual that hires you. Very unethical. Who wants to work for a company that mass hires and is not equipped to train you. I know this because Roger will sit back in his office and play on the internet as his new insurance agents videotape their presentations over and over again. They tell you its about 4-6 weeks before you draw your first paycheck. In reality. I was there for over 11 months and it will take you in the Portland Office about 3 months. Be very careful when they tell you they provide you with 150 leads a week. You will receive leads at the beginning but then will be asked for referrals to keep your business going. Once again be careful in your process with this company as you are only a number.

Tigard, Oregon
Apr 11, 2017

To the comment below

If it feels to good to be true, or to simple to get the job! Then there is something going on. If you do go for an interview. Ask them the turn over rate in the last year, and let them provide paperwork proof.
Apr 11, 2017

Called me today for interview

Hey guys,
This company has called me today for interview, I don't even remember when did I apply for it. I am confused as read out some positive and negative comments. Should I go for it or not? :/
Apr 11, 2017

Seems like they are afraid to admit the truth

Just got a call from them, yes I applied on craigslist. She wouldn't tell me what the company does. I googled it and found out its insurance. NO Thanks. TO ALL THE EMPLOYEES WHO ARE HAPPY WITH THE COMPANY--We are all cautious because your HR department is not trained properly. refusing to answer questions, rushing to schedule an interview. You know what I value my time, if they are refusing to give information, and I have to go online and look it up. I don't want to work for people like that
Jan 27, 2017

Altig? What a joke!

hahaha this place is so comically pathetic... everyone walking around like they have places to be and people to see, all they do is scam people , if you want to learn how to be a con artist this may be the place for you!!
Jan 27, 2017



Jan 16, 2017

Thanks for the info

I just got a call today about this. Felt scammy. I checked it out online and found this site. Not wasting time on this silliness or the gas to go for some interview. I wish others working for this scam company as described above would find true, meaningful work. Now, how can I get back the 15 minutes I've already wasted on this? Onward I go.
Nov 16, 2016

Untrustworthy company

Dante called me this morning, saying he had my resume on file that I had filed with his company. 3 times I had to ask what the company's name was, 3 times he ran through it so fast that it was unrecognizable. He asked questions that were already on my resume, which I had used to apply for another job. Turns out this is an insurance company. I would certainly never work for this company nor purchase any products from this company. If you were to simply answer correctly and honestly, you might be able to hire. Guess what Dante, you are a con artist.
Oct 5, 2016

Great Opportunity - Beware Who You Trust

PS I don't know why it changed my rating to a 1 star, obviously I would rate it 5 stars
Oct 5, 2016

Great Opportunity - Beware Who You Trust

Hello all. I thought I would chime in as I've read all the positive and negative reviews on here. I've worked with Altig for over 4 years now in a management and recruiting capacity, but have had several more years on top of that at other companies of finding quality candidates in the hiring/recruiting process.

I'll go over a little about the company, but first a word of advice while making a decision on any sort of new opportunity/career (or for that matter even about other non-work related decisions!):

1. Reading reviews to make a decision can be helpful, BUT need to be taken with a grain of salt...

When you read reviews, remember Negative Nancys are going to be louder than Positive Pattys. People love to complain about things, whether they have all the facts or not (as one person accurately pointed out a large majority of posts on here are from people who did not even go to the interview or work here).

2. If you're going to use information found on the internet to help you make a decision about a company, make sure you are looking at FACTS, not opinions.

Look for things on the BBB website (Altig is rated A+), the consumer reports for financial companies (A+ superior on AM Best), or similar ratings systems that are based on research, not on personal opinion.

3. Similarly, before you make a final decision on a career opportunity, get the facts straight from the company/managers themselves!

Like one person mentioned, when a potential candidate comes through the interview process there is always a very detailed career briefing where every single thing about the opportunity is laid out (job responsibilities, hours, pay, retirement, marketing strategy, history of the company, management track, etc). There can be misleading information on the internet and all of that is clarified when you come in for a personal interview.

4. Speaking of misleading information on the internet.... remember, that just because someone says it's true doesn't necessarily mean it is

It's important to keep in mind with any personal opinion you read, people are coming from all different types of backgrounds and situations. Just because something was perceived as unfair or unscrupulous to one person, does not mean that that is necessarily true. On the flip side, there are going to be unscrupulous people at any company and just because someone had a negative experience with that manager or that office, doesn't necessarily mean that's how it is everywhere!

I know some of the hiring process and sales tactics may seem unfamiliar to people who have not been in this industry or this company before, but there is a rhyme and reason to all of it (no, not to screw people over, but to actually set them up for success in the best way possible!) That is why we go over all of that in person with a potential candidate so they fully understand the opportunity before they decide to move forward or not.

Now! A little bit about the hiring process so maybe it will make a little more sense for those of you that were confused.... First of all, it's important to understand that in this business anyone can be successful if they actually just do the things that are laid out for them. Like a couple others mentioned, there is complete training and support, meaning no one has to reinvent the wheel, just follow the system. As long as they like working with people and have a positive attitude, they will be able to do well in this company.

That being said, that is why many of you received calls, even if your work background didn't seem to match up with a financial services company. Our company pulls resumes from several sources, including job bank resumes. So if you put your resume out on a site like Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, etc. then you may receive a call from someone to discuss the opportunity. The first initial phone interview is short because we are not trying to make a decision on the phone if someone will be successful or not, just see if they can communicate well over the phone and if we can see them fitting in to our office culture. It is up to our regional manager, ultimately to make a decision about someone.

When a candidate comes in for an interview, we meet with them briefly to see what they are passionate about and see where they would fit in (are they better for recruiting? Passionate about sales? Perfect for a management position?) Then they go to a career briefing meeting (mentioned above), where every single thing about the company and the position is detailed. After that we meet with a candidate again to answer any other remaining questions and to see how they feel about the opportunity. It's not for everyone! But we at least want to make sure they know everything about the opportunity before they decide if it's for them or not.

From there if a candidate is excited about the opportunity and the manager likes them as well, they will be invited back to a final interview in which all other details are gone over that the candidate may have come up with since the career briefing meeting. Then a manager will decide to hire them or not.

Some of the tactics that people have described about not being as forthcoming about the company over the phone is for specific reasons. The first reason is because an HR Manager's job is just to see if that person qualifies to come in and speak with our regional manager. Like mentioned above, they are asking a few quick questions to see if they can communicate well and are professional. Secondly, someone who is in the recruiting department is not going to be able to explain all the details of the position nearly as well as their manager can. This is why their job is to get people they like in for a personal interview so that the regional manager can take it from there. This lessens the chance that a potential candidate will get confused about the opportunity or the company. Thirdly, and this may not make sense to everyone but one of the biggest reasons Altig uses this tactic is because people have pre-conceived ideas about a business like this and don't give it a chance (see the several people who decided not to come in to the interview at all due to what they read online). We want to make sure everyone gives the opportunity a chance before they make a decision on if it's for them or not.

With regards to people's experiences where they have not done as financially well as they'd like, I will say this. This career is marketed as just that, a career not a job. If someone treats it like a normal 9-5 job they will most likely not do well. It's an opportunity to start a business without all the risk. If you started your own restaurant, for example, you have the opportunity to make a lot of money, be your own boss, and probably have more fun than working for someone else, however you are also taking a certain level of risk on as well. More time and effort up front for a high reward. This opportunity is like this, except for a whole lot less of an investment. When someone says they did not get paid for hours worked, they are treating this as a job, not as a career. We can get paid like an NFL athlete, but just like them we need to practice our craft outside of just game time. Wow that's a lot of metaphors, sorry....

Lastly (hopefully at least someone is still with me, I know this is long!), I'm not sure why anyone would complain about the benefits the company offers or tactics with customers. If there has been a negative experience here, then it is an exception, not the rule. The company has specific scripts that are reviewed with the unions we work with, as well as the company's legal team. If someone is not following the script, then that is an example of a person being dishonest, not a company. I don't know why anyone would do that though as that could result in getting fired, or even jail time depending on the severity of the lie to a client! I've never had a client say the benefits did not pay out as promised. Again, reference BBB or AM Best sites.

As someone who has been on both sides of the hiring process here, (**Warning: The following is my OPINION**) I will tell you I have never found a company that has given so many people an opportunity to change their lives in big ways. Not only do you get to help people with the benefits the company provides, but you get to help yourself and your family with the compensation/retirement package, and get to help others by being in a management role and teaching people to do this themselves.

Now one more fact I'll leave with you then I promise I'm done. In the 4 years I've worked with the company, I've helped to hire, develop, and train four people to a 6 figure income that had never made that kind of money before coming to Altig. None of them came from a financial services background -- one previously worked at Comcast in sales, one in retail at Dillards, one in social services in a local prison, and one at Subway sandwich shop. The next person in my organization that will get there (he's currently at $80,000 and should hit 6 figures next year if not by the end of this year), his previous job was as a.... you guessed it truck driver. And that's a fact.
Sep 21, 2016


I've worked for Altig-American Income Life insurance. I was contacted and interviewed the same way. There were red flags, but they paid for my life and health insurance licenses and raining. Once I passed the strict training, I was shadowed in the field by an experienced leader. Once I popped my cherry and proved I could take care of clients, I was released as a solo salesman. They gave me all the training, leadership, and motivation I needed to suceed. I saw a lot of people come in through the doors that couldn't hack the hard work and dedication that is required to be successful. I was a top national salesman for the company several months out of the year I was there. I never get dishonest about my dealings and made very good money. I was in control of my schedule and never was forced to work. That is where they separated the wannabe premadonnas from the real deal hard working salesman! If you want an opportunity to learn and grow and secure a future, I highly recommend them. You can always quit and go work for another insurance firm. I no longer work there as another opportunity arose but I reminisce about the good ol days often!
Sep 14, 2016

none of you went to the interview

I love how everyone posting on here didn't go to the interview. First of all I was recruited to join their team by someone who already worked there. They looked very successful and happy, so I asked what they did and they arranged an interview for me. They are brief on the phone because they are busy, not to scam you or waste your time. If you actually go to the interview, they go in depth about the company and what they do, and even more in depth about the job itself in your final (the first interview tells them what job you would be best suited for). If it's not the job you're looking for, that's fine, but it doesn't make it a scam. The company has been around since the 50's, Were rated #2 by Seattle business magazine for best companies to work for and #1 by Puget sound (the executive office is in WA). Educate yourself.
Sep 6, 2016

Still at it

They have cold called me twice, telling me they have received my resume. In talking to them on the phone, for an 'interview,' she was done in less than 5 minutes without asking really any questions. Then she pressured me into coming in for interview. I had to ask her, what company this is? She said it very quickly. I asked to receive email, which is when I could see the name of the company and research it. This is 2nd time I've told her no. I blocked her number and email this time, so hopefully she'll stop wasting my time with this crap. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry, he can only see you this week! Big opportunity.....scam.
May 19, 2016

Want to know more

I have also received an interview call from this company. Nobody told/explained that what actually the Altig's business is about. Can someone write a bit detail about their business .
May 19, 2016


Waooo! Altig International, Edmonton office called me this evening to come for an interview tomorrow.
The guy who called me didn't even mention the name of the company. 2o minutes after our discussion I sent him a text message to text me the name of the company and their website. And he did. In attempt to research on the said company Altig in preparation for the interview tomorrow, I stumbled on this forum.
I actually spent time to read through the whole review. Its an eye opener.
I will not waste my fuel and time going to their office tomorrow for such fake job interview.
Thank you guys for sharing.
May 16, 2016

can we clairify

Ok so I read the reviews ...... how is this company a scam
What did they do
How are they scammers why would I hire an attorney

I love the truck driver one
I'm a truck driver why would I apply
Well your a truck driver so I'm guess to got a grade two education maybe you did lol

But really please explain the scam thanks
May 9, 2016

You're All Ignorant

This opportunity has changed my life. From the people we protect on a daily basis to the mentor-ship provided by leaders. This is a career where you can control your income, control your schedule, and take time off as needed. If you're tired of working harder than everyone else and not being compensated for it, this is the place to be. If you're tired of being told what to do and shot down for your creative ideas, this is the place to be. If you're weak-minded, have no heart, and no passion for what you do SAVE BOTH OF US THE TIME.

American Income Life pays its' claims. They protect families for what's inevitably going to happen. There is a reason they have over 40,000 different union contracts.

Educate yourself.
Apr 22, 2016


I did not know that this can happen in Canada!! they r crooking people who are dearly looking for Job!!
Apr 21, 2016


I am Just Coming from one of their interview, and I would call them Bogus
Sep 28, 2015

Altig Scam

Just got a phone call today from Altig. They want me to come tomorrow for an interview. Don't know how they got my resume. Glad I came to this site to find out that Altig is a crooked company. After everything I have read, there is no chance in hell that I will be going to that interview. Thanks to everyone who took the time to warn people about this company. Stay away from Altig!!!
Aug 13, 2015


Well all these reviews are very educated cuz I just got a call from them also so now I know for sure I'm not going to go see them thanx guys.

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