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SKW Central Complaints and Reviews

Jul 13, 2013

Their seminars are completely useless

I was SKW Central client and I would like to share my negative experience with other honest people who can be scammed by these crooks. I don’t like to write reports and this is for the first time, but I just feel like it's necessary because the service level was lower than lowest.

I attended a free seminar about making money in real estate business but I felt like something was wrong as I didn’t get used to get things for free.

But being completely aware of that from the beginning, I am happy to attend the seminar to see what products and services they have to offer. However, you have to make sure that you're buying quality products/services, and not wasting your money.

As I expected, the speakers were very talented, and there was clear value in the services they're promoting. They told about all the money they make in real estate, the lifestyles they could afford because of that money, and how you can make that money by using their special techniques too.
After the seminar I signed up on their course and I can say that I got no knowledge at all. They have already shared all the interesting stories and experience during the first free seminar and then they have nothing new to tell me.
Jul 11, 2013

Signed me up without my notice

At first everything seemed interesting and I wanted to try this system out. I also went to the seminar to be more aware of what this company is about.
When I signed up with them, I saw that the charge on my cc was way too big than I had expected.
Needless to say, after I contacted the company to ask about returning my money, I have been given a negative response. They told me that it is not possible and that there is nothing they can do about it. I got upset and of course I thought that maybe I should be closing my account with them. But there was another problem – they have already signed me up for a six months obligated service, and took a full payment for it.
I never gave them such permission so I instantly understood what was going on.
I have contacted my lawyer regarding this situation, and he is going to help me close this account and get my money back. In the mean time, I hope no one will be foolish enough to sign up with them after reading these complaints.
Jul 10, 2013

total waste of money!!!

Consumer, be careful and better avoid any business with SKW Central - this company is nothing but scam!
I had a deal with them time ago, company seems to be reliable and it was my huge mistake that I didn't search for the reviews about them properly. After I signed a contract with them and I paid for their seminar. they promised me also printed materials about the money making in the end of my course. The main problem started when the seminar was over, because I didn't receive a paper from them as it was promised and to materials as well. The seminar was very weak and silly as well so it was a total waste of money.
I tried to contact this company many times and to ask of what they've promised but I was simple ignored by them.
After such negative experience this company IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE!!! Beware and be careful!
Stay away from SKW Central and don't allow them to fool you!
Jul 8, 2013

They will overcharge you, lie to you and ignore you

If you value your time or money, don't do business with SKW Central. Tax liens can be a very lucrative investment--tax liens themselves are not a scam. But invest in tax liens with a company that will actually care about you. Not a company that will overcharge you, lie to you, ignore you, delete your account on "accident," and only call you back when you provide them with negative publicity in return for the headache they've given you.
Jul 5, 2013

Unauthorized charges

I got email from SKW Central recently and they asked me to come for their free seminar and also promised some materials. As I had plenty of free time I decided to take part in this seminar. After the end a man came to me and wrote down my name, surname and other data, gave me some materials and wished luck. I came home very happy but tired and didn’t even open the materials.
Few days later I received a notice from my bank that my credit card was charged and caused an overdraft of $300! I couldn’t believe that because I didn’t use the card for a long time and I knew that I had more than $1000 on it! I called my bank and asked to comment on the transaction. They told that it was made by SKW Central for some education materials. I have never heard a word about the materials were not free! This company scammed me and now I can’t prove that I didn’t use the materials. I called SKW Central and asked them if I can return my money back and they answered that it is impossible!
I have already contacted my lawyer and he told that there is a chance to return the money and I really hope so. I would never come to this seminar if I knew about the price!

125 E. Main Street, Suite 311, American Fork, Utah 84003
Phone: (877) 484-8012
Jul 2, 2013

Save your money and don’t get scammed like me!

I attended SKW Central seminar and received what I believed was some very necessary information and materials that I could actually take home and use. What they didn't tell me was that they would have taken my $1497.00 for this free seminar and free information booklets. If this complaint saves one person from being a victim and wasting their hard earned money, I would be satisfied. Why there is no cancellation opportunities? They tell you that you can access tax lien and deed properties, but you can't because their website states that there is no information about tax lien or deed on the site.

I then tried to get a refund because no service was provided. They tell you, you can get a refund on your $1497.00 if you buy 6 tax liens or deed properties in 30 days. It is simply impossible! Of course no one can get a penny back from this bunch of scammers. If you want to purchase tax liens and deeds don’t use this company. Save your money and don’t get scammed like me! This company doesn’t honor anything from what they say on the seminars! There is so much more I can repeat that they said in the seminar that is not true when you get home and use their offer.
Jun 15, 2013

The rule is this - if it sounds too good to be true then it is

Being a client of SKW Central I was terribly scammed and I want to spread this to the whole world! The only reason I write this is to prevent other people from being scammed. Please read my report carefully and maybe you will not lose your money just like me.

We've seen and heard about the latest tax lien investing method on TV and in newspapers. It’s even said to be so easy and TV advertisements said that it’s just as simple as taking candy from a baby. They're talking about tax liens and you should be warned!

Tax liens are liens placed against one's property by local counties and similar municipalities for non-payment of assessed property taxes. Website states that every county of every state sells these late or derogatory property tax bills, but most states don’t allow the public sale of property tax liens under any circumstances. SKW Central said that I can get money and I couldn’t as it was illegal to buy. If the company tells you, that you should do illegal things it is definitely a red flag and you should stop all the communication with them immediately. They just want your money and when they’ll take your money they will run far away.

The rule is this - if it sounds too good to be true then it is. If tax liens were such a great business then why isn't everybody else in it? Keep your money. There is no money to be made by the property tax lien scam.

125 E. Main Street, Suite 311, American Fork, Utah 84003
(877) 484-8012

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