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  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Clearwater
  • Address: 150 McMullen Booth Road South
  • Phone: (866) 873-4285
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Rue Educational Publishers Complaints and Reviews

Mar 13, 2014

Rue Screw

They are a total rip off. Stay away!
Jul 13, 2013

What a scam

I am totally disappointed with the service I got from RUE Education as it is a scam! They just took my money and promised so many things they didn’t actually provide me with. They lied and said they work with Excelsior College to help me get my RN degree. I did everything they told me, bought additional materials, spent nights preparing for the tests and got good marks, but finally I left with their fake diploma and no possibility to find good job. They do not help and all I did was receive bills for additional fees and charges. Then, Excelsior College said they do not accept anything from RUE Education, and Excelsior has their own fees and charges.
I finished my studies and then I wanted to get a kind of a refund but my request was denied. I still owe them some money for education and I will not pay because I did not receive services from RUE Education.
Please do not sign up with this company! There are plenty of other educational possibilities nowadays and you would probably choose something better. I hope this complaint will reach many people and none of them will be scammed like I was.
Jul 11, 2013

Bad education

I did not like the educational courses at all. The program was not “smart”, I could probably find all the information online if I wanted to. I don't understand what I was paying for. As soon as I realized that I wanted to drop out I contacted them and I have been told that according to the contract I still had to pay for the whole course, but yeah “I can quit right now”. I thought that it was unfair, and requested my money back. I had a point since the material that we've been provided at the beginning was not accurate at all. The teacher had a totally different program. We have been informed that the material that we have been given was just for our own education.
Anyway, I am not happy about Rue Educational Publishers at all.
I do not recommend to go there if you really want to study, not to spend your money on who knows what.
The support is also unkind and uncaring.
Jul 10, 2013

don't trust this company!

I had my worst experience with this company and I will never recommend it to anyone!
Consumer, beware and be careful! I dealt with them once and I was cheated out of money. I still can't understand how these practices can go through. This company offers practice places for the medical students but they had to pay for this place kind of a participation fee for this company. The offer looked quite good so I decided to take an advantage and I got scammed. After I paid so-called participation fee and also for the paperwork I never heard from this company again and I was left without a place for practice. i tried to contact them many times and I claimed for a refund but I was simply ignored. This company MUST BE SHUT DOWN!!!
Jul 2, 2013

They are just waiting to take all of your money

I was amazed that the RUE Education salesperson told me that they were very concerned regarding my education courses and that they would support me all the way. I just made my tenth payment to RUE and not once have they ever contacted me to see how my studying was going or if I needed any kind of help. In fact, I called the company and they told me to go online and speak with other RUE material purchasers for support. They also informed me that nothing is refundable even though the sales person convinced me to purchase some end course work ahead of time and she specifically stated that I could get refund if I end up not using them. I was really foolish to do this program. If I knew all this before I would prefer independent study, because now I’m lost with no support at all. I wished I would have known all this before throwing out almost $3,000 + testing fees. I really hope this will help many people and prevent them from starting this program.

Try at least beginning to study without RUE and see how it feels for you. You can always sign up for RUE, on any given day, during their business hours. They are just waiting to take all of your money. Do not be so eager to give it to them .
Jun 15, 2013

I do not understand how Rue Educational Publishers are allowed these practices

I signed a "contract" with RUE. Upon questioning the admissions rep that I could void the contract if this didn't work out, was told as long as you pay for the courses taken. I was also told that all the material is sent. A month after signing this contract, I started the course. The instructor taught from a "guide" that was not included. The instructor urged me to contact the school and when I did was told they only include those for "nursing courses". I participated in all the activities that were assigned, the tests, etc. I found you could "cheat" on the tests (except the final) by just hitting the back arrow on your browser and entering what they gave you as the answer. I learnt absolutely nothing. When I tried to get out of the contract with Rue Educational Publishers I was told that this was never told to me. I am now stuck with a monthly bill for nothing. Under the "guise" of a degree granting partnership with Excelsior College they deceive you into signing on to their system. They have 3 day refund - however, when you don't start a course for almost a month so the refund policy is of no help to those who are not able to use this type of learning. Rue Educational Publishers has not been willing to negotiate a settlement on this.

I do not understand how RUE and Excelsior College are allowed these practices.

150 McMullen Booth Road South, Clearwater, Florida 33759
(866) 873-4285

Rue Educational Publishers - I do not understand how Rue Educational Publishers are allowed these practices

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