People Helping People

  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • Address: Warner Center Tower VI 21700 Oxnard St., #800, Woodland Hills, California 91367
  • Phone: (818) 891-7800
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People Helping People Complaints and Reviews

Feb 4, 2014

People Helping People

This company is run by a group of people that are out to make money off of as many people as possible without regard to their personal needs. Be super careful about anyone that approaches you about this company. They bought off to eliminate the horrible truth about this company and what they really think about people outside of their company.

Please do your research. Don't get involved with this company. Do yourself a favor. If you want to be in financial services, find legitimate companies like Prudential, Transamerica, Geico. These are real companies with real opportunity to make money.

People Helping People is a People Mill. They bring you in, grind you up and shoot you out the other end.
Feb 3, 2014

No telling the truth upfront

I joined a company called People Helping People. They promised me that I would become financially free and all I had to do was follow what they say for me to do. I pay $150.00 to join this company and they tell me to come back next day to go through my training. I come back next day and they tell me I have to buy a life insurance policy for me and my wife and kids. Then they tell me to make a list of my family and friends that they can go out with me and sell them policies.

I get suspicious because they never told me this before I join the company. Why they no tell me this before I pay my money?

So, I get a little scared because I'm think what more are they going to ask for in money?

So, I come back again a 3rd day and they tell me I have to pay $125.00 to go on a seminar and if I don't pay it they will not work with me.

This upset me very much! I pay good money to join this company and now they tell me that if I don't go on this seminar they will not work with me. I feel used and a little foolish. My wife is mad at me because they say I have been taking advantage of again.

This hurt my relations with my wife and family.

These people from the company called People Helping People should be ashamed of themselves. I work hard for my money and I feel they take advantage of me and my family.

Do not waste your time with those people. You will be used and when they have what you want they will drop you.

The call it free enterprise but I think they are hurting peoples not helping them. The big boss is name is Patrick BetDavid. Don't make the same mistake I did, Stay away from them.
Aug 30, 2013

This company only harm honest people and don’t regret about the things they did.

People Helping People is another company using pyramid scheme to get millions of dollars and scam millions of people. Actually the whole business is a scam and there is nothing honest in this company. All the employees know how the company works but they keep working and threating people with the lower position.
This company offered me a position and good salary but I don’t want to become a part of this scam. I just want to be honest with myself. I would rather earn little but I know that I benefit people and don’t take their last money like the above company does.
Be careful. Thank you for reading my review and thank for the possibility place it. I hope that everyone who doubt about using People Helping People will read my complaint and make right choice. This company only harm honest people and don’t regret about the things they did.
Jul 11, 2013


If you will ever sign up with PHP – it will be a big mistake. They are frauds! They will keep calling you day and night if you will share some interest in their services. They will not stop harassing you until you will meet with them. They might even find your work or home address and come there! Then they will be trying to talk you in to signing up with them. WITHOUT TELLING YOU THE CHRAGES AND EXTRA CHARGES ESPECIALLY!
Do not let them win! If you will sign up you will not be able to get rid of them! They will do everything to make you stay and use their services, and eventually you will have to close your bank account and keep your eyes open because they also hack bank accounts and take money which they think THAT YOU OWE THEM!
Jun 14, 2013

dishonest company, deceptive business practices!

Be careful dealing with People Helping People PHP company. It is not that good as it claims to be and they actually cheating people, don't allow them to think and misrepresent their services and especially charges.
I was on their meeting time ago.they represented their company and all their services. I didn't really like the presentation because of the environment - office was uncomfortable and music was playing too loud so it was disturbing from concentration. I also didn't like their presentation - from one side it seemed to be reliable but from another side they asked to pay $100 for membership right now without any change for thinking. I was going to leave this company but their representative came and invited me on private interview. I asked him to call me next day, In the morning he called me more that 10 times in three hours so I went out for a coffee. During our private meeting presentation was better and more reliable so I started to thing about singing up for their services. Before signing papers I asked to explain me one more about prices and charged. I asked many times and asked a question about any other amounts I had to pay. The representative said that I have to pay about $1100 for their services and $54 for the membership. OK, deal.
Later They started to overcharge my account and to send me fraudulent bills. I contacted them and asked about these fees and then many hidden rocks from their contract appeared. These people simply lie to their customers and don't honor them. They are unable to provide adequate and honest service. My first impression was right, I had to run away from them. After such experience I will never recommend this company to anyone!
Beware and be extra careful with such companies, check everything twice, otherwise you might be scammed as well!

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