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People Helping People Complaints and Reviews

May 3, 2016

Ignorant Minds

To answer all the negativity response about PHP people helping people it is truly obvious that none of y'all understand what the industry can do for you just so you know when you have a job that means you have a boss it goes all the way up it's a pyramid scheme here's why I say that you would never ever because that's CEO to that company people always stepping on top of you to hit that next promotion that's called corporate ladder a job is only meant to help support you until you find a better career or industry to get into that you could be independent business owner or entrepreneur it's nothing wrong with that this country was built on owning your own business you should read your history I've been with PHP ever since it started top trillion dollar companies that's been around for over hundreds and hundreds of years are part of PHP they did their own investigation they spent millions of dollars to find out who we are do you think they would be in business with a company that is no good come on folks use your brains to start a McDonald's or a Starbucks or any kind of company like that you got to have millions of liquid cash how many y'all have that so just because you have to pay $150 you question the Integrity of the company that's ignorant and being broke minded Amway Avon Prince's house Tupperware prime America World Financial Group and the list goes on and on and on all these companies are fund companies sometimes it's the people that you have business with that makes that kind of bad it's not the company Sao 2 ending I just want to say if you really want to do your research come up with 9 million dollars to do your real investigation on companies if you can't then shut the hell up !
Mar 17, 2016

Avoid These People

Very shady people, don't get involved with them. I went to an interview thinking I was going to get a job but instead sat through a very long presentation (2 hours) only to be told I needed to pay 150$ at the end when I was told the details of the job. Cultish and scammy.
Mar 5, 2016

Not enuff answers

I didn't appreciate the secretive meeting place. I didn't care for the late time for the meeting. Many of the people spoke with ignorant dialect...subjects and verbs were fighting with each other and double negatives running all over the place. The presentation was based on information dated in 2008. I only need a flag on one play to let me know I don't want to play this game...and a game it is.

The presenter injected the $150.00 fee in an awkward place during the presentation, and I immediately recognized the money was more important that the presentation.

The reps who were not presenting sort of body-blocked the 2 conference room entrances/exits. Needless to say, this flag on the play was the last flag. I got up....excused myself around and through the awkwardly positioned folks at the doors. I was so relieved to be in my car, and super comfortable knowing that I gave the wrong phone number:-)

If they, the presenters, were making soooooo much money, then their suits would have been tailored (not 3 sizes too large) and their shoes would not be run over at the heel. The ref for this game needed a bottomless bucket of flags.
Mar 1, 2016

Reply to Sneaky Uplines

Uh's past Monday and the post is still on the site. Better hire a better attorney....
Feb 2, 2016


I am a wife to a husband that just signed up for PHP, its like any business you have to put in the work, in this business - you sign people up under you to get a commission (nothing wrong with that), like Mary K, ACN, Primerica, as well as other companies that you bring in others for a commission, it will work for some and not for some, but it does not mean that the company is bad - Helping people has always been a passion for me and my husband, Im hoping he does well with it - why not have another stream of income coming in while helping others.

I only gave it 3 stars because he is at the very beginning!!
Jan 29, 2016

Reply to Sneaky Uplines

Somebody sent me this and when I read it I burst out laughing. Obviously somebody doesn't like me for whatever reason but what puzzles me is that since I know it is someone from Fort Lauderdale why would you wait 18 months after I left Florida to post something like this? Reviews about the company on sites like this are normal. We are used to it and generally ignore it, but when you attack my character with lies then that must elicit a response. You don't have to like me and you don't have to like PHP but when you post libelous outright lies like calling me a pedophile that is grounds for a lawsuit. I know whoever wrote this will be too chicken to reveal who they are but I am letting you know that I am sending an email to the website instructing them that if this is not taken down by Monday they will be sued. As part of the lawsuit they will be required to reveal the name of the person who wrote the post at which point I will come after you. No Mercy!! Consider yourself warned!!
Jan 29, 2016

Reply to Sneaky Uplines

WOW!!! I'm very confused as to why someone would write a comment about Chad and Jon and not back it up with a name. I know these guys personally and they are both outstanding guys. Guys who have helped me personally with my business and have no gain from it. They have both inspired my son and shown him that there is a way to own your own business at such a young age. I normally wouldn't give any time to such ignorance and racial coments. This is not for the writter of the post this is to anyone who is checking out PHP, Jon or Chad ...Don't let this person take your dreams away from you. This is an amazing company and Jon and Chad are Top Leaders who didn't get where they have gotten by doing what this person says. I have helped many families, have made money and have helped many make an amazing income with only a military background and I will put my name to this. Look me up if you have any questions... Kimm Oilar
Jan 28, 2016

Sneaky uplines

Chad Terpstra claims to prospect people at gas stations when in reality he meets women off of hook up sites like plenty of fish taking advantage of women who have been recently divorced and luring them into a business thinking that they are going to score and change their lives. Jonathan Mason is the cheapest Jew who owns a portion of the company and yet rents an apartment. Both of these two men are scammers. They bring you into the business and keep you from moving up in your promotion and steal your contacts and go on appointments behind your back and leaving you out of participation on policies written. Same goes for other offices. Please don't be fooled into this business. You can actually get licensed as an agent on your own and produce and build a bigger business out there as an independent insurance agent. Oh by the way, Chad Terpstra has an arrest record for DUI with the presence of a minor. Can we say pedophillia? See his mugshot here
Dec 25, 2015


The thing that really gets me is my own brother in law bought in to this hog wash!! Tried to sign up all the extended family got a commission on all of their lifetime retirement funds. Now that family has been exhausted locally they are talking about moving to another state where other family and friends live. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Go for it if your that desperate!!! Take advantage of your family till they run out then what are you gonna do? Make an excuse jump companies and convince all of the ones you had before to follow you with a better company and once again get commission. JOKE!!!!
Jul 22, 2015

PHP is a great company and I'll tell you why...

PHP is a great company because they not only provide great financial products, they give people a chance to own there own business. PHP allows you the opportunity to earn money and they provide services from a multiple number of resources. Like any business, there is a startup cost. Training, meetings and licensing through the state.

Do your really thing the state would give ANYONE a stamp of approval if they didn't earn it? You have to study, learn about the industry, and pass a test. There is also a full background check from the F.B.I.

Are you asked to make a list of people you know, so you can contact them for training purposes, products or services? Yes! You want the whole world to know what your doing when you start a new business, right? Or, would you write a list, put it under a rock, and hope you succeed?

The thing is, if you aren't interested, don't do it. Don't waste your time or the professionals at PHP's time, and walk away. Its not about harassing friends and family, PHP representatives are simply sharing an opportunity. Just like any business, you have to work at it. They are not going to hand you a box of money for nothing, pat you on the head and tell you to have a great life. The reality is, they can show you how you can earn money and save for a tax free retirement. They offer other services, debt consolidation and more. So, instead of blindly trusting what some are saying on this site, look into PHP yourself. Form your own opinion.
Jul 19, 2015

How about helping us since we desperately need it.
So far no help from friends or family. So my last alternative is to spread my link all over where ever on the web. We need this for our kids. Help us out and share please!!!!! Thank youuuuuuu
Jun 29, 2015

Bad Company, not a good ROI, return on investment...

This company is bad, they target people already incurring financial strain and take the little they have. True their products and associations may be legit, but the time investment their associates have to input to really make decent money is ridiculous. You'd be better off with a min. wage job. Cut your losses, educate your self and get a real job, this is more culty than cute!!! Avoid the Chicago (Oak Brook) at all cost, the leader there, Matt Sapaula and his spouse, are the worse and not very trustworthy. For those that posted that those posting negative comments do not have money, I do have money, my job is legit and I went to school to hold the executive position I hold and my take home is over 100,000 per year. Not rich but not poor by a long run. At the very min., I am smart enough not to get involved with this company and ran as fast could when they approached me...
Apr 13, 2015

Don't be negative before you let yourself think

All your negative reviews are typical of people who do not think, which is most of us. Don't get me wrong because I'm not trying to be negative. Just laying out facts. I do not work for PHP and I do not invest with them. However, your negative reviews and assumptions are the way alot of us think because we look for the negative things when making our decisions. PHP is a company. They rent an office space to educate your minds. You do not need an office or a skyscraper to be a company. Your minds were trained to think that you need an office or a building to be a company. With PHP, you are your own business. You are given knowledge in this rented office space. It's your choice alone to get involved with gaining more knowledge, and starting your own business. They help people. That's a fact and that's all.
Mar 25, 2015


A couple of notes, szitinae your request variables before pulling data directing into you code. Avoid using double quote for simple string echo as it is extra load on php parsing use single quote instead. Play with MVC type frameworks such as Zends framework to get familiar with design patterns. Nice tutorial for beginners but be warned, I had to fire a bunch of people recently who programmed like this go back to programming basics and learn popular framework methodologies.
Mar 19, 2015


A minute saved is a minute eanerd, and this saved hours!
Mar 10, 2015

Great company

All the negative reviews on this company is a joke! The people writing bad reviews all have one thing in common, they all said they had no money! If you wanted to start your own buisness by owning a subway franchise do you know how much that would cost? I do. It's the tune of 450, 000$! PHP is also a franchise, but your only start up fee to the company is 150.00 vice 450,000! The other money you may hear these ignorant fools talk about is your state licensing fee's. Yes that's right, you must have a PROFESSIONAL LICENSE to work for this company! How many scams do you hear where this is true? None! There is no BS here. They tell you up front that you will have to work your butt off to make money. As for taking advantage of people, that's a joke! PHP is backed by companies like AIG, nation wide and MANY others that all have one thing in common. They all have been around for over 100 years! So for those of you that don't know what this means let me brake it down for you. That means when the sticker market crashes again, which it will always do, your money is SAFE!! This also means that they can tailor a plan that is perfect for your situation as they have access to all these different companies!! If you were to go through any of these companies directly, you would get the same price, so the whole it's more expensive thing is bogus as well! Don't belive me, look for your self! At th end of the day this company prides itself on educations the middle class and below in finances. If no sale is made, they are still satisfied that they planted a seed for a family to get their finances is order and know how to do it, that's the true reason of the follow ups refered too! As some one whose father didn't have life insurance, I wish one of these agents has entered my life earlier, maybe I would had to go into a large amount of debt alongside of dealing with the loss of my father. People need to get educated on thing before they speak on them, and most of the people commenting on this site are definitely not that!!
Feb 24, 2015

Build a Business, Not Become an Employee

I understand when someone tells you that you are going to interview for a job. That is NOT what you are about to do at the PHP meetings. You are going to see if you want to take a step toward owning your own business. I know that you WILL NOT earn a paycheck or even a lot of money in the first 6 months to a year unless you are already an outgoing person. If you are a quiet worker used to reporting to a job, and that is what you are looking for - do not go!! Most businesses take 3 to 5 years to establish, and then many fail. But it helps if you have some kind of support behind your efforts.

In addition, I know that you do not have to say yes when you go to the meeting. That is entirely your choice. But, suppose you do say yes and the next day change your mind. Call and say that you have changed your mind. As someone else said, this is not for everyone.

As for calling people, I do not continue calling, and most people I know will only call every 3 to 6 months. And you can straight out say you are not interested and ask to be taken off the call list. When I do not get an answer from someone, I let it go for several months and maybe call back to check just in case the person has changed their minds. If the person says they absolutely are not interested, then I erase them from my book. I do not have time to call uninterested people.

Both my parents had their own business, and I saw firsthand how hard it was for them to get the business going and to get customers. You really have to be willing to work very hard and at irregular hours. On the other hand, if you are willing to do the work, you can make a lot of money. Or you can make a smaller amount of money just working part-time. You should make that choice and not let anyone choose for you.

As for the money, you should push to know exactly what you will have to pay to get started. It is the cost of the initial training books and the cost of a license, and no one can sell insurance in California (or any other state) without a license. Now that I have my license, I could go to a 'regular' insurance company instead of staying with PHP - if that is what I wanted to do.

When I talk to someone, I tell them right up front how much it will cost for training and licensing. If that is not what they want, then I keep pushing. Remember, this is still a free country.

Instead of complaining, just be up front about what you want. You 'feel' scammed when you let someone push you into something - whether it is your money or your time. So take control and be positive about what you want. Actually, if you are up front and positive about what you want, you are more likely to be the entrepreneur type of person.
Feb 19, 2015

I did get scammed

I'm an insurance agent currently but there game is so good, I fell for it and paid the $150 at the 'interview.' Boy do I feel dumb! I should've known that any legit business isn't going to ask you to pay for a training book.

They are quite desperate for attendees at their meetings and want you to manipulate friends and family to come to meetings for 'their opinion.' That's a lie! Once they come (your friends/family) they harass them to buy insurance products and to join the program.

There is no leads program. The leads are you! They want you to write a list of 100 people you know to call and sell insurance to; although they'll never say they are trying to sell to them- they are simply 'helping you train.'

Another piece to the puzzle, that didn't make sense until after the fact, is that they conduct all of their meetings at night up until 10pm and on Saturdays. The only meetings at the office are after 5pm. It's because they are renting space from another office and they have to wait until that offices staff clears out from the regular 8-5 business hours. What established business that you want to be apart of rents part time office space two nights a week and on Saturdays?

The leader of this organization, Jason, is arrogant, (to say the least) rude, pushy, and a liar. He fabricates the reality and is very manipulative. It was difficult to even sit in one meeting with this joker!

To sum it up, It's manipulation, dishonestly, and lies all rolled up into one ball of wax known as: People Helping People.
Jan 31, 2015


I have been a licensed agent with PHP for a few months now & Ive seen mostly all the upsides of our company and what it can do for an individual like myself. Ive been apart of many MLM companies and from experience PHP is nothing like them. The ones who posted bad reviews about PHP are the ones who will never succeed in life nor ever see their dreams come true.(if your complaining about $150 new associate agreement or whatever expenses needed to operate your business then go get a 9-5 and consider yourself a B**** cause thats all youll ever accomplish working for someone else) Call PHP a scam, a rip off or whatever negative thing you wish but just remember it was solely your decision not to get involved with such a GREAT company. If its hard for some people to pay $150 to get started with PHP , do yourselves all favor and keep your negative thoughts to yourself and dont knock on a company (PHP) just because you couldnt see the bigger picture. Sorry if it wasnt for you but who are you to be knocking/hating on PHP, something you never gave a chance !?! If working a 9-5 is all you haters want then go fill out applications and leave it to the entrepreneurs like myself to make the decisions of hiring you as our employees.PHP has given me an opportunity to learn how to operate my own business and be successful as well as seeing the bigger picture for me and my son! you can potentially make alot of money in PHP but its all up to the individual. Being with PHP since NOVEMBER 2014 ive already have made my $150 back and some, so dont tell me its a rip off because its not. Its you thats been ripped off from the bigger picture. Dont blame and make excuses just because you didnt see a fit with PHP !
Jan 30, 2015

Thank god for this site

After reading all these reviews I almost got scammed into going to this place. Thank god for sites like these. I will never be fooled into going to a place that doesn't offer what jobs they have. NO I DON'T HAVE $150 DOLLARS I'M BROKE. I NEED A JOB. NO UPFRONT FEE FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 24, 2015

An amazing Financial Services Firm

I have been with PHP for a short period of time and have been successful. They have a system just like McDonald's, and every other franchise company out there. The business opportunity we have is unique because we actually help people and in order for you to service your clients you have to know what each individual product can do. So, yes, you should own a product from one of the providers partnered with the firm. Its nothing different than having to order from the McDonald's catalog to purchase your supplies to run your McDonald's franchise restaurant.

I believe the issue most of you have, are that the agents that either recruited you or offered you a product that you didn't need, were simply inexperienced agents and you will get that sometimes unfortunately. We are financial professionals not insurance scam artists.

When you are an athlete and endorse a product, aren't you obligated by contract to wear or use the product from that particular company? Additionally, the $150 you has to pay is for a background check, back office access to material and videos, and books to help you succeed.

Sorry if it wasn't for you but good luck with your W2 job.
Oct 3, 2014


Broke minded people here smh, all you gotta stop complaining and get to work... Slaves aka employees
Sep 16, 2014

PHP (overall good company)

I agree with the majority of people here when they say they should be told up front what the charges are and why they are being charged. I also agree that they should be told that it is an opportunity to learn about the financial service business and to possible start a new career on a part-time basis, not an interview to get a job. However, I disagree with the statements about this being a scam and using people. I worked for this company, and I know that the CEO and the Marketing Directors are good people, and they give people who are unhappy with their work situation a chance to change their lives. I also know that many people are doing very well with PHP, making six figure incomes and living their lives the way they want to. Many of them started out with very little, some were even homeless or on the verge of being homeless, and PHP gave them a chance to make the income they have always dreamed of.

To be successful with PHP requires getting a state license to sell insurance, and it requires hard work and commitment. It also takes time to transform yourself from an employee to a business owner. It doesn't happen over night. It is not for everyone. It takes training yourself like an athlete, and it takes serious personal development. You can not stay the same and be successful with PHP. But I can tell you that you can not be a business owner of any kind and have an employee mentality. PHP offers a regular joe an opportunity to become a business owner for $150.00 which includes, books, CDs, back office support, you pay the state to get your license NOT PHP. You pay for a training seminar to help see the vision, and you pay for your own insurance that is protecting you and your family, and growing interest for your retirement. The total of at the most $1000.00. That is nothing to have your own business. It usually cost at least $50K to start a business, and you have all the risk of failing and losing that 50K.
I left PHP because I wasn't ready to lead a team. I have since taken some management classes and I might go back or I might work with a different MLM company. MLM companies are the new way of business because of the internet. It is not a scam it is viral marketing. And by the way ALL insurance companies recruit agents, and the agents that introduced them to the company are paid for it. PHP is no different in this regard. The thing that is different about PHP is that they don't fire you after 6 months if you don't reach a certain quota. They allow you to stay for years and not produce anything if that's what it takes for you to become successful, and they will support your growth. They push you to be your best, but they will stand by you as long as you don't quit. I've seen it. No company is perfect because all companies are made up of imperfect people, but I can tell you that Patrick Bet-David is a man of integrity who is doing what he can to give a hand up instead of a hand out. If you want to be an employee and work for a boss, fine, but if you want to be an entrepreneur in the financial industry, PHP will give you the support and encouragement to make it happen.
I gave four stars instead of five because I agree that they should be completely upfront about how much it costs to be successful and because they could lower the music volume a bit :)
Jul 4, 2014


I was invited to a presentation concerning the need for an annuity. Before the presentation started I told the representative what my financial status was. Although what I told her was all positive, she still insisted that I needed an annuity. When I told her I would be collecting social security benefits soon, she told me those people with good pensions only get 10% of the social security benefits due them because their pension plan is so good.

When I questioned her on this issue, she said she talked with clients that had this happen. This was said to scare me into getting that annuity policy which I didn't need or want. She continued to talk about the benefits of an annuity. After seeing I wasn't convinced with her rationale, she gave up and thanked me for my time. She also wanted me to refer her to any of my friends that might need her financial services. Not a chance of that happening.

The founder of the company is affiliated with World Financial Group. This organization offered the same advice as this one, most of it bad.
Feb 26, 2014


If I could give a negative number I would. Went with my friend and his family..decided to stay. Loud music, screaming and cheering in the other room, everyone telling you that you'll make a lot of money, while they themselves don't have.

Said I wasn't interested, but still want questions, didn't even explain much, but wanted $150 on the spot. Even when I said no, that's all the info I needed.

Gave my card number , went home and was mad for even undermining myself. Gladly the money didn't go you can see spending money that I don't have.

Then there is a trip, $130 .you find your way there and they basically go over the same thing, my friends are still in it despite what I advised..then more trips and two times a week class only to keep on paying for certification and fail.

A lot of money putting in and the only people who making the money is the overbearing recruiters who you signed up with.

Get this a good percentage don't even have their certification either, yet they have a lot to say.
Feb 18, 2014

False Pretenses

This guy name Rudolpho had me drive all the way to his office.

I thought I was getting a job. Instead, he wanted me to pay him $150.00 to join his company.

I think he is the owner.

I was really mad because I was looking for a job and not a way to spend money I don't have. These guys are not upfront. I so glad I didn't join them.

They try to tell you you will become rich and you will miss out of you don't join. A lot of pressure. I was glad to escape.
Feb 18, 2014

Other posts just scratch the surface on this ripoff

Ok I could regurgitate what you have read here which is what I have seen and herd everywhere.

I will bullet point what I have read here and other places.

• Many times they call it an interview but it’s just a $150 ripoff session
• Then they make you chase your $150 with more fees like $600 in training or $130 for big event.
• Check the training is it something that is accredited in your state?
• Can you sell anyone’s insurance with those classes?
• Then there can be back office fees of $40 a month
• You have to buy a policy even if you don’t need one. “because it would be hypocritical to sell insurance if you don’t have insurance” as one person reportedly put it.
• Then they pressure you to get more people in the MLM too.
• I received a facebook invite from a “friend” via facebook and he invited all his facebook friends.
• He is no longer my friend because I told him he was part of a scam and to get out.

Here is another problem people are completely forgetting to mention

Let’s say you go through all the hoops and start selling.
You are selling policies that are greatly inferior to its competition.


They are only sales people. They can sell you a 529 with fees of 5% instead of getting a state run one that has fees of 1%

They can sell you whole life even if term life is better for you, but whole life pays them a higher commission.

Do not give these guys any money until you have done the following

Checked out all their products to see if its something you should be selling to friends and family
Get all the costs up front.
Find out what the classes cover and if you will be a licensed Insurance Salesman to sell any product in the state.
Feb 13, 2014

The people helping people

I was go to the People Helping People to look for a job. They charge me $150 to make be part of the company. I so mad at myself for spending such mony I no have. They say they no give me back my mony because they say I wait too long to tell them give me my mony. My english is no such good and I feel they take advantag and just take my mony. I want to quit because they ask for more mony after I already pay $150.
Feb 13, 2014

People Helping People

I just found this website online while I was doing research on People Helping People. I wanted to research the company before I made a decision to join.

They called me up saying they had positions available and for me to come in an interview. They didn't give me a specific information on what kind of positions they had available. They just said the position would be based on the outcome of the interview.

I went in and saw at least 50 or 60 people there. They were playing loud music. It made on the red flags come up in my mind. I was really angry because I knew what I just walked into because I have experienced this in the past.

They made me sit down in their Pasadena office for a 2 hour meeting, telling me I was going to become a millionaire if I was lucky enough to be chosen to work for them.

They separated everyone of us guests and had us sit down with managers. My manager told me that I have to pay $150.00 to get started. When I asked her if there were any other fees, she didn't give me a direct answer. She said something about being a business owner.

I believe that financial services is a great business to be in. I wonder why this company called PHP and their managers just don't tell you upfront it's not a job.

Any company that can't be honest upfront has too many surprises coming at you and I don't like being blind-sided. $150 is no biog deal to go into business. I just don't like the way this company mislead me and all the other guests in the room. I spoke with some of the guests and they were also told they were there for a job interview.

Thank God I read the reviews on this website, Yelp and Ripoffreport and found out what a scam these guys are.
Feb 4, 2014

People Helping People

A friend of mine just told me about and told me I could give mu opinion and experience with People Helping People. This company PHP is a scam. All they do is call people all day and lure them into the idea they are offering employment when they are really bringing people in to the company to recruit them.

Every one that joins has to pay $150.00 to join. They also have to get a policy. They have to pay for a Big Event $135.00. They have to turn in a list of 100 to 200 people the know so the PHP company can call and harass on of your friends and mail to come in and join the company or buy an overpriced policy no decent person in life insurance would sell the average person.

They sell you policies that make them big commissions regardless of whether you could afford it or not.

They suck you in with dreams about becoming rich but those dreams turn into nightmares when you find out you have been used for your contact list of friends and families.

They ruined my relationship with some of my friends. I am very sorry I got involved with People Helping People.

The say you have to pay the $150.00 to join because you are now a business owner. You are just a number to those people. Stay away from them. The will just use you and your family and friends.

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