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  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • Address: 3531 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, Florida 33461
  • Phone: (561) 222-2277
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Off Lease Only Complaints and Reviews

Aug 3, 2017

Wish I had seen these reviews first!

Purchased a 2012 Infiniti G37 from OffLeaseOnly in Lake Worth in March of 2016. I am trying to refinance the car, but no one will touch it because it has a frame damage. Autocheck shows this, CarFax shows nothing. This was NOT disclosed to me at the time of sale. Not sure what recourse I have except to also turn this over to the FL atty general. They definitely know about it because there's a line item which states it was announced at auction as structural damage...months before we bought it. No other purchases in between this auction purchase and the date we bought it, so they're the ones who bought it at that auction.

Off Lease Only - Wish I had seen these reviews first!

Jul 1, 2017


Recently I bought a Buick SUV from them for just under 15000k, it was listed one minor car crash. I went to checl the carfax and it has major structural damage!!!!!! Their initial carfax was FAKE! I AM SO ANGRY
Apr 3, 2017

Salvage sold with clean title

I am not a customer, only someone who wanted to be a customer. I felt like things looked a little too good to be true, and it seems to have turned out that way. If you read the report on these cars carefully, they have nearly all been in accidents. Not just fender benders either. In most states these cars would now have a branded title, and advertised for what they are...salvage. I have repaired and driven salvage cars before. I am not afraid of them. However, I am afraid of someone selling a salvage with a supposedly clean title. Not sure how they are doing that?
Dec 13, 2016

This place was terrible

This company is the worst company ever! They sell defective cars

Off Lease Only - This place was terrible

Dec 7, 2016


I purchased a 2013 BMW X1 from Off Lease Only at 3531 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, Florida, 33054 for $25, 604.43. The car was sold to me as having one minor accident from the previous owner, this was shown to be by the dealer using Carfax. They assured that the vehicle had no further issues than what was listed on the Carfax. On 12/6/2016 I went to Carmax to trade in the BMW X1, only to find out that the vehicle was listed as having structural damage on Autocheck, thus Carmax would not offer anything over $15, 000. The date of the structural damage was report on 01/19/2016 while at auction with mileage being noted as 33, 186. The purchaser of the vehicle at auction was Off Lease Only. The vehicle was then sold to me months later, mileage 33, 230. This shows that the dealer was well aware of the structural damage at time of purchase from auction, then sold the vehicle with out the mention of said damage to the buyer. This appears to violate Florida State Statute 501.976 (5), the attorney general for the State of Florida has already been contacted and is investigating the issue, along with civil attorneys. I suggest others do the same.
Aug 30, 2016

Due to all these negative comments

I will not cinsider Off Lease.
Feb 4, 2016

This place was a Bad Choice

This place is bad. It is a rip off. Their cars are not even worth it.
They sell cars that have had major accidents and they are junk.
Do not buy from them.
Jan 3, 2016


Mar 20, 2015

Good Experience

I got a great car at a great price! I am very pleased with my purchase! No issues!
Mar 16, 2015

Shady Dealership!!!!!!!!!!

Call these attorneys for advise!! They have help me alot with the problems with my car!!!

Krohn & Moss, Ltd.
10 N. Dearborn St.
3rd Floor
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 578-9428
(866) 431-5576 (Fax)
Licensed in Florida and Illinois
Oct 3, 2014


excellent I will definitely buy another car here,Jeff was very professional salesman
Jul 13, 2013

Couldn't fix my car and kept wasting my time

I bought a car from Off Lease Only and since day one I had problems with the car. I bought the car home and the car had no oil in it. I brought it to them a week later and then the engine light went on. I brought it back to them and they gave me a rental truck for two weeks and returned the car to me. A week after that the car stopped right as I was pulling out of my driveway and I had to take it back to them again. They said nothing was wrong with the car. After a week the engine light went on. Actually every time I brought the car back to them they would keep it for days and I would get back the car full of problems.
I had to take the car to another mechanic in order to get a running vehicle. He told I had a hole in the muffler, sensor was not good in the back, the wheels were making noise and something was not right with the transmission.
I bought a warranty through Off Lease Only and now after months of running around they are telling me that the warranty has expired, car is sitting in my driveway and I can’t drive it. What can I do?
Jul 12, 2013


How can this company have so many negative reviews and still be in business!
I am also a customer of Off Lease Only and I had nothing but problems with them. Not only the car which I have purchased had many defects which I was unaware of. But before I ever received my car I had to go through a huge hassle. First of all with the papers, which would not be approved for a long time, then with the payment, which they have changed a couple of times and I had to argue about “what does your first promise mean if you are selling me a much more expensive car?”. Then with the car plate which I couldn't receive for two months because they lost it somewhere! It is insane!
Now, when I came there to argue about the defects – they won't accept the fact that it is their fault as well that I ended up with such a car. Because they assured me that all their cars are in super condition!
Don't go there! You will be pretty disappointed!
Jul 10, 2013

Won't fix my car

I am one of the buyers of Off Lease Only as well. I purchased a car one year ago from their service. When I went for a check up a few week ago I was shocked. When the guys at the service took a look at the bottom of the car it turned out to be all rusty. THE CAR WAS SUPPOSE TO BE NEW!
I contacted Off Lease Only and told them about the situation, and since it has been just one year since I had made the purchase, they were responsible for repairing it. They told me that it is not their fault, and blamed me that I most probably drive it where ever I want and don't keep a good look out for the car. It is all bs. I drive it only on good dry roads, it would be impossible if my driving would be the cause of this damage.
I don't know how the car will look in another year if there won't be anything done, but I suppose that it will have to be dropped at the dump.
I am going to start a law suit against Off Lease Only for fraud. I will make them fix this car.
Jun 17, 2013

The most horrible service ever!! Beware!!

Off Lease Only is the worst car dealer ever! This company is nothing but bunch of scammers who disrespect people and care only about money and their own benefits! This company sells used cars but offers a very good condition, price and sometimes even manufacturer warranty. I liked all their offer and after I read an information about them I found that company reliable. It was a huge mistake! They sold me a piece of junk, totally misrepresented the car I wanted and overcharged me twice more than it originally cost. That was made just because I am a girl and I was alone so their decided to take an advantage of me. Well after time I went to the car repair service they found many damages and with them I went back to Off Lease Only. When I bought a car it still had manufacturer warranty so I thought that with a repair there would be no problems. After I arrived back to them I received nothing but rude service. They refused to fix the car under the warranty saying that it is not valid, but never explained me a reason. I tried to complaint many times but I was ignored and they simply treated me like a dumb. Later I came there with my father and we wanted to return the car and to get my money back but again we received nothing but rude service. These people are horrible and dishonest. I will never recommend this company to anyone! of course there must be good and lucky cases when they really sold a good car, but my experience showed this company from the other side.
If you still want to deal with them, be extra careful and check everything twice. Ladies have to go there with males, otherwise they will be cheated!!
Jun 12, 2013

sells defective cars, be careful!

Off Lease Only must be shut down! This company is the worst company ever!
I purchased a car from them and it was a huge mistake. I bought a 2006 for and it seemed to be in a good condition and it was also advertised like that. I liked the car and their offers, presentation and a price. They also had good warranty so everything seemed to be really safe. In five months after my purchase I had an accident and I survived by a miracle. The main problem was that in a car crush driver's airbag didn't work. It simply didn't open in the moment of crash. After time when my car was taken to the service, they found that the airbag sensor wasn't installed properly. I contacted the seller but they acted like it wasn't their problem and it was just my fault and they didn't take a responsibility for that.
Well I could leave that situation but after time one friend of mine, who also bought a car from them, also had the same problem with airbag. In the service the same problem was found - airbag sensor wasn't installed properly and Off Lease Only refused him in a warranty repair as well. This can't be an accident - this company sells damaged vehicle and don't want to be responsible for them. Don't buy a car from Off Lease Only - otherwise you might be killed by their ignorance! This company doesn't care of their customers and for such action must be SHUT DOWN!!!
Here are their details for your future use:
3531 Lake Worth Rd, Lake Worth, Florida 33461
Phone: (561) 222-2277
remember them and stay away as far as possible!

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