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Mortgage Investors Corporation Complaints and Reviews

Aug 31, 2013

There are folks working at this place who have no mortgage experience

I wanted to just share my experience with you all from another standpoint. I am (unfortunately) a former employee of Mortgage Investors Corp in Saint Petersburg, FL. I was so appalled to see how unprofessional this company is! First off, when it comes to hiring qualified, educated, professional employees, this company aims for the total opposite. There are folks working at Mortgage Investors who have no mortgage experience! The other employees are coke heads, pot heads, druggies, drug dealers, ex-convicts, woman beaters, and loose women. Mortgage Investors is a freak show.

I am glad I quit my position and had sense enough to take the high road and find a decent job at a reputable company. I did not work in their telemarketing, but I do know that the people they hire to cold call veterans are clueless to the mortgage field. They are given scripts to read! What a disgrace! This company is full of drama! I actually was advised from a professional resume writer to remove this company from my resume. To all of you on this post, beware! They are crooks!

Aug 31, 2013

Worst mortgage company I have ever dealt with

First we got a letter from Mortgage Investors. We decided to look further and we made an appointment in our house for the refinancing. As a result the salesman of Mortgage Investors wanted us to sign papers without commitment and give him a good faith deposit for coming to our house. He asked us to give him 600 doll. We said, "No, we don't have that right now." So he asked for 400 doll. We said, "We need to read more about it." So he pressured us to read while he was in our place and we did...

Read lots of bad reviews about Mortgage Investors, he got very defensive... So he said, "Give anything you're comfortable..." So we did because he said he can't leave the papers that we sign with us if we don't give him $. We gave him 100 doll. Next morning we called and canceled... 3 days later they cashed our check... A month later after many calls we get our $ back. Be aware...
Jun 12, 2013

Avoid Mortgage Investors Corporation at all costs

Being a new home buyer, I decided to refinance my mortgage after one year with Mortgage Investors Corporation because the lure of dropping my already low interest rate another 1.87% was very enticing. This turned out to be one of the biggest financial mistakes I've ever made in my life. The whole process that Mortgage Investors Corporation uses to refinance a mortgage is very shady and questionable. Here is a brief summary of how my refinance experience went with Mortgage Investors Corporation:

After receiving a mail promotional letter from Mortgage Investors Corporation and seeing that their services were supposedly geared more towards military veterans, which I am, I decided to contact them for more details. Once the appointment was scheduled, I started having doubts about the legitimacy of Mortgage Investors Corporation and canceled my appointment. I received multiple calls from Mortgage Investors Corporation asking me to reconsider so I can at least listen what they offer and, against my better judgment, I agreed. A rep showed up at my house a few days later and did a very cheesy and scripted presentation about their special VA "Hybrid" refinance, complete with a drawing board and cartoon characters to illustrate how I will be lowering my monthly mortgage payment and saving incredible amounts of money on my mortgage by refinancing with Mortgage Investors Corporation.

I asked the rep for a business card and he stated that he does not have business cards. He sounds legit, right? Even after this ridiculous presentation, the appeal of having my interest rate dropped by 1.87% was too great and I refinanced with Mortgage Investors Corporation. Another strange twist in this whole process was that the Mortgage Investors Corporation rep asked if he could call his boss with my cell phone. I find this very weird and asked why he needs to call from my cell. He told me that it's part of their process to finalize a refinance.

Long story short, my mortgage payment was dropped by about $150 a month for the first year, but the total cost of refinancing a $175K mortgage with Mortgage Investors Corporation ended up being over $13K and, just recently, I was informed by Mortgage Investors Corporation that my monthly mortgage was increasing over $240 because they did an initial market estimate on my escrow account when I refinanced that conveniently ended up being incorrect. Another thing that I've encountered recently with Mortgage Investors Corporation is that my mortgage payment is due on the 1st of every month and if they don't receive payment by the 2nd, they will call and harass me about a late payment even though it says payment is not considered late until after 15 days on my monthly statement. Absolutely ridiculous.

Unethical and predatory mortgage companies like Mortgage Investors Corporation are part of the reason the US economy was on the verge of collapse a few short years ago. It's disgusting that companies like this can continue to operate. I will be selling my house next year sometime just to stop providing revenue to Mortgage Investors Corporation. Avoid Mortgage Investors Corporation at all costs!

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