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Freedom Debt Relief Complaints and Reviews

Aug 29, 2013

Freedom Debt Relief is wrongfully collecting fees

I just got an email this week congratulating me for finishing the program, the one I finished 5 years ago... Freedom Debt Relief tell you to quit making payments to creditors, you fall delinquent (which I already was). They set up an account for you in which you deposit funds where part of the funds is a fee for them, then they haggle with the creditors on how much you can pay. All of my accounts except 1, started at 7k and ended at 13k. I was taken to court, sued, and Freedom Debt Relief did not help me. I was on my own. Then a few months ago, I got a letter for a class action lawsuit stating that Freedom Debt Relief is wrongfully collecting fees. Don't use them.
Jun 12, 2013

I will advice everyone to stay away from these crooks

I had signed up for Freedom Debt Relief company to get help paying off my debt, but changed my mind and canceled. Needless to say, I was bombarded via phone and e-mail by the sales rep trying to convince me not to cancel, but I did anyway.

As others have stated, Freedom Debt Relief want all their fees paid up front before they can do anything. That process can take months and months, and in the mean time you're sinking into a deeper hole with your creditors (obviously because they're not receiving any payments, not even a dollar). That, and the fact that what they do is no different from what you can do on your own (meaning contact creditors to try to negotiate a settlement), prompted me to cancel with them. After all, you don't need to pay a company to do what you can do yourself for next to nothing.

I will advice everyone to stay away from these crooks!

1875 S Grant Street, Suite 450, San Mateo, California 94402
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