Quorum Productions

  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • Address: 3850 North Powerline Road Building A, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33073
  • Phone: (954) 571-5221
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Quorum Productions Complaints and Reviews

Jul 13, 2013

Beware customer!

I signed up with Quorum Productions Midwest Advertising about 4 months ago and I thought they were going to help me get my LLC also and help invest in my business. Instead of investing in my business they maxed out all my credit cards and my business has not even got off the ground yet. I have done everything they have asked me to help this process and still nothing. They’ve done nothing!!! Now they want me to cash in my 401K?? Are you serious??!!
I wish I would’ve known about these people before I went in head first. It would have saved me $16,500. I feel like such an idiot for not doing more research beforehand. I should have known better as I have gone to school for Business but I guess I was naive to think that everyone works on the same moral compass as I do.
I’ve tried to go through the “specialists” at Quorum Productions and get my money refunded back to me but no one ever calls me back. I’ve left voice messages but still nothing. Where are they? I bet they laugh all the way to the bank every time they take someone for their money. It’s not good business and it certainly is NOT alright!!
Jul 9, 2013

Did not provide the services we paid for

This company takes an up front payment, and you'll never be able to get them pay you back! This happens all the time, they won't fulfill the service and you'll be left with nothing!
We needed their help at our presentation, which we've been working with very hard for about six months. We wanted them to make a lightning design which would make it look better for the audience.
Well, we ended up making our own light fixtures since no one contacted us back before the day we needed them to perform the services.
We called them and asked for our money back. They did not want to return it, and they argued that they actually did call us but no one at our office picked up the phone so they decided that we changed our mind. This is a bunch of boloney! If they would call us we would have missed phone calls on our ID scanner. Nothing like that ever happened!
We are going to report about this business so that they would not get away with the scams that they are performing all the time. Many companies have been lied to and robbed. We should all unite and take care of these liars!
If you wish to participate – leave your contacts here, we will contact you back and provide the details.
Jun 17, 2013


Quorum Productions is nothing but a MAJOR SCAM!!! Be careful and don't allow them to fool you!
This company claims to be created to supply the ever growing need and demand for quality educational programming. They advertise that "they build powerful relationships with the world’s largest corporations, advertising agencies, broadcasters, and television networks", but actually all these words are nothing but lie!
Beware, all their show are nothing but scam as well, they use their consumers to increase own benefits but there is no any opportunity to increase your own benefit dealing with this company. I used to work with this company with advertisements and I can say that they never paid for placed advertisements to their contractors and subcontractors. This company has no support service and if they don't want to contact with you, you will have to chance to get through and to contact them!
Quorum Productions make absolutely fake shows which they broadcast only on local cables in no name small towns, and none of their shows are national.
Beware and be careful, there are their show list:
• Designing Spaces
• Kitchen Spaces
• W, the Women’s Show
• World Business Digest
• Be Safe America
• The Curious Cook
If they will contact you - run away and don't agree on their offers - you will be scammed and will waste your money and time for nothing.
This company MUST BE SHUT DOWN!!!!

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